Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Britney's Meltdown Part #1 #BB14

Apparently Britney had a huge meltdown last night, thinking Janelle is playing her and she told Willie about their suspected "Halftime" twist, where the mentors will enter the game to play for the $500K prize.  Willie is encouraging her to expose the twist to the entire house in a meeting, probably Wednesday.

 (Not if Alison can help it, I'll bet.)

So I'm scrolling through the SuperPass flashbacks, trying to find where it all went wrong.

OK, let's go.

1.  As of 11:00 BBT, Janelle and Britney are in the kitchen, eating pizza and discussing outlet malls in Florida.  I can tell Britney has had a drink or two.  She was wondering where Joe was because she "hasn't seen him in ages" and he was right behind her.  You can see from this picture that he is right there in the kitchen!

2.  Janelle took Joe in the Arcade for a Mentor chat and started quizzing him about basic house facts to prepare him for the competition (i.e. number of girl HG, number of guy HG, what college people went to, etc.)  Joe tells her that he feels Willie has a solid deal with Frank and is keeping him on Thursday.  He knows that Willie refuses to listen to Britney and will always do what he wants to do. Janelle looks beautiful on camera, as usual.

Joe reports that Willie thinks he is superior to women and that's obvious.  Janelle says that won't fly with her.  She has played this game twice and knows Frank is a big physical threat and needs to go.  Joe will nominate Frank if he becomes HOH.  Janelle thinks Ian has social anxiety but will be okay.

I'm scrolling through Flashbacks and can't find the trouble yet..

3.  2:00 am BBT  Mike Boogie and Willie are having a nice conversation in the Have Not room about Russell being Willie's brother.  Mike thought they might be twins when he first met Willie, and confirms to Willie that he had a target on his back.  Willie came in with baggage due to Russell.  Mike didn't want to press Willie too hard about this, or to "Dan" him.  Mike uses air quotes around the word Dan, giving it a negative connotation that Dan is pushy.  Mike is stressing that people like Kara are the dangerous ones, kicking back and letting others do the dirty work.

4.  Mike says he would have chosen Willie if he knew what he knows now...Basically Mike is cutting a deal with Willie to save Frank, not knowing that Frank already has a deal with Willie to stay.  (It appears that way to me..) Meanwhile Frank is chatting with Dan on the patio.  Not sure what kind of deal they would make, since Frank is nominated with one of Dan's players.

The Have Not week ends within an hour apparently, and Chef Joe is cooking up a storm to get ready for them.  He is making a variety of foods, including a broccoli dish and cookies.  He knows they need a lot of nutrition now.

5.  4:15 am BBT.  Britney is in the HOH bed with Willie and Ashley.  She is doing the "poor me" routine about everybody thinking she is so stupid, and they can play her. She wanted to be friends with Janelle, but that won't work out.  Sounds like Joe is part of this issue, with some of the things he said. (Chef Joe is causing A LOT of drama this week---it's kind of cool.)

6.  Britney tells Ashley everybody thinks she is a moron (Ashley, not her).  Willie tells Britney not to "tell Joe nothin'" because he will run and tell Janelle.  Ashley is stirring the pot by saying that Janelle may not come upstairs to sleep in Britney's bed.

Britney:  You guys just wait until she needs something from us...she'll be running up here..

Britney says whenever she wants to talk to Janelle, she has to "chase her all over the house to try and talk to her....she never asks me questions about my life or my family... I know twice as much about her as she does about me...."

Britney is getting emotional now and says she wants to play this game with integrity!  (And she says this to WILLIE HANTZ!  Ha ha ha)  Britney is upset that Janelle was playing chess with Dan, and talking to him.

Britney:  I'm sure that she's saying to Dan, Willie has an alliance with Frank!  She spends more time with Wil and Kara then she does with the rest of her team...and Kara's not on her team!

They discuss how Wil is so good at controlling his emotions.  Britney is very paranoid and is sure that Wil and Janelle were "talking about her today".

Britney goes down to the DR, voluntarily.  After she leaves Willie assures Ashley that they will both be okay.  Ashley should listen to whatever Willie says...

Ashley:  Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

She wants Wil to go next week.  (Her own teammate!  The shit has hit the fan!)

(From what I've read, Britney totally misinterpreted Janelle and is taking this all wrong, but I can't confirm that with my own eyes.)

More to come as I keep searching the Flashbacks...


  1. I have a few things to add... are u EST? if you are on east coast time then the flashbacks at 4:15am are 4:15am est NOT big brother time...(that stuff happend at 1:15am BBT) for some reason this year the flashbacks are lined up with YOUR time zone, you need to subtract 3 to get BBT.

    Also, under #4... Frank was talking with Joe (not Dan) about saving him this week and making a Joe/Frank/Willie alliance.

    The whole thing with Britney having a meltdown started around 2:50am BBT (or 5:50am EST for flashback) on cam 1 in HOH with willie

  2. Thanks, the times on the flashbacks are hard to figure out.

    The picture in #4 is Frank and Dan, that is what I am referring to.

  3. Its not Frank and Dan, its Frank and Joe... watch that cam on the flashback and look at the shirt, thats what Joe was wearing. On the flashback from that time (at the same time that willie was talking to boogie in the have not room) Frank and Joe talked out in the backyard on the opposite cams


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