Thursday, July 19, 2012

Frank is Sporting J Crew Tonight #BB14

and says anytime he buys a shirt now, it has to have a collar.  He's going to iron his clothes himself.

Wil is spending quality time on his hair, and Shane commented that he was jealous that Wil doesn't have to shave very often.  Every few days, Wil says.

The drama regarding the vote now centers around Danielle.  Joe is pushing for Danielle to vote for Frank to stay, since the vote is expected to be unnecessary and therefore "wasted".  They want Willie to freak that he lost the votes of JoJo or Shane, his team mates and only supporters at this point.

Britney is fighting back on that, advising Shane to tell Danielle that her word is all she has in this game---if she promised to vote for Kara then she needs to follow through on that.

Dan just made another run at Ashley--telling her that she can take a stand and make a big impact on the game by voting to keep Kara.  Dan doesn't give up easily.  He's a good coach.  He just picked a bad team.

Frank is hopeful about tonight and says he will probably faint if the vote is 6-2 to keep him.  He is sure to say "Preesh" but that is just me guessing.

Willie is grousing that Production won't let him shave---won't let him do anything!

Danielle eats silently next to Ted.  There is nothing more Ted can do help anymore--just be there for her.

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