Friday, July 20, 2012

Britney Tries to Do Something #BB14

I've been listening to Britney talk to Frank and Mike Boogie about what their plans are, but I'm not sure what she is proposing.

She's not very focused, and is full of excuses about her team's behavior last week. 

Mike told her that having Shane and Willie nominated this week is a virtual certainty.

Frank brings up that Willie made him promises last week, and ended up wanting to fight with him.

Britney reminds them that the BB house has a very short term memory.  She wants a confirmation that their goal is to send home Willie this week.

Frank says yes, this is his goal.

(I'm guessing Britney will trade Willie if she wins today.  And that is a big IF.)

Ted is relaxed this morning, kicking back in the HOH bed and letting Frank lean on him for support. 

Ted is down for whatever this week.  Anything except being traded...

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  1. Funny, this is the first time I've ever been truly annoyed with Britney. I wonder why that is so? Maybe it's because she thinks too highly of herself. Maybe it's because she just doesn't stop talking.

    I'm not too clear if she accepts any responsibility for feeding her fantasy of a Big Brother game 'twist' for the coaches to Willie - which sent him spiraling out of control.

    Anyway, I'm just surprised how annoyed Brit has made me. I wish production would tell her to stop banging her cup against her wedding rings, too. That noise is irritating.

    Hi Ted, you look cute up there on the bed. You are such a big bear, too!


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