Sunday, July 15, 2012

Britney Gives Advice #BB14

She is giving post-BB advice to some of the newbies by the pool.  Willie, Ashley and Dan are there.

Willie isn't familiar with Twitter so Brit gives him the high points.  If he sets it to Invite Only, he is going to get "like 8,000 requests to follow".  Instead, she says they should just leave the account open and don't worry about it.

Willie doesn't want to follow anybody.

Britney:  Not even me?

Willie:  Yeah, I'll follow you!  And everybody in here!  But not everyone that follows me!

Britney explains how it works.  Dan says that somebody probably already bought the Twitter handle Willie wants, as well as a website named after him.

Dan:  You can probably get it from them---sometimes all they want to do is talk to you and ask you some questions.

Britney expected to get a great job from being on BB12, but she didn't.  She got a job in NYC in  pharmaceutical sales but it came from a family connection, not BB.  She works in pharma sales in Tulsa sales, too, but quit her job to come on the show this summer.  She told Boogie yesterday that she wasn't worried about getting a job when she got home---the field always has openings for qualified people.  (But those jobs are HARD to get, Britney, unless you know somebody!)  Mike has been using this as a weapon against her, telling the newbies that Britney has her back against the wall financially and will be ruthless to win.

She said that hardly anyone recognizes you when you leave the house except for the really hardcore fans.  She was rarely recognized when she lived in NYC, except the manager from the H & M Store knew who she was and gave her a nice discount.  JoJo is all over this information and wants to know which location Britney shopped.  (No doubt to drop by later for her own discount.)

Janelle waltzed out to the pool a little while ago like a goddess and it looked a little something like this:

She told Mike Boogie that she met Monica (BB2) in NY and hung out with her.  She said Monica was such a positive person and so nice to be around.  Mike agrees and gives her a big shout out on the live feeds.

Mike said they never found Monica's cousin who died in the World Trade Center on 9-11. He told the story about how all of the BB2 cast members were flying to LA for the BB2 finale and their planes were grounded.  Mike live in LA already, so both Krista and Shannon called him from their planes to ask what was up.

The US grounded commercial flights for days, but then opened up the airspace days later for private aircraft.  CBS had to fly everybody out on private planes.

I wrote about this topic last year in tribute to Monica, and included a relevant YouTube clip.  You can read about it here

Janelle answered Mike's questions about living in NYC (where she met Monica).  She still owned a condo in Miami but only waitressed on the weekends.  She got bored with Miami so she got a rental in NYC and started doing real estate sales the rest of the week.

She sold her Miami place when she moved to Minnesota with her husband Jess.

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