Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Early Bird Has to Clean #BB14

This seems to be the Big Brother norm, and BB14 is no exception.  In past years, Shelly would get up early and clean.  Brendon did this during BB12, as well.

Mike Boogie is first up today, so he did a little bit of cleaning, and a little bit of just sitting and relaxing.  I'm sure it's nice to have some time for yourself in the Big Brother house.  There was a lot of airplane activity overhead.

Mike put some laundry in the dryer, and started a new load in the washer.  The appliances are new this year, and have little beeping sounds that are melodic, not robotic.  I thought it was a ring tone at first, and wouldn't be surprised if they let him have a phone in there.  After all, he is a FODW.  (Friend of Dr Will --sorry I just made that up.)

He went in the house for shoes and socks, and took his own stuff into the kitchen--his protein shake bottle.  You can see how junky it is outside after last night.  I guess Mike Boogie isn't going to be everybody's maid, after all.  Maybe Joe will have to fill that role.  You can blame Dan for not keeping Jodi around--I'll bet she would be the Adult and keep things neat around there.

Now he does some stretches and 'step ups' on the platform to warm up.  He then started running across the yard and runs backwards too.  He does some of those basketball side-by-side moves across the yard and keeps it moving.  It's not a "look at me" type of workout that we often see in the Big Brother backyard, but he's working up a sweat and getting the job done.

I know the backyard looks big from here, but everyone always comments on how small it really is once you are in there.  You can hear Mike breathing steadily and the occasional sounds of the washing machine whooshing and rinsing.

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