Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crack of Noon in the BB House #BB14

The POV competition is starting soon.  Ian and Frank guess different games for today---they think today will be "Hold 'Em and Fold 'Em" or "Baggo".  (WTF?)

Ian, Ashley and Wil were picked to play with Frank, JoJo and Shane.

 Frank comments that the stress of being on the block was really bad and he didn't realize it until now.

Frank:  Like, now, I don't give a shit!

Ian:  Yeah, like today I'm really excited to play, but it's more fun now.

They discuss how bad their POV draw was last week.  They didn't know that Wil was on their side at the time.  Ian is drinking a glass of soda and the ice clinks pleasantly.  It sounds refreshing.

Britney comes in the room and gets in bed to hug Ted.  She said she needs some contact and Frank says Ted needs some lovin' too. Britney looks exhausted.

Frank jokes that Ted has dirty underwear after Britney pats his butt and for a moment Britney is alarmed.  Then she realizes Frank was joking.

Ian said The Glass House sucks and it is probably cancelled by now.  (ha ha ha)

Ian:  How are you supposed to choose a winner after only seeing them for 30 minutes per week?

Britney agrees.  Ian never watched it but both Britney and Frank watched the first day.  Ian mentions "some guy who said the season would be so funny but he was voted out the first week."  (i.e must be Prime Time Alex Stein)

Frank started quoting a line from the show and the cameras changed.

We see Joe enjoying a hearty breakfast and Danielle is cooking something.  JoJo eats a pickle and talks nonstop about anything and everything.  She is wearing a sparkley top for the occasion.

Back in the HOH Dan talks about his crazy dream he had last night---some sort of intruders stormed the house and one of them was a football coach Dan works with in real life.  He kept saying why didn't Dan pick one of the football players for his team?

(Very revealing, huh?)

Frank cuddles with his boy Ted, who is wearing jewelry from the Coach's Challenge yesterday.

Frank:  I wish for once they would put Ted's picture up down there, just for a minute so we can see it!  (i.e. the memory wall)

After Britney left Dan revealed the real reason for his HOH visit---he wanted to know if Danielle would be going on the block if one of the nominees won the POV.

Frank:  Yeah.  Probably.  I'm not gonna lie to you.

Dan goes to the DR.  Ian is going to take punishments like crazy today if it is that sort of competition. They want Shane out of there.

Frank thinks it is too early for OTEV, but you never know.  Ted is relaxed today and kicks back in the HOH suite.

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