Friday, July 13, 2012

Dinner Time at Joe's #BB14

And it looks like meatballs and salad.  Everybody high tails it over the table and loads up.

**Update** Joe made pot roast.  I don't eat enough meat to recognize what it was. Sorry.

Joe made something for the slop people, too.  Something he is calling an apple slop cake, or something like that.  They have flavored packets of slop or oatmeal this year, apparently.    I saw it up close and it looked great.

Everyone compliments Joe on the food.  I noticed Britney apply a lot of salt to hers and look around as if to make some sort of statement about that.

Danielle picks at it and she totally chews with her mouth full.  Maybe it was hot, but I think I've seen truckers with better table manners to me.

Frank can sure shovel the food in.  Ian is enjoying his slop treat and looking faintly miserable.  After all Mike Boogie just lectured him that everyone in the house wants to get rid of him due to his social standing.

Jenn City scratches her head at the table, which is nice.

Poor Ian.

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