Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Ready... #BB14

I think the newbies were told to dress up.  Danielle came out dressed up and said something about it, so they all started getting dressed,made up, etc.

The TV screen in the living room says Nominations Today. Mike chuckles he cans see the will to win, talking about Janelle putting on her leggings and getting ready to compete.

How many days in a row will Frank wear that T-shirt?  Why is Britney laying in bed, drunk with power instead of getting herself ready to compete?  So many questions.

Janelle stretches out in the bathroom, and the cameras stay right there.  She's the star of the show, baby.

Mike and Dan whisper about their theory that JoJo is psychotic.  The cameras don't like that.

 Britney talks to herself (i.e. us) and she thinks something is about to get switched up.  You can't just have a Coach's competition every week--it would be like having two POVs.  (true) She watches Mike and Ian sit with Frank and Jenn in the living room and guesses what they are saying, putting words in their mouth.

Ashley looks more like an Olsen Twin then ever today, with a great make up job.  Janelle keeps stretching.  Danielle is reprimanded for microphone obstruction.  It's probably time for her to eat again now.

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