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Big Brother After Dark - The Smell of Defeat (Janelle farted.) 7-27-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, a few hours after the live show ended on the West Coast.  Except then it wasn't live--it's only actually live on the East Coast.  This show starts an hour late on Thursdays, I guess.  I don't remember that from previous years.

It aired where I live in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Shane won HOH during the live show, and JoJo was evicted without much fanfare.

OK.  Let's go.

1.  The house guests were stuck inside after the live show, waiting for the crew to finish the backyard clean up.  I don't think the booze had been delivered yet, so they tried to find ways to entertain themselves.  The guys (except for Shane) sat around the living room with Britney.  Dan and Joe played a game where they tossed an orange ball (possibly a tangerine) across the living room, with the goal to reach 100 without dropping it.  They made it.  Then they put two of the orange balls in play, where they threw it back and forth in unison.  They made a valiant effort but did not go to 100.

2.  Janelle and Jenn laid on the bathroom lounge and talked about the competition.  Jenn is down about it (she was the worst of the bunch, I think) and says she didn't practice the right way.  Janelle says go ahead and start thinking aobut the POV--it's going to be difficult from here on out.

3.  Today is Day 20.  Joe and Dan are trying again with the two orange balls.  Danielle left home on June 29th.  Britney said Shane went in the DR "like 6 hours ago".  Dan has a large wound on the inside of his left leg that is a leftover injury from the last Coach's Comp.  The bar inside those MC Hammer pants between their knees rubbed him the wrong way, and I guess he ignored it too long.

4.  Britney wants to discuss hemmeroids. (sp?)  Ian says he has 'stress hemmeroids' the first couple of days in the house and Britney jumps all over him, asking if he's seen it, looked at them, what does it look like, etc. Frank comes to his rescue by describing them to Britney.  I guess he's had one too. Frank almost used Preparation H as toothpaste a few times, but never put it in his mouth.  Frank even has Preparation H suppositories.

Britney keeps going on and on about how having them is her biggest fear, and she has heard of women who got them when they were pregnant.  Frank says when they are bad, you can't talk, you can't laugh...

Frank:  You would be surprised how often your sphincter moves..

Britney just keeps going at it, asking questions, and then wants to ask Ian about why poop is shaped the way it is.

(Who IS this girl?)

Thank God Shane comes to the rescue by yelling, "who wants to see my HOH room"?  Thank you Big Brother.  Thank you Showtime.

5.  They all gather upstairs and wait a moment.  When the door opens the cheering isn't as loud as Franks HOH unveiling, but no one knows Shane like they know Frank.  Shane tells Ian that is his sister in the picture and not to mess with her.  Britney and Janelle look at the picture and smile.  Joe does too.  Shane looks at his treats and says "Preesh, Big Brother".  He said it is the healthiest collection of HOH treats so far this year.  He got Nutter Butter cookies (YUM) and Britney got Dunkin Donuts coffee.

6.  One of the pictures was a football picture.  It was from a Division I semi final game--they lost.  One of the guys asked if Shane played football and he said yes---they didn't even know he played football!  And Dan is a coach! No one knows Shane! (including me)

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7. Britney got a letter in her Coach's room and reads it to herself, while Shane is going through the items on his HOH table.    She said earlier today that she is worried about a family member who just started chemo, so maybe she is getting up to speed on that.

8.  Janelle, Mike and Dan go into Britney's Coach's room, Janelle making a face as she walked in.  We had a Showtime commercial break, and when we return Britney is reading her letter.  Her husband gave the dog medicine wrapped in tuna.  And now the dog is excited when she smells tuna fish.  That's all we heard of Britney's letter due to that commercial break, but we did learn about the new episode of Episodes, starring Matt LeBlanc.  (It's a good show.)

9.  Brit says Shane looks just like his Mom.  (I saw the picture and I think his Mom looks like him.  Short hair and everything but the Miami Vice stubble.)  Shane says his sister got the looks in the family and they agree.  The picture is from a cruise to Mexico or the Bahamas, he doesn't know.  The picture of the dog is his dog that got hit by a car. (dead now, I think)

Shane:  I still love her though.  She's a sweetheart.

He invites everyone to dig in to the snacks, saying what is his is theirs.  Nice.  He got Fruity Pebbles, lots of those nuts in the green cannisters, Sun Maid raisins, and I see a bottle of wine.  There are Monsters and Naked Teas in the fridge.  Shane starts crunching nuts and invites everyone again to share.

10.  Britney's husband said he gets text updates about the action in the house from her mom.  He can't watch the feeds while he is at work.  He also mentioned that he is working on the patio furniture---they wanted to strip it and stain it for the backyard.  Mike Boogie has a different fishing hat on tonight and looks glum.  So does Wil.  The picture Britney got was from her wedding reception.

11. The energy level is low.  I guess it's hard to enjoy the fortunes of the guy who is going to nominate you.

12.  Janelle talks about getting another ring on her anniversary--a band like her wedding band that will go on the other side of her engagement ring , to bookend it.

Frank:  Another 15 G's....

The camera shows Mike Boogie smirking when Frank says that.  If Mike said that it would have sounded cruel, but Frank can get away with it.

13.  Wil and Janelle were reclined on the HOH bed, and Wil was the first brave person to say he was going to bed.  Then there was a mass exodus that included Wil, Mike, and Joe.  Ashley went over to listen to the CD.  Shane cracked open those yummy Nutter Butters and offered them to the girls.  Shane wisely told them to take more, because "they would want more than one".  (true)

14.  After a commercial break only Danielle, Ian, Jenn and Ashley (listening to the CD) remain.  Then Danielle left too.  Ian is exclaiming "Cheeze Its!" under his breath--I don't think he can eat yet.  Ashley is dancing around and swinging her hair around to the music. (Flo Rida) Now Ian stands up and dances with her.

15.  Jenn mentions sitting on her ass drinking a margarita while Shane won the POV.  Very well deserved, she says, hugging him as she leaves.  He hopes she gets to win HOH and enjoy it too.

Jenn:  That's the plan, my man!

16.  Now we see Joe, Wil and Janelle whispering on Skid Row.  Joe says he and Wil are being nominated.  Janelle wants to make peace with Britney--she hopes that only one from their team is nominated.  They think Frank might get backdoored.  Janelle says that it was disgusting to watch Frank in the HOH room, holding up the HOH items in delight.  It made her sick to watch it.

17.  Joe says he's going to make them breakfast in bed---that's how he plans to kiss up.  Wil says to go ahead and nominate him---he'll show them all how it's done!  Janelle says she loves Wil.  She wants to win the Coach's Comp so she can save one of them.  And the other can win the POV.  She is going to try and find out who the targets are to determine who to save.  She's going to change and start talking to people.

18.  The second Janelle leaves, Wil says "she always takes my ideas and pretends like they are hers!"  I thought he might be kidding, but he wasn't.  He said he already told her that, and now she acts like she just came up with it.

19.  Oh snap.  Wil says that "if he continues to act like he is superior to me, I'm going to let him have it.  I'm going to go off!".  He's talking about Shane, and Wil doesn't want to make any deals with him.

20. Oh please Wil.  Go off this week.  I'm begging you!

21.  Up in the HOH Britney and Shane hear screaming and go to run downstairs.  They were scard and excited.  Turns out it was Frank and Janelle play-wrestling in the bathroom in front of a crowd.  Then Frank wrestled Danielle and had her up in the air upside down, about to do a "body slam".  They are all breathing hard and laughing.  Janelle and Ashley pray together, their hands folded and their fingers pressed together.

22.  Frank feels fat and vows off the cookies for a week.  He asks Janelle and Ashley to only have one Bakeshop this week.  (He may be on slop this week....)

23.  Danielle spent time in the HOH with Britney and Shane.  She told them what Janelle said the other night about JoJo talking shit about her.

Danielle:  She said JoJo  was always talking about how fat I am, and how fat my legs are.  She sais why would Shane like me when I was so fat..

Britney denies this.

Danielle:  No, I heard her.

Britney bends over backwards to apologize for JoJo, and to disassociate herself from these comments.  Shane says he hung out with her because she was all the team he had left.

(We are setting the stage here for the Return of JoJo.....yep.)

24.  When we come back from commercial, Janelle and Ashley came upstairs to tell them there was beer in the storage room, and the backyard is open.

Janelle:  There's still snow out there...just a few flakes, but snow.

After they left Britney said those two will start being so sweet this week, and will keep coming upstairs to chat.  Right now Shane thinks he will nominate one person from each team (Janelle and Boogie).  Britney supports that, as it is the only way to ensure that Shane gets what he wants this week.  They need the two teams to start fighting each other.  Danielle is going to deny having this conversation, and will vote out whoever Shane tells her to.

25,  Britney says which devil do they want to sell their soul to---Mike Boogie or Janelle?  Dan was in on most of this conversation and tells Shane to make his choice thinking of the end.  He should try to more forward with people he can beat physically and in the vote at the end.

26.  Janelle is out at the hot tub with her team.  She tells Joe he should go upstairs and throw Frank under the bus, because Frank is going to do deals with Shane.  She tells them that based on her BB game, Shane is going to look for people to work with this week.  If Shane has already made agreements with Frank and Mike, she thinks "they are fucked".   Joe wants to go up and see what Shane is thinking.   Wil would volunteer himself if Frank goes up with him.

27.  Janelle says 'excuse me' and then says she farted.  Wil immediately starts singing a song about Janelle farting and them loving it and she is so embarrassed she is bent over at the waist.

Janelle:  And on heard it...

Wil announces Janelle is human.   (ha ha ha)

28.  Janelle gets over it and gets back to the business at hand.   She needs to go upstairs and start talking to Britney.  She says she doesn't feel well--she is so gassy.

Joe:  Go up there and fart on her!  (ha ha ha)

Janelle is mortified.

29.  Team Britney and Team Dan hatch an interesting plan.  They identify the 'throwaways' from each team and consider targeting them to expand their alliance.  Basically everyone but Frank and Wil. 

**I am going to stop posting this now.  We're way past the halfway point and many of the HG are in bed already.   If something earth shattering happens I will come back and write an update.  It has been a long BB day and the Coach's Competition is going to require some coverage later. **

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