Sunday, July 22, 2012

Glamour Queen #BB14

Janelle looks so glamorous sitting on the patio.  You'd never know she is listening to Britney describe how she found an "artery" in her meal at a restaurant, and her annoyance at not having her meal comped by management.
Britney just gave us her recipe for some sort of chicken casserole that involved chicken, Ritz crackers, butter and sour cream.

 I guess that sent Janelle right back into the house, where she helps Ashley peel some green apples.  Maybe a pie is in the works?  Or a cobbler?

Janelle misses music and wishes they could sing in the shower.  If the two of them win the $500K and the $100K prizes, Janelle says they will get a limo, a bunch of Dom Rose to drink, and they will go to the Drake concert.

Ashley better put some lemon juice on those apples before they turn brown.

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