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Dick at Nite - Feat. Enzo Palumbo & Jessie Godderz - 7-16-12 #BB14

Wow they have added a new theme song and video to the opening of Dick's show.  The background song is a real rock song called Evel Dick (by Suicidal Tendencies?) and it's a Chair Dancer for sure.  The clips of Dick are awesome and show him at his finest in the Big Brother house, and in interviews.  It reminds me of how great Dick has been to the BB franchise.

This episode was taped on 7-16-12, just after the 2nd episode of the BB14 season.

The guests tonight are Hayden Moss, winner of BB12, who is looking good in a cap that covers his hair.  Enzo Palumbo is there in the bottom left corner, sitting in the dark, apparently (BB12).  Michelle Costa from BB10 is there and Dick says "she hates Dan Gheesling".  Jessie Godderz is also expected to join them, and Dick also says "he hates Dan".

So Dan's family might not want to watch this episode.  Although they might have wanted to call in live and say that DAN BEAT MICHELLE AND JESSIE.  But haters gonna hate, right?


1.  Dick holds up an iPad with a "Diary Room session" from Willie Hantz.  They make his mouth move like Conan does on his show.  Willie said a lot of "Yee haws" but other than that I can't recall much.  It wasn't very clever, but the season is young and with some good material this prank could be a keeper.   Keep working on that, Dick, and maybe get Russell to tape some of the voiceovers.

2.  Dick brings up that Hayden, Enzo, and Lane as The Brigade in BB12 banged Britney harder than her prom date.  Hayden says that he was HOH that week, and while he was in the DR Lane and Enzo told Britney, so he missed the excitement of the Brigade Reveal to Britney.  Dick said that was his favorite part of the season. (I recapped this in a multi-part Flashback series way back then---you can see one of the key moments here.)

3.  Michelle is very annoying and can't sit still.  She wants attention and keeps waving her hands around.  OK Michelle.  We see you hon.

4.  Jessie appears on screen to much fanfare and Michelle starts yelling over and over that she "wants to paint his nails".  Jessie looks embarrassed so they turn the focus back to Britney's Brigade heartbreak.  Jessie said he loved that part and just watched the rerun recently.

5. Remember when Jessie visited the BB12  house and Britney got to spend time with him as a punishment?  Here is a a brief reminder of that situation here.  Jessie also made an appearance in Pandora's box with Rachel during BB13.  You can relive Rachel's nightmare here.)

6.  Jessie likes to talk about Jessie so he shows his arm, then they discuss how he is going to be in a movie soon.  I really think something is wrong with Michelle and she might need some medical attention.  She is flailing her arms around, at one point holding her arms out and chanting "Jesus burning on the cross".  The guys ignore her but that doesn't stop her from making devil's horns and other "look at me" gestures.  She's too chubby looking for meth, right?  I mean, right?

7.  This is why I didn't like BB10, I think.  Between the likes of Renny, Jessie, and Michelle I think I remember why I was less than enthused about the whole scene.

8.  Now they really trash Dan, and his strategy of throwing compeitions and then claiming he was some sort of mastermind. Enzo says that Dan couldn't even win a competition against an old man (BB10's Jerry).  (Enzo talking about winning competitions?)  Dick make a crack about Jerry being dead, but I think the odds are just as good that Evel  Dick will kick the bucket ahead of Jerry.

9.  Jessie is going to be in a movie, but instead of plugging the name of the film, he decides to stand up and show us his leg.  Makes sense, I guess.

10.  Now Jessie mimicks Dan's DR sessions and it is pretty funny, if not horribly bitter.  Dick tries to bring some order to the proceedings by asking the panel not to speak over each other.  Someone's chair is squeaking, I think, and the sound is annoying.  Enzo says the "newbies don't know what they're doin'".  Uh, OK Enzo.

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11. Hayden looks embarrassed and is definitely at a loss for words.  He is the only winner on the panel besides Evel Dick and I think he thought this would be a serious discussion of the game.  Hayden is a Man of Few Words, however, so maybe he is just being Hayden.

12.  Jessie wants to know if there is a rule where they have to like some of the BB14 coaches.  He says he hates ALL of them and the panel chortles over that.

13.  Now Dick discusses Ashley's lawsuit about the S & M video.  Jessie acts like he is uploading a video of Ashley to send to the panel and for some reason this is hilarious.

14.  Think I'm exaggerating about Michelle?  Well take a look at a few snaps below.  I fully expect for Michelle Costa to get her 15 minutes on TMZ very soon.

15.  Then Jessie brings out his Mr. Pectacular doll and Dick apologizes to us and explains that everyone took mushrooms before the show.  I guess that would explain it?

16.  I actually like the Jessie doll.  Jessie won't answer Dick's question about whether he will visit the BB house this year.  Now Michelle starts talking about her vibrator and flirts with Enzo.  He hopes he is "still married" at this point.  Michelle wants Enzo to call her later.  She brings up when April put on an apron when she was having sex with Ollie during BB10.  And the crowd goes WILD!  Not.

I'm going to give up on this one, but will catch up recapping the rest of Dick's shows as soon as I can.

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