Monday, July 30, 2012

Frank the Diplomat #BB14

Janelle and Wil got in bed on Skid Row to take a nap and whisper.  They are very pleased about today but Janelle has already moved on  in her head to the next HOH.  They need to win this week..

Jenn came in and out twice to get ready to work out and answered Janelle's questions quickly but politely.  Team Boogie seems to be taking Mike's example to fight the anger by getting strong and fit.

 Frank came in after his workout to change clothes and put on swim trunks.  He did all of this wrapped in a towel, facing Janelle and Wil.  They chatted lightly and then Frank told Wil that no matter what happens this week, he knows that Wil is going to vote for his teammmate Joe and won't hold it against him.  He compares this to Danielle voting to keep Kara, and says he understands.

That room must really stink.  Frank took off his nasty sweaty socks and shorts and left them on the floor.  It's not like they have a laundry hamper or anything.

After he left they said he's taking it really well.

Janelle:  He'll be like that all week, like he did last time.  Bet he won't be yelling anymore...

They discussed Mike and Janelle thinks he is nicer than he was in BB7, but a "leopard doesn't change it's spots". 

Wil:  Did you see his face when Shane did it?

Janelle:  You should have seen his face when I evicted his best friend Dr. Will...

They say Brady Mike's son is super cute.  Wil can't imagine coming in the BB house a second time, much less a third time like Janelle.

Wil is thankful that Janelle chose him for her team, and says she is the "most beautiful gem in the costume jewelry drawer".

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