Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Work #BB14

Janelle and Danielle are now giving themselves pedicures.  Janelle is not pleased that BB did not provide a Top Coat for them to use.

Janelle:  Do you think it would be psycho if I did my fingernails again so that they match my dress tomorrow night?  I just did them yesterday...

Danielle:  What else do you have to do?

(Good point.)

Janelle:  Do you think you would come back for Allstars or something if you were married when they ask you?

Danielle mumbled something.

Janelle:  That's what my husband said.  He said if I didn't try it, I would always regret it.  And I think I'm a good coach...not to forceful or anything.

Danielle considers yellow toenail polish.  Janelle had a bottle of "super rare Chanel nail polish" called Rodeo Drive.  She sold it on Ebay for $100 even though it was a few years old.  Chanel does a lot of limited-edition polishes so they are highly collectible.  She liked the color, but it "didn't look good on her".

If Danielle wants to be an Allstar, she needs to ramp up the chatter a little.  Scratch that...a lot.

Frank is making a chicken stir fry for himself and Ian wants to get the recipe for later.  Frank has wet hair and he shakes his head around, fluffing his curls a little with his fingers.

Joe worked out with Frank today and says he feels good about it.  If he can do that a few more times, he can keep it going on his own.

Frank wishes they had some sesame seeds.  Joe would like some sesame oil, and asked for some ginger in his HOH basket, to "get some new flavor profiles going".

Jenn walks through and says it smells great.

Frank:  Preesh!

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