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Big Brother After Dark - Post-Live Show 7-20-12 #BB14

This episode of Showtime aired in the wee hours of Friday where I live, but was broadcast live in BBT (Big Brother Time) at 9:00 pm.

At the time this program was broadcast, the first live eviction had taken place (Kara Monaco) and the new HOH Frank Eudy had yet to take possession of the HOH Room.

1.  The show opens with JoJo and Willie outside smoking, as usual.  But this time instead of spirited gaming and discussion of their plans (i.e. to win HOH every week, to evict Frank) there is grim acceptance of their situation as Underdogs.

2.  JoJo would like to smoke a big joint.  At home, she likes to go to Sonic, where you can place your order while parked, and then spark up a joint while she waits for her food.  Then she feels guilty (or probably paranoid) about the poor 20 year old car hop who brings the food over, so she tips heavily.  Nice.

3.  Willie would just like a bottle of whiskey.  He says his biggest mistake was wavering between pushing for Kara to leave, then Frank, then Kara, then Frank...  He does not think "the fight" was his biggest mistake.

(But what about holding the Coach's Revolt meeting Willie?)

4.  Britney is moping around and complaining about wasting her summer, and other general statements that are unCoach-like.  She discusses the potential trade with JoJo.  She might trade Willie for one of Janelle's people, even though that will make Janelle mad.

(First, Britney needs to win the Coach's Challenge.  And win against Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling, and Janelle Pierzina herself.  And that's a tall order.)

(The smart move would be to meet with Boogie and Frank, and discuss the potential trade of Willie for Danielle.  Then Frank could evict Willie and Dan would be removed from the game as well.  But Boogie and Janelle would need to agree to let Britney win.  And Dan is going to fight like a demon, for sure.)

5.  Mike Boogie gave a shout out to Brady's mom, commenting he intends to "keep it anonymous".  He tells the HG that she is probably not watching BBAD, because why would she want to watch him sit around and play pool?

Mike:  But what if she says I didn't even give her a shout out?

They agree he is covering his bases by saying Hi.

(Hundreds of people have been searching for information about  Mike's private life, i.e. his marital status.  Sounds like Brady's mom is going to stay a secret for awhile...)

6.  Dan told Mike that as of that morning, he was confident Kara had Ashley's vote to stay, but that's not what happened.  Janelle got to Ashley at the end and changed things.  Mike says he would have done the same thing as Dan, scrambling to get last minute votes.

7. The Frank Farting on Jenn situation comes up AGAIN.  Mike heard that Jenn was very angry at Frank for farting on her (or near her, Mike doesn't know if it was deliberate) and he went to work right away to calm her down and make sure her vote was solid.

Mike:  Can you imagine getting voted out for that?

Dan wants to ask Jenn about it to get all of the details of "FartGate" and Mike thinks Jenn is open to discussing it.  The topic came up later in the evening, with Joe describing how mad Jenn was and how he tried to calm her down.

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8.  The HG wanted to use balls from the pool table to make a bocce ball court in the backyard.  Janelle and Ashley were the ringleaders of this project and Ashley encouraged JoJo and Willie to get up and play, saying they should all be friends!  (smart) 

9.  Mike discussed strategy with Dan.  The target this week might be Shane, instead of automatically assuming Willie is gone.  Mike says the person evicted will be someone from Team Britney, for sure.  Mike then wants someone from Janelle's team to leave---probably Wil due to his popularity.  He would rather go against Janelle with a team of 2 and Dan with a team of 1 then to have Dan eliminated leaving Janelle with 3 players.  They are using sports analogies in the discussion.

10.  Joe and Wil snacked on cookies dipped in Cool Whip.  Joe is a double-dipper.  JoJo got in on that action, too.  It is fat-free Cool Whip.

11.  Ian played pool with Willie, and told Willie he hates it when people get "backdoored" in BB, and don't have a chance to fight for themselves.  Willie just wants that chance.  The backyard was empty except for the two of them.  It was rather boring.

12. Frank finally got the key to his HOH room, at app. 10:27 pm BBT.  He said the magic words that any SuperFan playing the game would want to say, Who wants to see my HOH Room? and the whole house cheered.  Frank claps and people yell.  Ian went to go get Ted so he could enjoy the excitement too and they made their way up the spiral stairs.

13.  While they wait outside the door for Ian, the camera shows us the HOH basket, with a block of Velveeta cheese front and center, and his HOH letter.  Now Ian arrives with Ted and Frank makes a drumroll sound.  Everyone cheers to see the pictures of Baby Frank.  There is a picture of Frank, "Nana" and his brother.  I think his CD is a band called XX, which Frank says is a great jam.  Rock and electronic type music, per Frank.

14.  There is a shirt that Frank made that is just being returned to him (it is yellow and says "Julie Chen is my Homegirl"), and a picture of "Jungle Juice Daniel", whose name Frank repeats twice. Everyone walks around and looks at Frank's HOH items with genuine interest and enthusiasm.  (Later in the season, it is usually a chore to even gather all of the players together for this.)

15.  Frank's letter is from his whole family.  He is going to wait to read it.  Frank is thrilled to se his pretzel M &M, and his "diced up prunes".  (ugh)  He also got lots of beef jerky, and there is sushi in the fridge.  Frank is like a kid on Christmas day, wearing his HOH key around his neck.

16.  His letter opens as "Dear Frankie" and I think his mom wrote it. She is going through withdrawal from not being able to talk to him, and his Nana is making notes on strategy for him.  (Frank has said his mom and Nana are BB fans every summer.)  Gunter has been working on his truck, and "even Dad has been watching and you know it is not exactly his cup of tea".  Chris and Daniel are watching and having a great time as well. They hope he is having a blast and enjoying this unique life experience.    His mom knows she is biased, but she says to just be yourself and everybody will love him. (awww)  The letter is signed Mom, Dad, Gunter and Nana.

17.  As Frank finishes the letter, the camera closes in on Willie, who looks sad but claps along with everybody else. ( I don't think the first HOH gets a letter.)  Mike Boogies kisses the picture of Nana.  They discuss how big Frank's brother is---Frank has said that Gunter is 6 inches taller than him and that Frank is the short one in the family.

18. Mike Boogie's room is nice too, and he says he never really went in the Coach's room after the visit the first night.   Frank says, "let's crack open those pretzel M&Ms and get the party started!"  Frank also got a purple body pillow that he asked for.  Frank is excited about making some cheese dip with the Velveeta--there are TWO boxes of it in the basket  (yuck!).  Frank gets into a jar of almond and we can hear the crunch clearly.  Janelle gets some of those, too.

19.  Mike says he got some food and he knows his mom is watching, but the spotlight is on the HOH and that's the way it should be.

20.  Frank is shocked by the Velveeta, but is glad it is there.  Mike Boogie is going to come off his diet if they make shells and cheese. 

21.  Frank says he kind of got into a schedule in the BB house, in his old bed and all.  He's thrilled to move up to the Big Room, though and Teds loving it already.

22. Mike Boogie says Kara is home in bed already.  Janelle says that she is probably in a hotel--that is where they put you, with cops in an adjoining room, keeping the door open.  Janelle says that they do that so you don't hurt yourself, but they do let you drink.  Frank says he wouldn't want to hurt himself, but he would want to get drunk.

23.  Britney's post-game handler "sucked" and she and Janelle talk about Dolly, who is very quiet but will talk to you if you try hard enough.  Frank's handler told him not to say his name, because it would make it harder to get a job like that in the future.  So Frank called him "Fat Kevin" even though he is very skinny.

24.  Frank wishes they would "give him his fucking NASA hat already".  He's going to bring that up again in the DR.  He also got new shades and is surprised that Mike didn't get any booze.  Mike assures Frank in front of everybody that "this is your show, not mine".  (Smart.)

25.  Frank had short hair the first year he tried out for BB (BB12) but had longer hair last year when he was a BB alternate (BB13), the producers seemed to love it, so he decided to keep growing it for this year. 

26.  Frank is kind of bummed that he "didn't get his stovetop oatmeal".  That was the first cereal that Frank put down on the list.  Britney says it is probably due to the slop packets they have this year.

27.  Willie sat outside alone, crunching ice.  (He should talk to the fans a little, to stir up some support.  Never hurts to be a fan favorite, Willie.)

28,  Frank was alone with Willie in the kitchen and Frank broke the silence by discussing pita bread.  Willie had never "tasted it before" but Frank says it is "fluffy, but with a nice chewy texture".  (Frank LOVES to talk about food.)  A few minutes Joe and Willie chatted in the backyard-- Joe says he overreacted and Willie says he "acted like a dick too".  Willie agrees that at the end of the day he's still in the house and none of them like to lose anything.  Shane agrees.  Joe mentions Rachel and how she kept winning against the odds and won BB13.  Joe also said that if anyone prefaces a conversation to him with "Don't tell anyone this.." he's going to assume it is all a lie.  Joe smokes like a condemned man, caressing his cigarette.

29  The HG are all tired and most plan to go to bed early.  It was a long stressful day.

**There is about an hour left of the Showtime broadcast.  I am going to cut this off here but will update it in a separate post if something juicy comes up in the next hour.  I think they just play pool and drink.**

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