Friday, July 13, 2012

Dan's Post Game Analysis #BB14

Dan is proud of Kara's performance today.  She almost won.  They sit in the bedroom and whisper about what happened. 

They had to find coins and throw them into containers.  Kara had on goggles and it was hard to see.  Dan doesn't think that Kara needed to win today---they are both pretty sure that Frank is going home.

Dan asks if Kara is still close with Wil and she is.  Joe came up to Dan earlier and told him that Frank approached him with a deal.  (Frank is on Janelle's team.)  Dan is glad he's being open with them.

Kara feels like there is a lot of tension with Danielle.  Kara points out that she is the one on the block, and she doesn't need Danielle obsessing over who Dan wants to keep--does he like Kara or Danielle better?  Kara had to isolate herself before the POV and she hopes that Danielle didn't take it the wrong way.

Dan cautions Kara to expect some emotional attacks against her this week.  The other team is going to get in her head to try to save Frank. 

Dan whispers that Janelle's team really bothers him--they don't look like they can win anything.  Wil didn't even look like he was trying today out there.

Can you believe she was Playmate of the Year?  Is anyone even talking about that in the house?  She seems so modest compared to some of the other girls (JoJo who is sitting around in her bikini.) and seems so shy and quiet.

Ian just came in and apologized for interrupting.  Dan asked him if they could have a few minutes and Ian left.

Kara:  I really like him, but he's starting to get on my nerves.

Dan:  I like him, like I like a kid or something...I don't know where he's coming from.  I think he will pay a really clean game.

Now they whisper that they want Mike Boogie gone.  Kara likes Jenn, but she wants a Chilltown free house in there, apparently.

Dan compliments Kara's growth in the house.

Dan:  You're just getting better and better.

They discuss how hard it is to go upstairs with everybody up there.  It takes a lot of nerve to include yourself in that group.

Dan reminds Kara that he was nominated the first week of BB10, and he won.  He likes where they are right now..

(Why didn't Dan pick a guy for his team?  That was plain stupid, I think.)

Dan whispers that there will be a "JoJo Explosion" when she fights with someone.  Kara whispers that she almost had a huge fight with Frank and Joe last night over tomato sauce. (ha ha ha)

Dan:  You might want to donate your next beer to JoJo...see what happens.

Kara smirks.  Now she starts discussing how Danielle doesn't clean up after herself, and is combative about it.  Dan is going to talk to her about cleaning up, and try to speak in general terms so as not to upset her.

Kara:  This house is nuts!

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