Saturday, July 14, 2012

Danielle Takes a Beating #BB14

on the patio.  Her name comes up in conversation and an Anti-Danielle rant takes place.

It started when Frank told Mike he had an ant crawling on his arm.

Mike:  Well, that's because everybody leaves their fucking crap all over...when I came out today the hummus was just sitting there (on the patio table) open, with fucking ants all over it.

Frank says the girls were eating "fucking oatmeal cookies" in his bed and left crumbs all over.

Mike:  Danielle brings laziness to a whole new level!  I knew Janelle and Britney were lazy, but damn.  I was about to ask Danielle if her parents were in the storage room.  I mean, you've got somebody cooking for you (Joe)...

Joe:  Let's bring back Jodi to be her damn mom..

Frank:  I think she uses being on slop as an excuse not to clean..

Boogie agrees with that and they realize that Shane is on slop, too. Mike says he doesn't believe the kindergarten teacher story..she seems to know too much about medicine....

Danielle is in trouble.

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