Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brandon Hantz Takes the Stage #BB14

Brandon Hantz has a regular YouTube series called 'Enhantzed', apparently.  Although I don't want to publicize Brandon's business ventures, I feel I must cover it today as this episode concerns Willie Hantz' ejection from the Big Brother 14 house.

That is Russell Hantz who is sitting with Brandon below---they spoke with Willie over the phone.  We also see Russell doing some sort of reenactment of Willie's "episode" in the house, complete with door-kicking.  It is amazing how much alike they are---I think they could be twins.

Brandon invites Willie to "enhantz" them on the facts.  Willie starts talking about "how close" he and Britney are, and he hopes she doesn't hold anything against him after all of this.  He says Britney was "forced to tell her team to separate from Willie" and so Willie decided to "be the person everybody thinks he is".  He "became a character" and went to the HOH room and then "his pride got in the way and he did something he didn't want to do". 

So his position appears to be that he did not want to leave.  Apparently he called someone "a vagina".  Willie starts giving a play-by-play of the fight, but to be honest it is unclear what really happened.  Brandon and Russell push him on the details and Willie says that Joe "put his dukes up".  Willie does not cop to doing anything except "putting his head to my head".

Look, I'll be honest.  This video is over 12 minutes long.  You can click the button below and watch it, but you'll never get that 12 minutes back.  I recommend you multi-task while you watch it, maybe reconcile your checkbook or something so something productive comes out of this.

Spoiler:  Willie is pulling for Ashley to win.  (JoJo may blow when she hears that, huh?)

I think the Hantz Brothers may be the new Kardashians.  When you think about it that way, it's not so bad.

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