Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dan Makes Britney Cry #BB14

Dan is quizzing Britney about her last few days at home with her husband before leaving for sequester.  He wants to know the last meal they ate.

Britney reports that on Friday, they were out and about and had some sort of chicken fettucine alfredo, but she didn't leave until Sunday.   On Saturday they ordered take out.  She had a hard time remembering what they had, but then she finally said it was barbeque.

Dan guessed the restaurant based on his previous conversations with Britney about her favorite foods.  (That is the dangerous thing about Dan, he make those type of connections with people.)

(For continuity, Dan has agreed to wear that damn T-shirt every day this summer so that Alison will have no problem splicing footage together.  Just kidding, I guess.)

Britney:  I had a layover in Denver....and I called him.  And I was crying....bawling.  Dan, you wouldn't have recognized me.  My face was so puffy...I was a different person.

Dan:  And he said, what, that you could do it?

Britney:  Yeah.  He did.  And Dan, at the airport when I was was horrible....horrible.

Dan:  Did he cry?

Britney:  Yes, a little.  But he knew he had to be positive.  If he showed the slightest sign.....

Dan:  Yeah, I know.

Dan is making himself an omelet for brunch, and it looks good.  That countertop shows a glare from far away in photographs, but for shots that angle down like this one, it's great.

Dan sits down to eat.  Shane is there, too, eating his own omelet, which is considerably neater-looking than Dan's omelet.  Not that there's any thing wrong with it, mind you.

As is Willie Hantz, who uses two fingers from his non-fork hand to load his fork for EVERY SINGLE BITE.

Ashley is there, but she reports she had an apple with peanut butter earlier.  She is all dolled up now, but says she loves to go into the DR "fresh faced" with no make up so that the viewers enjoy who she really is.

(Last year, the DR told both Dani Donato and Cassi Colvin, both beauties, to go fix themselves up on several occasions before coming back for their formal DR sessions.)

The camera crew has their A Team on staff today, showing us all of the important items of note.

You know, Ted belongs to Frank.  If Frank leaves on Thursday, Ted hits the door too.  I think he would be happy either way.  He's just glad he's not in the Chinese factory anymore.

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