Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gratuitous Bikini Shots #BB14

Danielle and Britney discuss European vacations in the backyard, both wearing tiny hot pink bikinis.  They are laying in the shade, which seems strange for sun-worshipping purposes, but whatever.

At this point, Danielle notices that "there is totally a camera pointed on them".  Britney looked up and told Danielle the camera was pointed at her, and to give a "shout out to the live feeders creeping on her bikini".

Danielle elaborates that she had "no idea the cameras were on her, and her legs were just splayed everywhere".

Britney went inside to go the DR, sarcastically saying that she just loves to go in there half-naked.

That Danielle must have a serious case of short term memory loss, because she appears to have forgotten about those pesky cameras again, sitting like this only moments later:

and then slowly rolling over like this.

Remember that Danielle didn't tell her parents she was coming on the show.  They found out the same time we did how Danielle would be spending her summer.

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