Sunday, July 22, 2012

Frank Has Words with Mike Boogie #BB14

about his coffee habits.  Mike always gets some of the coffee while it is brewing, and Frank is pissed about it.  Mike doesn't understand---what did he do wrong?

Frank:  The first coffee that brews is from the Stallion grounds....after that the grounds are weak.  So when you pour some in the beginning the rest of the pot is weak...

Mike:  Oh I'm sorry Mr. Barista!

Frank tells Jenn about it in the kitchen and they laugh.  Wil is already doing voices this morning---sounds like a preacher-type voice.

They talk about their late night DR sessions and we go to FISH.

I'm guessing that Production needed some sound bytes while putting together tonight's Sunday CBS show.  Tonight they will feature the "Willie Incident", so it's bound to be a juicy one.

Now Frank repeats the coffee incident to Wil.  Wil wears a loose, messy chignon this morning.

Frank says that if Julie asks him on Thurday why he thinks Willie snapped, he is going to say something about Willie being on slop and not eating his Froot Loops.

Boogie is telling everyone that his baby mama is really chill, and Frank walks outside and says he's seen her before.

Mike:  ...what?  You've seen her?

Frank:  Yeah, I've googled you, done some research.

They all laugh --Frank is kidding.

Mike:  I thought  you were all Ian Terry on me!

Mike likes a girl to be around 5'9", with heels is nice.  Jenn likes a tall girl too, but not too tall.  Wil likes them really tall--it's a must.  Wil is 6'1".  Frank dated a girl who was 6' with no heels.  He says doggie style didn't work because her femur (leg bone) was longer than his.

Britney has a friend who lives in West Palm Beach Florida that she can hook Frank up with.  They all like the sound of that.  This girl is 5'10" and Frank likes the idea of having tall kids.

Frank has also dated a few short girls, in the 5'2" range.  They are easier to cuddle with.  Britney is 5'1" but wouldn't mind being 5'5" or so so she can reach things.

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