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Dick at Nite - 7-18-12 #BB14

This episode was taped on July 18th, in the remaining days of Willie Hantz's HOH reign.  I'll say again that I love the new opening with the rocking Evel Dick song.  Here is one of the stills from the opening--I think it is from a Housecalls Show. 

Today Evel Dick's guests are Parker Deleon (BB9) and Bunky (BB2)

1.  Dick opens by saying he and Bunky both hosted Housecalls, but never appeared on a show together.  Housecalls was a daily web show that was accessible from the CBS website.  There was a host named Gretchen who had various co-hosts that were former Big Brother houseguests.  Marcellas Reynolds worked on the show for several years, and was replaced by a rotating cast of co-hosts that included Bunky, Danielle and Dick Donato. 

2.  Dick says he and Gretchen never liked each other.  Bunky is not exactly a powerhouse on camera, as he doesn't smile very easily and seems pissed off to be there.  Parker is an easy going brother who has frequent tweet insult wars with Dick.  Dick says that CBS does their best to forget that BB9 ever happened, since the winner is in jail now.  (Adam used his winning to finance an Oxycodone distribution ring.  Matt from BB9 was involved too and is also in jail.)

3.  Dick points out that Parker's partner on BB9 was Jen Ditourno.  (The HG were put together in pairs to compete.)  Dick said Jen had sex in the BB bathroom with her fiance, who was also in the cast, Ryan.  Ryan went to the Final Two with Jailbird Adam.  Jen had on her microphone during this sexcapade, and asked "is it in yet" during the act. 

4.  Parker said in sequester Jen was saying that Ryan's dick was extremely small and that she had to get on top all of the time.  Bunky commented that "that is love".

5. Dick has a kitty cat perched on his windowsill.

6.  Dick comments that everyone on BB9 was having sex. 

Bunky:  Wasn't that the season with two gay guys?  And one of them left?

Dick:  Yeah, that was Neal.  By the way, great name for a gay guy.

Bunky, laughing:  Well, better than Ben Dover!

Dick:  Well if it was Neal Bendover that would be the ultimate name!

7.  Bunky is only watching BB14 for Evel Dick, to be on this show. He is over it.  Dick tries to get on track by reviewing BB14 and asking for their feedback.  Parker says that Willie is playing too hard too fast and will be out by week four at the latest.  Bunky has something in his eye and uses his shirt to clean it off.

8.  Ronnie Talbot, Dr. Will Kirby, and Jeff and Jordan are upcoming guests.  Brendon and Rachel are appearing on tomorrow's show and Dick has his bright red wig ready for that.  Dick likes Rachel in real life but not on his TV.  Parker says Rachel is a little phoney and manufactured for him.

9.  Dick thinks Dr. Will is the best player of all time.  Parker responded to that, but I was busy reading tweets from Alton Brown, so I don't know.  Bunky points out that being good looking helps out in life, and it is also good that Dr. Will refrained from telling the other HG how he really thought about him.  Bunky says he is a good actor and a good liar.  Parker has a poster of Barack Obama on his wall.
10.  Dick says that the BB2 production values were so low--the budget was much smaller back then.  He says Parker's season was much harder because there were 14 contestants.  Parker says that he never watched the show before he was cast--he did watch part of one of Dick's BB8 episodes but turned the channel.

11.  I hate it when BB contestants say they never watch or watched the show. 

12.  Now Dick says that Jen called her fiance Ryan racist on the show  (true) to turn the other HG against him.  He wasn't allowed to talk about this on Housecalls, nor the fact that Crazy James (BB9) was doing gay porn before he was cast.  He mentions that a website called was promoting James' videos and Gretchen said on Housecalls that "James is a dirty boy" and Dick said "dot com" and all of their producers were cracking up.

13.  Parker said that James told the cast on the show that he "banged dudes before" but they had no idea what the extent of that was.  Bunky interviewed Crazy James in the backyard after the show and says he didn't get a gay vibe from him--he thinks he was just "gay for pay".

14.  Dick mentions Natalie from BB9 ("chatty natty" on twitter) who was giving BJ's to Matt within the first week of the show.  (Wow I forgot what a disaster that BB9 season was.)  Bunky was on Deal or No Deal and got that job on his own from some casting website.  They were looking for a guy with a hairy back.  He submitted a picture and casting said they didn't even need to meet him--if he looked like that he could just come in and do it. Bunky played the "Banker's nephew" and one of the contestants had to shave his back.  Hair was going everywhere and Howie Mandel was a germaphobe and was going nuts. He was paid $500 for that. He ran into a guy backstage who was the casting agent for BB2.  He was there all day taping for it.

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