Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Brigade Renew Their Bromance #BB14

I feel like this has been a long time coming..and now under the circumstances Evel Dick is making it happen.  He's opening this whole twitter dialogue with The Brigade in conjunction with the launch of Evel Dick's new summer endeavor.

Evel Dick is selling Early Bird access to his Dick-at-Nite podcasts this year and the price is right. I've been calling it the RTVZone but I'm not sure that is correct now that Dick has split with his business partner from last year.

Anyway, one of the exclusives Evel Dick is offering is an apparent first-time reunion of the The Brigade on one of the podcasts.  When you add that, a list of other Big Brother and genuine celebrities, and access to the Hantz family (Russell, Brandon, Shawn, Melanie) it could be the best bargain of the summer.  Evel Dick is very unfiltered, as you might guess, and you never know what you might hear on his podcasts.

Admission:  I am ashamed to be able to name four Hantz family members that easily and quickly.

Anyway, I am delighted to report that The Brigade showed up on Twitter tonight and gave us an exciting preview of what is before's going to be a great summer for Big Brother fans.

Oh, and throw MTV's Mark Long into that mix as well.  Mmmmm.  Mark Long...... yummy....

PS:  Lane just got engaged.

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