Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "Coach's Revolt Meeting" #BB14

Willie calls everyone into the HOH for this meeting, without the coaches.   Frank and Shane both need to pee first.  They gather together and get comfortable.

Willie tells them that they should play the game for themselves, and the coaches are trying to pit them all against each other.  They should just play the game and ignore the coaches.

All the newbies clapped.  Not a hearty clap, but not a golf clap, either.

Frank chimes in that the coaches should be spectators.

Willie:  And y'all need to know that there is a strong possibility they're comin' in this game.   Look at the key slots next to the coaches.....and look at how few people are in this game....


Willie:  Who knows, us talkin' about it is probably messin' up everything and they might not do it... y'all tellin' them everything about your game is givin' them information to use against you later.

Kara:  I'm tired of people not being able to talk to me...

They agree that the focus has been to remove coaches from the game, not the newbies.  It's not fair.

[Let me remind you this is all due to Britney telling Willie her speculation about the 'Halftime" switch.]

Wil adds that the coaches only need one person on their team to win..the others are expendable.  Now Willie is saying that this stress is way too much...they are going to all jump off the roof before they can even get close to the end. 

Willie cautions them that the minute they leave the HOH room, the coaches are going to be all over them for information.  They shouldn't just stand around and "lose $500,000 because Britney wants to win $100,000, or maybe even $500,000....

Meanwhile, in the backyard Britney is telling Janelle and Dan about the BB12 house meeting Rachel called to expose Matt Hoffman's lies.  She is remarkably calm given the Wave of Shit that is sure to wash over her later today.

Dan says he wasn't even invited to the BB10 house meeting because he voted for Brian in Week #1.

Joe is upstairs yelling that the coaches always stay ON THE SIDELINES!  They are supposed to STAY OFF THE FIELD! 

Calm down Joe. 

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