Friday, July 13, 2012

Boogie Gets to Work #BB14

Shane seems to be in pain this morning and does some strange stretches with a water bottle on the kitchen floor.  There is a fair amount of groaning going on, but not in an obnoxious 'look at me' way.

Mike Boogie is the first mentor to appear today.  It is obvious that Boogie doesn't work with a stylist, or even have someone to help him pack his summer couture.  Just like the Honey Badger, Boogie don't care.  He speaks pleasantly with JoJo and Shane, moving around the kitchen.  He empties the ice cube trays and starts a pot of coffee.

At Boogie's direction, they decide to take one of the Teddy Bears and convert him into Ted, the Big Brother mascot.  JoJo goes to get mascara so they can decorate his T-shirt.  None of them has seen the movie yet, but Boogie saw the trailer and mentions Ted tweeting, etc.  Check out the houndstooth wallpaper. 

They talk about going in to sequester, except they call it the "Knitting Convention".

FISH.  Probably waking everybody up.  Even though the POV won't happen for hours, it takes a long time for 15 people to get ready with two bathrooms.  Do you think they will play a bangin' Kitty tune for Jenn at some point? 

Do the mentors have their own bathroom?  That would make it three bathrooms, if so.

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