Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Evel Dick Has Something to Tell Us! #BB14

He's been saying he has Big News for us for a few days now.  He just posted on YouTube for us to give us a newsy update.
His body language is...interesting.

These are the Highlights of what Evel Dick has to tell us:

*  Concedes that this indeed appears to be a "Mentor Season", and that those selected are "about exactly what you've heard".  Obviously he is referencing our new Big Brother Rumor Hero Missyae @TheGameSurvivor.
*  He even mentions today's rumors of a Mentor who is still considering backing out.  (You can read about that here.)
*  He has been rounding up guest stars for his RTVZone podcasts for this upcoming year.  He mentioned James Rhine, Jun Song, and Jeff Schroeder.  I'm also guessing that his connections with Russell and Brandon Hantz might also come into play, particularly with Russsell's brother a confirmed BB14 newbie.  (Don't know about that?  Just type "Willie Hantz" in the seach box on the left side of this page, including a video interview of them that CBS forced the TV station to take down this morning.  Here is the video if you are too buzzed on this July 4th to search.
*  Unfortunately he has to charge for RTVZone access this year, and he is visibly uncomfortable asking us for the sale (or maybe just visibly uncomfortable).  I have had my own business for several years now, and that was the hardest part for me to learn too---setting a firm price for my services and then collecting it promptly.  Hey Dick, people don't mind paying for a solid, RELIABLE service that has value to them.  Your fans love you and want to hear your take on things.  I watched all of the RTVZone BB podcasts last year and savored each one.
*  But you need to be RELIABLE.  If I fork over the $9.99 for the season Early Bird Special (and let's face it I probably will...) I want to make sure you will be around all summer.  Unless you need major surgery, I expect you to show up and put up. 

Here is the video Evel Dick posted.  We will hear more soon about how to take advantage of the Early Bird Offer.  The management of RTVZone has changed, so Dick is scrambling to put together a new infrastructure for this year.

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