Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Britney - Weepy, Janelle, Sleepy #BB14

Britney is getting weepy talking to Janelle in the Chess Loft.  She keeps saying she understands that Janelle has to protect her players.  Britney feels all alone in the game, Janelle tries to assure her, yadda yadda yadda.

Janelle wants to stay in Britney's Coach Room, but she feels uncomfortable since Willie is targeting her.  Britney is all "woe is me" and "you don't have to stay with me, I understand" and can't sit still.

She is wringing her hands, adjusting her microphone, playing with her ponytail, and appears on the edge of some sort of quiet breakdown.

Janelle makes soothing noises and is calm.  Britney couldn't sleep, is so stressed out.  And we all know she needs some sleep, after the last 24 hours.

We just had a FISH break of about 90 minutes.  At the beginning there was a flash of a stocky man in a prison-stripe suit (horizontal black and white stripes) in the storage room with some other people.  One was a lady with a beer gut.  Obviously they were up to something.

Now a few newbies come upstairs--Kara, Will and JoJo.  They are trying to figure out what may have happened in the house during the break.  JoJo approaches the giant chessboard==-I'm guessing she realizes all cameras are on Britney and Janelle and decides to join in.  She wonders if it's Pandora's Box.  Janelle snickers and says no, there is no room.  (The Mentor's Room is adjacent to the HOH, where Pandora has been held before.

JoJo--honey you are just an extra in that scene.  Enjoy the craft service and then be on your way, honey.

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