Monday, July 16, 2012

A Few Tidbits.... #BB14

A few quick tidbits while I'm thinking about it.

1.  Today is Mike Boogie's birthday.  Usually BB celebrates the birthdays on a Sunday, but based on the chatter today I think they will be celebrating today.  I heard Boogie say that he would like sushi and champagne, and that he will pick up the tab.  I'm guessing the crew will get theirs, too, since Mike Boogie appreciates the labor market as an employer himself.

2.  During BB7, Mike had a birthday too and we got to see the celebration.  They had a HUGE platter of sushi, champagne and cake.  Ericka Landin surprised him by laying on the big round table.  I think she had whipped cream on her legs and Mike ate it off of her.  I'm sure Erika would take that back if she could, given what ended up happening that season.  (This excerpt from the Rosie O'Donnell Show is funny and has clips of Boogie disrespecting Erika during BB7.  It's worth the time to watch, I promise.)

3.  So, maybe we will get to see that celebration tonight.  Maybe BB will let the Have Nots end their week of hell so they can enjoy it too.  If these two events come to pass, don't you think Ian will end up vomiting?  Champagne for an 85 pound nerd who has been on slop for a week?

4.  I don't understand this, but the good folks at Mike's official website have linked to my website.  Sure, I give Mike coverage and credit where credit is due, but I have also trashed him and provided thousands of links to his legal issues.  (I'm trying to whisper now so they don't discover that part.)  You can type his name into google, or maybe just add dot com to the end of it to find the website.  It looks like a brand new promotional tool.  Ha ha..tool.  Much love to Chilltown, ha ha ha.

5.  I'm thinking Frank has a decent chance of getting the boot this week.  Production needs to expose Joe's lies, or plan to bring back somebody with fan votes or something if he is evicted.  Give him a chance, Alison.  You know he's got the skills to be a big Big Brother star.  In tribute, here is a picture of Frank by the pool, before he was overshadowed by JoJo and the tying and untying of her bikini top.
6.  I don't know if this will shock you, but Willie has the grammar of an illiterate child.  I have a growing appreciation for Willie, but I feel it is important to illustrate his diction:

*  Was you going to tell me that?
*  They was in there together, talkin'.
*  I ain't gonna do that to 'em!

And so on.  I actually think Willie is proud of this, to his credit.

7.  Someone from Child Protective Services needs to monitor what is happening to Ted with the lack of adult supervision in that house.  Just look at what he is up to in there and the HG just turn a blind eye, some even sitting for a snack right in front of this display and not taking appropriate actions to protect him.

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