Friday, July 27, 2012

Frank Teaches Mike About Eggs #BB14

Frank showed Mike how he separates his eggs---he likes to keep one yolk in there since they are so jam packed with vitamins.  At home he uses an egg separator to make the job easier.

Frank advises Mike to get the Tabasco green sauce at home, because it is "amazin'" on eggs.  Frank doesn't trust those prepared egg whites---he likes to crack his own.  (me too)

 Mike asked Frank quietly if "he had any doubt" and Frank said "no".  I thought they were discussing whether Frank would be nominated, but then Frank started saying things about someone drinking who hadn't had a drink since the champagne the first night in the house.

So I think they may have been determining if Shane caught a buzz last night, or if he was hungover today.

Mike asks more clarifying questions about cooking eggs, and then says "Preesh" to Frank.   I guess Frank will remove and clean that T-shirt at some point, huh?

Frank wants to cut down on the veggie sausage at some point since it contains so much soy. Notice Danielle Murphree in the picture below, about to eat her fucking Froot Loops.  She is one person in the house today who is not worried about being nominated, I'm guessing.  Although Shane may want to get Dan out of the way sooner than later.

Mike and Frank grouse about he kitchen slobs a little.  Danielle makes a point of doing some dishes in front of Mike, but she has been accused of extreme laziness by Mike in the past.

***Mike owns a number of restaurants, but can't cook egg whites?  Maybe he eats all of his meals at work.***

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