Wednesday, July 25, 2012

French Braid Time #BB14

Ashley is doing a nice job of braiding Danielle's hair.  She thanks the girl scouts for the training and says it is like riding a bike, you never forget it.

I think Janelle may be waiting her turn for her own braid.

Danielle's jacket is from American Apparel and is good for the show since they do not use logos.  Janelle says there are two locations in Minneapolis--one at the Mall of America and the other downtown.

Were they required to wear pink this year?  Because everybody is always wearing pink.

No braid for Janelle---Ashley looks at the highlights that Janelle gave her last week and she loves them.  Ashley leaves the room and Danielle asks her what is wrong.

Janelle, sighing:  I'm nervous. I need my team to win HOH this week.

Danielle:  Or me.

Janelle:  Yep, or you.

Now Janelle asks if Danielle's powder is from Mary Kay and Danielle says it is Cover Girl, and it is the only thing she uses that "isn't designer".  Danielle mentions watching one of  Rachel's DR sessions last year when her makeup wasn't blended properly.

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