Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frank the Rapper #BB14

Frank was rapping every word to the wake up song this morning and the house guests gave him props.

Kara asks him what his rap name would be.

Frank:  I don't know... Frankie Dizzle?

He also likes Franklin Stanklin but then they come up with Frankie Locks and he likes that one.

Frank mentions that he saw an ant on the toilet seat when he went in there, so that cues Mike up to start discussing the kitchen mess problem with Wil and Kara, but gently.  No Eff words.

Wil starts playing with Kara's hair and calling her Catniss.

A few minutes ago these pictures were taken in the bathroom.  Dan isn't Mr. Morning Talker and pretty much grunts one word answers to questions.

(From a live feed perspective, I won't shed one tear if Dan Gheesling leaves first.  Booorrriing.)

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