Monday, July 30, 2012

Britney Celebrates with Snacks #BB14

Britney has her trusty donettes and green-cannister nuts with her for this important celebration.

They are making fun of Mike Boogie trying to sell things on Ebay after the show.

Janelle:  People fucking hate him!  He had like, a 2% approval rating from BB7!   People loved me and Will's relationship on the show and hated him and he can't stand it.  Nobody wants to buy his shit on Ebay!

Janelle is mad that Dan brought up the "Basket of Secrets" that she sold on Ebay, and mentioned this year's "Winelle Basket of Secrets".

Janelle:  Dan's pissed.  All of the fans in his season said that he and Keisha hooked up a bunch, so we can't say anything about Keisha, or Chelsea (his wife).

Ashley acts out the guy's body language in the back yard before the ceremony.

They know that Danielle is going to get "hammered" by the guys all week for votes.  They know Jenn is just there to get publicity for her band, and Britney says it is like Boogie's team is all there to give Frank half a million dollars.

Danielle should stick next to Shane all week.

Ashley:  She wants Shane SO BAD!  But Dan won't let her stay up here!

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