Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't Remember Much About Dan? Me Either. #BB14

Unless you swore off using the internet last week, you know that Dan Gheesling, winner of BB10 is one of the rumored Mentors who will be leading a team on this summer's Big Brother 14.

I've had plenty to say about the other three rumored mentors:  Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB7), Mike Boogie Malin (BB2, BB7 Winner) and of course Rachel Reilly (BB12, BB13 Winner).  But I haven't said much about Dan.

I liked Dan, but for some reason I don't remember liking the BB10 season very much.  I think I had a lot going on in life that year, or maybe it was because I was never really rooting for anyone.  Also, although I had the live feeds, I don't think I was writing live feed updates that year, so that played a part in it.  Writing the live feeds makes you feel like a part of the action, I guess.  I hadn't started this website yet, and I was tired of writing updates for one of the other big BB websites.   I might say more about that sometime, but this is about Dan.

He was a very intelligent player, and always had strategy in mind.  If anyone had to win, I'm glad it was Dan.

After his season ended, he went back home to Michigan and his normal life of being a high school football coach.  So there hasn't been a lot of news about him, and that's probably just the way Dan likes it.

To get ready for this season, I did some poking around to see what I can find.

This video was shot in Detroit, where Dan was working the casting process for BB12 back in 2010.  I am impressed by how at ease Dan is in front of the camera, and he has a great energy level.  He has a brilliant future ahead of him when he is finished with coaching, I think, to get a job in broadcasting.  The contestants we see here are pretty scary---get a load of the dude with the gnarly beard.  Can you imagine having to share the bathroom sink with that guy?

And here is a clip of Dan on The Bonnie Hunt Show a few days after he won BB10.  This is interesting, because Bonnie asks him about some statements he made about leaving the country if a female is elected president.  Dan says he strategically said that during the casting process to "tell them what they wanted to hear".  He doesn't say whether he felt that way or not, though.  So what we do know is that Dan is playing the game at all times.  I think Dan will avoid a lot of the drama in the house, and that will suit his long game just fine.  Bonnie mispronounces his name as "Dan Greesling".  Funny.

That's about all I could find on Dan, other than numerous Big Brother 10 clips.  He wrote a book this year about the reality TV casting process, and did some press with that, but other than that he keeps it pretty quiet.

I'm calling Dan as the Dark Horse this year.  His Mentor team may not bring the drama that Rachel and Janelle's teams may bring, but that's how Dan likes it, I'm sure.

And let's not forget his job is a teacher and football coach, so he knows a little something about how to motivate people.  He's just a little boring, that's all.

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