Monday, July 9, 2012

First Look at Houseguests and Mentors Poolside #BB14

Missy from Real Networks just tweeted out this photo.  I think we can assume the Mentors are holding up the towel.

A few FeedWatcher comments:

1.  I guess Danielle Reyes is not one of the Mentors.
2.  Someone small with nice legs is the 4th Mystery Mentor.  Dani Donato?  Maybe Britney, but I don't see her as a villain, unless you count her sassy DR sesssions. Natalie Martinez?  Hmmm.
3.  Check out Wil Heuser in his Speedo.  A courageous choice.

Don't see much male eye candy, but the female eye candy dish is full, huh?  I'll bet Jenn is loving life.


  1. Did you see this video with the returning HG's holding up signs??
    The weird palm tree backgroung behind thim looks curiously like the background that Rachel had behind her in Rumor COntrol 2, but none of the sign pictures look like Rachels (boobs not big enough..)

  2. No, I didn't see that! Thanks for pointing that out. I am going to post a link for everyone to check out.


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