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Big Brother After Dark - Team Janelle Under Fire 7-28-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Earlier in the day, Janelle won the Coach's Competition, and chose to save Wil.  (This was a good choice because Shane said several times during the day that Wil was his #1 target.  He knows that Wil would nominate him if he won HOH, and feels Wil is a strong contender to win the upcoming endurance HOH contest.  They also seem to have some sort of personal beef against each other, too.)

Shane nominated Joe and Ashley. Joe did not accept this gracefully, and had some sort of outburst after the ceremony was over.

Britney nominated the Have Nots, choosing Joe and Ian, who likely volunteered again. (Ian wants to break the BB Have Not record.)  America chose cereal and salmon as the Have Not food additions----should be the easiest week ever for the slop people, particularly since Joe will be cooking.  Slop crusted salmon, anyone?

OK.  Let's go.

1.  Janelle is working on calming Joe down.  She told him he needs to swallow his pride and prepare to speak calmly to Shane later tonight.  Janelle is still wearing her costume from the competition----day glo tights, shorts and workout tank.  Plus legwarmers.  She hurt her legs and is holding an ice pack to her thighs.  When she stands up she says "oh my frickin' legs"!

2.  I think BB may have told her to keep the costume on for DR sessions, I guess, since she was the winner.  Or maybe she likes it, who knows.

3.  Britney came upstairs to the HOH and says it is so tense downstairs she doesn't want to go down there anymore.  Wil and Joe are avoiding Frank, and won't even look at him.  (They are hating on him because he had a deal with Shane.)  The Coaches had to pick a locker today, and Shane thinks Britney should have picked locker #2.  They won a sushi party for the group, and Britney won the right to pick the Have Nots.  They are happy that Janelle didn't go nuts.

4.  Danielle is very upset and thinks somehow she might be a target.  Shane told her he has a deal with Frank, and not to worry.  Then he and Britney mention that they are in a perfect backdoor position, and if they didn't nominate both of Janelle's players then she would get to control the vote if one of her players wins the POV.  (Danielle and Dan wanted a player from each of Janelle and Mike's teams on the block so they would work against each other.)

5.  Britney continues to obsessively eat the nuts out of the green cannisters.  I think that is all she eats now, in addition to her powdered sugar donettes.

(Britney told a story during BB12 that she and a close male friend in high school used to skip one or two classes in school and go to the mini mart and gorge themselves on donettes.  Her friend ended up gaining A LOT of weight and became obese, but Britney stayed thin.  Probably because she doesn't eat anything else, right?)

6.  Britney says she confronted Janelle about telling Danielle that JoJo said she was fat. Britney is doubting that now, because she never heard JoJo say things like that.  Then Janelle must have said something to Danielle about it, and Danielle says she did say she disliked JoJo because of the things JoJo said about her.

(None of this changes the fact that Danielle eats carb-filled foods ALL day long.)

7.  Danielle wants to be sure that Shane still has a final two deal with her and not Frank. He reassures her, but she is still freaking out that she won't have the votes to stay.

Britney:  But you're not on the block!

Dani: But next week....

8.  Janelle is in the Arcade with Wil, who is crunching a delicious looking cookie, maybe with peanut butter on it? Janelle says if Frank goes home this week, then she wants Ian out,and then Jenn.  I think she is telling Wil to say this to Shane, regarding his plans if he ever wins HOH.  Wil says something sassy, and Janelle tells him now is not the time to threaten Shane.  She knows he wants to, but he can't start threatening him right now.

Janelle:  When we go up there, please just lie through your teeth, because we have to save Joe.  If we lose Joe we are fucked!

Wil is calm, but is clearly pissed.  His 25th birthday is Saturday.  Janelle stresses that he MUST win the POV tomorrow.  They are hoping Frank doesn't play in the POV---if he doesn't, Wil's chances of winning increase dramatically.  Wil promises he will stay calm.

Janelle:  Just play along with me and be nice.  Say we want to take out the team that is the most devious team in this house.

(Janelle is doing a nice job of pumping up her players.  I guess she is ready to lose Ashley if necessary.  But that is understandable.  Someone has to go..)

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9.  Janelle meets with Ashley and says they are going to tell Shane they want to work with him this week.  Ashley is up for that.  Britney told them Frank offered a one week deal (not true) but Janelle says they will offer a 4 week deal  Janelle says Ashley isn't going anywhere, that she is a lock for final four.

Ashley:  Why are people being so weird?  You get nominated and people act like you've got a disease!

Janelle lashes out about Frank---she hates him and he is disgusting!  He is the biggest douche in the house!

Janelle: I will do fucking anything to get him out of this house!

Ashley:  Same.  Fucking him and Boogie and their jokes..

Janelle, standing and holding an ice pack on each thigh:  I just can't stand Frank!  He's always screaming in the house!  I'm like, shut the fuck up!  And he's rude to women---clearly he's never had sisters before!  He treats me and you like shit!  He fucking called me a "Ho" yesterday!  I'm fucking married!  And making so many, like sexual comments about husband is going to beat his fucking ass!

Ashley, seething:  I can't wait....

10.  Upstairs in the HOH Britney is telling Dan that Janelle is playing major mind tricks, pretending she still wants to work with Britney.  Britney points out that Janelle has floated to the power every week.  Ashley came upstairs and the baby doll voice was back, as she said she is worried she will go home.  Shane hugged her and said it's part of being HOH and he had to do it.  Britney went downstairs to get them some hummus and came back and said things were crazy down there.

She said Frank is cooking salmon and Joe is telling him EXACTLY how to make it---how to put it in the pan, and to cook it EXACTLY 14 minutes.  Shane jokes that he won't be getting breakfast in bed tomorrow morning, and says being able to cook won't keep you in the house for much longer than the first week.

(Joe pulled this stunt earlier today.  You can read about it here.)

Note that Dan and Danielle are sitting silently in the HOH this whole time, taking it in...

Ashley says she is happy to be part of the BB family, and that she looks forward to going to Matt Hoffman's Halloween party.  (The famous Hoff-o-ween party in Chicago.) She "never has anything to do on Halloween".

11.  Janelle went upstairs and was alone with Shane while Britney went downstairs to start a pot of coffee.  She compared her BB6 game to Shane's, where she had to win comps every week to stay in the game.  Shane agreed, but a moment later admitted he has not watched BB6 and BB7.  Janelle explained it again, and then disparaged players like Jenn who don't win anything and keep moving forward.  Shane says he hates that too.

Britney comes back up and mentions that Wil is so mad.  Janelle says he really isn't, and then starts saying that Mike Boogie is laughing downstairs and she tells the story from BB7 of how Mike backstabbed her over and over.  The story of Marcellas going home, etc.

Shane asks follow up questions and says he wants to watch BB7 later.  Janelle says both Dr. Will and Boogie are "super wealthy" and promised to split the prize money with her "on the outside, after the game".  She is really getting her digs in about Mike Boogie.

Janelle:  He's a devious player like that..

12.  Frank came up to the HOH next.  They are rehashing the nomination ceremony and mocking Joe's breakfast in bed delivery that morning.  Britney says there was no way she was going to wake up just to eat!

(She left the plate on her bed and kept sleeping for a little over an hour.  You can see that here.)

They don't understand why Wil is so upset---he is safe for the week!  Frank thinks Wil might get into it with him this week...

13.  Now Joe and Janelle join Wil and Ashley in the Arcade Room.  Joe has pulled himself together and says they need to do some great acting this week and stay cool.  Wil does not want to be known as an ass kisser.  They are going to go upstairs and say whatever they have to say--Wil needs to behave so they can save Joe.

Wils says if they win the POV, then he hopes they can all work together.  But if they are working with Frank, he's going to have a big problem with that.  Joe says what if they go to all of this trouble, and Shane doesn't put Frank up?

Janelle says to stay calm, they they can work on Shane.  Janelle is really hating on Frank tonight, now attacking his "frizzy hair" and she hates him yelling in the house.  She regrets all of the ass kissing she and Ashley did with him last week, saying their noses are permanently brown.

Janelle:  All of the cookies.....and the damn pretzel M & Ms....

14.  Now we see Danielle all cozy in the HOH bed with Shane, laying with her head on the pillow next to him.  She tried to hug him from the side and Shane stopped her kind of rudely, pushing her away and saying "he's a five date kind of guy".

She turned over on her side, with her back to him, and he said "don't fart on me".  She said she didn't, but finally admits she did one time, I think when they were Have Nots.  He then started talking about farting and Dutch Ovens, etc, saying he doesn't know her well enough to do that.  She countered with calculations with the number of hours they have known each other.  Britney interrupts them and stops to talk.

(Shane really diffused that romantic situation,didn't he?  Nothing like discussing Dutch Ovens to get a girl off you, huh?  And how high school of her to count the hours.....almost as bad a making a scrapbook of their date memorbilia.)

15.  Now we see Janelle rallying Joe and Wil again, telling them they have to swallow their pride and suck it up--it's part of the game.  They have to do it.  Joe wants to admit how angry he is, comparing his plight to Shane's last week, and says he can pull that off better.  Janelle tries to stop him from doing that, telling him not to threaten.  She had to stand up and physically stop him, telling him again this is the game.

Janelle, coaching Joe:  Remember...we want to work with you Shane!

Joe crosses himself and leaves the Arcade Room.

16.  Now Joe is in the HOH and Danielle leaves.  Britney offers to leave and says she has laundry to do.  Shane says she can put his laundry in his bag, and she stays.  Now Shane says that Janelle's team was with them from Day #1, then when Willie blew up they ran away and made it free and clear.  Then last week when Team Britney was down Janelle's team abandoned them again.

Britney chimes in that they had a Final 6 deal the first week, and they should have stuck together. Instead Britney's team took all of the heat.

Joe sits during most of this, his early points shot down.  He said he went back to his room after noms and felt sick and angry.  He could feel his heartrate going up so he did some breathing to calm down.  Now he realizes he would have done exactly the same thing as Shane if he were in that position.

Joe keeps saying he's going to be "completely honest", and that Janelle might not like him admitting he is angry.  Joe is getting loud.

Joe: She wants to sugar coat things, but I don't.  I WAS MAD AND I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL!

Joe is nervous about who may be listening and wants to watch the Spy Cam.

Shane tells him the Spy Cam "is down", so they can't watch it. (Really?)

Joe now quiets down and swears that his team wants to work with Shane.  He says that if the team votes against Shane, he will split from the team to vote.  Joe plans to leave it all out on the field tomorrow, for the POV.  He says everybody is scared of Mike Boogie because he is "completely dishonest" and "bone crushing".

Shane:  But you chose to work with him last week...

Joe gets loud again about how he NEVER spoke to Mike, and how he was working behind the scenes to help Shane's team.

Shane:  But you ended up voting against us...

Joe points out again that he can have a strong ally in the game, he can have Joe, Wil and Ashley.  Britney chimes in to summarize, and Shane thanks him for coming up to speak with them.  Joe stays put on the couch and explains that he was mad, and he wanted him to know that.

Shane:  Janelle can't sugar coat that.  I feel bad for you and Ashley, but your coach jumped from ship to ship and it sucks.

Britney thanks him again for coming up, and Shane thanks him for the breakfast.  Joe is not taking the hint to leave.  He keeps mentioning his blood pressure. But still he sits, even though Shane tries to wind it up again.

Joe:  We'll figure it out man, we'll figure it out.

Finally Joe leaves, giving Shane a bear hug on his way out.  As soon as he leaves, Britney says it was so awkward.  Then she asks Shane about telling him the Spy Cam is down....

17. Danielle didn't wait 30 seconds before coming back in the HOH room. Britney is pissed that Joe said they would "counsel each other".  Britney mocks what he said about not sugar coating things.  Then Joe appears!  He forgot his blue cup and went to the table to get it.  (Good thing the Spy Cam wasn't on..)

They are on an indoor lockdown.  Shane is ready to go to bed but there are 45 minutes left of the Showtime show. Britney says they have to keep the lights on.  Shane doesn't care--he'll go to sleep.  Danielle comes over to the HOH table to snack (of course) and Dan is back in there as well.

Danielle feeds the fish.  Shane tells Dan he tried to use Britney's advice, to ask questions and just listen, and that helped him get through the night.

Dan:  A big part of this game is how you handle yourself on the block.

18.  Britney has a green clay mask on her fact and is rehashing the conversation with Joe with Danielle and Dan.  She is recounting all of Joe's best moments in the house, including making a deal with JoJo for cigarettes.  The fact that he still didn't keep his word in order to vote against his team demonstrates that he is not to be trusted.

Britney:  Is this a joke?  Week #1, lie.  Week #2, you lied over cigarettes...what's going to happen in Week #3?

(Meanwhile the stealthy Mr. Gheesling is just taking it all in like a sponge....)

19.  Ashley has on fresh lip gloss, and sits in the living room with Ian, who clutches his small teddy bear.  She says she feels strong and she needed this jolt to wake her up.  She knows the game won't be easy.

20.  Upstairs, Britney would "bet her life" that JoJo isn't on the Jury yet.  She said Julie always tells them when the Jury is being seated.

Britney:  She might be in sequester.  And Jodi and Kara might be in sequester...

She brings up that last year Keith Henderson was in sequester for 28 days, waiting for the opportunity to come back in the house.  Shane says how awesome if Jodi gets to come back in-- what a twist.  They don't think that will happen  (It's not--Jodi is back home now.)  Dan jokes that she will come back in with a "golden key and be guaranteed final three".

Now Britney starts blabbing about how much she loved her wedding bouquet.  She wants one every day--it was so fun to carry and it smelled so good and made her feel so pretty. Ryan only requested two things---that Britney not wear too much make up, and not cover her face with a veil.  She did her own make up.  Dani doesn't let anyone do her make up because she ends up looking like a clown.

21.  Now we see Janelle getting camera time putting lotion on her legs before bed.  She has finally changed out of her competition costume. Joe comes in and fills Janelle in on his meeting with Shane.  He feels really good about it.  We got to see a big bruise on Janelle's left thigh and it looks bad.  Joe thinks it will look worse tomorrow.

Joe recounts telling Shane they were in the same position last week, and says Britney was receptive.  Janelle says Britney knows she can trust her and not Mike Boogie.

 (Uh, no Janelle, that's not what she thinks.)

Now Joe says he thinks Team Britney may be playing with them now, and running a game on Team Boogie.

(Earth to Joe Arvin....)

Janelle wants Shane to know that Mike wanted to put two pawns up last week, and backdoor Shane.  She went up to the HOH tell him this, now.

22.  She got upstairs and they were watching the Spy Cam (!) and they talked about how everyone was asleep.  They watched Ian walk around the living room, and then Danielle said she thought she heard Janelle called to the DR.  Janelle got a few cookies on her way out and left.

On the Spy Cam, the HOH group saw that she went into the Arcade with her team, and not the DR.

Shane:  So...she came up here twice tonight already..

As the show ends they are mocking Team Janelle's efforts to save their own asses.

**Big Shout Out to the delicious Nabisco Nutter Butter sandwich cookies, which were included in Shane's HOH basket this week.  Such a yummy blast from my past.  I dare not buy any....they are too tasty.  I warn you---DO NOT use them to scoop up vanilla ice cream.**

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