Sunday, July 29, 2012

Frank is in Love with Janelle #BB14

Britney just told Janelle this as they sat on the patio.  Janelle told Britney that she and Frank were talking about the finale, and she said she would wear a Herve Leger dress to the finale.

Janelle:  And then Frank said, if I win I'm going to buy you one of those dresses.  It was so awkward!

Janelle had to put Frank in his place, she says, because he kept telling her that she looks hot.  Janelle had to say that she is married, and that kind of talk is totally inappropriate.  She said he's gotten better about it since then, but the dress comment was awkward.

Britney:  Remember when he told you that you have a womanly body?

Janelle, grimly:  Yep.

Britney:  I think you are his perfect woman because you're so tall, and he's tall.

Janelle:  Well, my husband is going to kick his ass!

Janelle has three Leger dresses right now, in response to Brit's question about it.

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