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Big Brother After Dark - A Lot of Play, But Little Gameplay 7-31-12 #BB14

This episode was aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday, and in the wee hours of Tuesday morning where I live.

On Monday, Shane used the POV to save Ashley, and to nominate Frank.  Shane previously had a deal with Mike and Frank to work together in the house, so this was an unpleasant surprise for them.  The swing vote to evict either house guest appears to be Danielle at this point. 

This week should be interesting...


1.  The show opens with Dan and Britney talking in the Arcade about Britney's reaction to receiving bad gifts from her husband.  She feels she should just tell him right away that she doesn't like something, and Dan feels she should thank him for the gift and be polite about it so as not to hurt his feelings.

The example used is a pair of comfy "house socks" with rubber grips on the bottom.  She said she liked them when she received them, but later told Ryan that she didn't like them.  Dan thought she should suck it up and spare him the hurt.  Britney keeps saying that Ryan doesn't care, and mentions a snow cone machine she bought him once and he didn't like the snow cones and let her know.

Wil comes in the room and I think he was bored after he found out the topic of conversation.  Mike Boogie came in and was ready to throw in his two cents.

Britney:  But did you hear about the wedding gift I gave Ryan?  It was the best gift ever---I really outdid myself.

After more buildup--she says it was a 1st edition book by Harriet Beecher Stowe called My Wife & I from Mark Twain's personal library.  There is a bookplate that says Samuel Clemons in it.

Mike: That sounds like the WORST GIFT EVER!

They laugh. Dan says what if Ryan gave her "the stink eye" after he opened that and said he didn't like it.  Britney says no, he loved it and always wanted to start a rare book library.

Dan:  But he liked snow cones, too, and that didn't work out. What did he give you?

Britney:  A Tiffany necklace..a little Eiffel Tower..a honeymoon in Paris...good gifts!

Britney brought the Eiffel Tower with her this summer, but BB took it away from her.  It was in the little Tiffany's bag.  Wil says if he received the "gripper socks" he would say think you, and gives an example of how to be polite when receiving a gift.

Mike says his mother gives him the same things in his Christmas stocking every year---things that he "hasn't consumed for years" but he says thank you and just moves on.

Britney feels when you are in love you should be able to be honest with each other.  Wil gives a "gift receipt no matter what" so people could return it if they'd like.  Then she talks about a gift Ryan gave her when she was 16 and how unhappy she was with it, but she pretended to like it anyway.  Wil says it is the sentiment sometimes---if a man went out and spent the time to buy it you should wear the piece of jewelry.

2. Outside at the hot tub they have been discussing bodily functions like pooping and farting and not doing it in front of your partner.  Dan and Wil come out to join the group and Frank is yelling his " straight talking mother effer" line for the crowd.   The guys are drinking tonight but Mike is conserving his--he has two beers stored up.

Britney: I thought you had four up in the HOH.

Mike:  I did have four, but you took one and I drank one.

I think Mike said he had to get up super early tomorrow for something, and Janelle too but I'm not sure.

Outside Dan is pointing out that they have been spending 24 hours together---more time than you spend with your family and friends.  Wil's first impression of Kara was that she was reserved and kind of stuck up.  He thought Danielle was nice and remembers her turquoise dress.  He pours himself some white wine and says he knows he comes off as snooty and that he knows it seems as if he is looking down at people but that is just his way of coping and he's trying to work on it.

Wil thought Ashley had been "taking a nap" and just showed up at the BB house and they all laugh. Shane says that he thought Willie was kind of a badass, but a nice guy.  Jenn thought Danielle was a Southern Belle pageant-type when she first heard her voice.  They joke that she may be Miss Alabama or Miss USA and no one knows.

Wil:  Be honest...are you Miss Alabama?

She says no and Wil says she is pretty enough to be Miss Alabama.  Shane says he met JoJo and knew who she was and they all laugh.

Wil:  Did you notice her and Willie outside every 10 minutes together?

(Smoking, no doubt.)

3.  Britney is playing Frank in pool, with Mike looking on, workout towel around his neck.  Britney is talking about BB14 Reunion Cruise and they all laugh. 

Frank:  Are we invitin' Willie?

Mike:  I think he's driving the boat!

(ha ha ha)

Frank is not a great pool player, right now anyway.  He says Britney is pretty good.  (May be kissing ass a little, huh? Since he's on the block now.)  Mike did some laundry and there are a variety of clothing items that don't seem to belong to anyone, including costumes from various competitions.  There are a number of mismatched socks. 

Every now and then on the live feeds, I catch Mike Boogie looking at Britney's body.  Not in an especially gross manner---just checking her out.  She puts it out there, though.

The pool table is slightly crooked, so Frank and Dan picked up two corners so Mike could put a small towel under two of the legs.  Britney wants to play volleyball--she played in the pool a few days ago with Frank and Ashley and had fun.

(So far this episode of BBAD isn't that exciting, sorry.  I can only work with what I have...)

4.  Over by the hot tub they are discussing David Beckham.

Jenn:  I might be a big old lezzie, but I think that guy is good looking.

Wil mentions his voice and imitates him.

Jenn:  Yeah, his voice is kind of girly..maybe that's why I like him!

They discuss the Spice Girls and Jenn says they weren't there for their voices--they were there for their looks and the production studio can take care of the rest.  Wil and Jenn both wanted to see their recent show in NYC, but neither of them wanted to spend the money.  It sold out and the tickets were very expensive.

Jenn: I got something going on, but I can't spend my cash money like that....

(I think I heard Wil say the tickets were going for $1,000 each.)

Now they discuss how you can barely talk to someone in the house without them thinking you are in an alliance.  Wil adored Kara and was sorry to vote her out, but they were friends and not allies in the game.

Wil hates side lunges and refuses to do them.  He is watching Shane stretch out and do a few moves near the hot tub.  Joe says he is allowed to use extra pillows in the Have Not room, and towels, and Wil is going to put some extras in there for him to use.  He isn't allowed to use sheets, though.  There is a thin pad on the Have Not bed now, and they can add towels to that but that is all.

Mike Boogie is still hiding cans of tuna in his bed from when Joe was using all of the groceries to cook in the first weeks of the game.  They kept running out of things and had to have a chat with Joe about it.

Mike:  I am NOT going to have no food because of some group food thing...

Britney:  The group thing is ovah...

Mike:  Yeah.  (laughing)

He is also hiding his two beers there as well.  Britney just beat Mike at pool after he blew a banked shot.  She had to lean way over the pool table since they don't have a bridge cue.  And they have a "one foot on the floor rule". 

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5. Now Britney and Frank are setting up a pseudo volleyball court in the backyard by setting towels on the grass to divide the court.  Britney went to change her Uggs to tennis shoes because she feels this is a "serious" game of volleyball.

Frank and Danielle start hitting the ball back and forth to practice.  (It makes my wrists hurt when I hear that sound of the ball slapping on Danielle's arms.  Sense memory, I guess.)  Now Britney is back and Wil is playing, too.  The game gets busy and Ashley and Joe join in.  Danielle encourages Jenn to join in and she finally gets up to play too.

They are hitting a huge ball around---more of a beach ball then a volley ball.  Wil just ran into Danielle and hit her chest.  They are laughing.  Frank is having fun and is complimenting the others when they have a good shot. 

Wil literally screams like a girl when he serves the ball and they all laugh.  Frank encourages him as it distracts the other team.  Fran, Wil and Joe are one team, and Britney, Ashley and Danielle are on the other team, along with Jenn.  They accuse Ashley of being drunk but she says she didn't even drink tonight.

Ian comes outside with laundry after taking a shower and joins the game on Frank's side, evening up the teams.  So far this has been one of those nights where everyone is having fun and and not talking game.  Most of them are relieved that they survived another week in the house and they're letting off steam.  The Showtime broadcast is at the halfway point.

Shane is working out by himself (of course), doing lunges with a weight bar on his shoulders.  Mike and Dan are playing pool, I think, but they aren't in the main camera shot. They are trying to go for 25 successful passes of the ball and they all count as each person hits the ball.  They have been able to reach this goal while playing in the pool, but not on the ground.  Jenn is having fun and doing a little cheer leading for her team, which is all female, and doing some celebratory dance moves.

Where is Janelle? I demand an explanation for her absence from Production.  I demand it Alison!

6.   The volley ball group is still having fun after the commercial break.  Both Wil and Britney have fallen as they try to stretch for the ball.  (I can't imagine it feels good to fall on that fake grass.)  Now Shane is playing on Frank's side and Jenn is shaking her ass on her side.

Jenn wears a lot of skirts in the house.  Today it is a leopard print short skirt.  I won't call it a miniskirt, but a short skirt.  They are still trying to keep the ball in play for 25 hits but keep losing it after 4 or 5.  Ian is now playing pool with Dan in the background of the volley ball game.

The teams rotate players in and out.  Now Joe is playing on the girls side while Britney appears to be talking a break.  Then I look up again and Wil is playing on the girls side, calling it "Team Dollhouse".

7.  Finally a camera change!  We go to the huge chess board in the loft area and Janelle is playing with Dan.  They are both making moves quickly, Dan playing black and Janelle playing white.  She seems testy, crossing her arms and talking about not taking too long.  She yawns occasionally.

Now the cameras go to the outdoor couches, where Mike reclines on one of them and Ian sits in an adjacent chair, chewing his nails and thinking.  They are silent.  Mike has used several cushions to elevate his feet.  Ted is nowhere to be seen.

Now they are using the volley ball as a sort of soccer ball, with Shane and Wil (?) making a variety of long kicks.  Joe joins Mike and Ian on the patio and Ian tells them about the icy cold shower he just took.  He's been in the pool a lot during the day.

Danielle does a a roundoff on the grass and Shane tries it awkwardly.   Wil comes outside and does a great roundoff. Now he has Danielle do a few with him, counting 1-2-3-Roundoff!  Shane does another one and has a nice jump at the end.

Now Wil and Shane do hand stands and try to hold it and walk.  Ashley begs Wil to "do Craig" so he struts across the backyard talking to Danielle as Craig and Ashley loves it.

Danielle is not a good tumbler at all.  Her round off was not well-executed but Jenn congratulates her anyway.  Then Ashley does what she says is going to be "her big reveal".  She does a front walkover and it is stiff but accurate.

Ashley:  You didn't see that Jenn?  I like to think I made my parents proud with that.

I don't think she's going to do it again.  Danielle struggles to complete a cartwheel correctly.

8.  Shane has removed his shirt now and resumed his workout.  He is using the big round weight and hoisting it overhead.  Ashley has laid on the chaise lounge and Ian comes over, asking if he can join her.  Joe walks over and says they should play volleyball every night.

Ashley:  That was like, the most fun I've had---the most laughing over just hitting the ball around.

Britney says Jenn played her heart out and Joe says he got beat by a girl.  Ashley tells Ian she is happy and thankful and he says he would be, too.  (for getting take of the block)

Ian:  You wouldn't nominate me, would you?

Ashley: You wouldn't nominate me?

She didn't answer him, probably because she spent last night telling Shane she wants Ian out of the house as soon as possible.  Ian thinks the HOH will be endurance.  Or maybe a "quizzy".

Now we go back to the chess game, where Janie is standing up and Dan has put her in check.  Janie isn't happy with the game and surveys her options, hand on her hip.  They can hear Wil being Wil in the kitchen and getting loud.

Outside Ian is telling Ashley about previous years where they had to hang upside down for the endurance.  Ian says he "doesn't plan to move".  Ashley says with all of the twists, you never know what is going to happen.

Shane breathes hard and makes various weight-lifting noises.  Now Shane is running sprints across the backyard.

Ian hits Ashley with a pillow to get her attention.  They are both watching Shane exert himself.  Britney calls Ian to come play pool with her and comes over to the chaise lounge.  She saw a HUGE spider perched on some of the clothes that are on the edge of the chaise lounge.  Ashley jumped up and Ian scooped him up in a paper cup and places the cup face down on a table.  They decide to let the spider die under there, and Britney puts a large heavy bowl on top of the cup to secure it.

9.  Ian would like to sleep upstairs in the HOH and Britney asks if he is trying to hook up with Ashley.  Ian said yes and Britney gives him the third degree about it.

Ian:  I'm just trying to make the most out of this experience.

Shane is running sprints backward now, spinning around so that his microphone falls off.  It's impressive, but rather douchey looking.  He is now doing shoulder shrugs with the weight bar.

Britney asks Ian if he aspires to be funny.  No, not really he says.  She likes guys who are funny.  She mocks Shane for doing "pushups on a Tupperware bowl".  Ian is playing good pool right now and Britney is frustrated.

Britney asks him what type of underwear he wears, boxers or briefs?

Ian:  Boxer briefs.

She is happy with that answer.  That is what her husband Ryan wears and Ian says you get the best of both worlds.  Britney keeps up a steady stream of random chatter with Ian about a variety of random chatter.  Ian's brother works in an appliance store in Pittsburgh.

10.  Inside the house Wil and Danielle look at the memory wall and comment on the pictures.  Wil says Dani looks like a "young profesional just starting out" and the photo is a mature one. 

Wil:  Jodi looks like "I'm fun, fifty and ready for fun!"

Dani:  What do you think Shane looks like?

Wil, after a moment: I think he's better looking than that..I don't think it does him justice.

The cameras show us a close up of the pictures as they discuss them.  She asks about Kara and Wil twirls his hair while he looks.

Wil:  You can tell she's a model.  She's just really photogenic.  Everybody looks great in their pictures.

She asks about Willie. 

Wil:  They got one good picture and went with it.  And Jenn...it looks fun and spunky.

Danielle likes it too and asked about Joe.  Wil says it is "a gem", and that Ian looks hipster in that picture.  That's what Wil thought he was at first when he met him, with the glasses and all.

They try to figure out what is different about Ashley.  Her hair of course, but they ask Frank what he thinks.  He says she doesn't really smile like that. You can hear Janelle yelling Fuck You at Dan upstairs as the chess game ends. 

Now Dan is walking through the house whispering and goes to Skid Row.   Janelle came in and is upset.  I think she lost a bet and is chasing him around the room, over beds.  He is looking for her stuff and hits her with a pillow.  She chases him through the house and outside.  He runs thorugh the backyard holding up one finger and yelling Number One in Chess!

Janelle accuses him of cheating and is upset.  Play upset, but upset and it is funny.  As they ran through the house people were trying to get out of the way and someone said "Holy Shit".

11.  Britney tells Ian they were watching him play Dan in chess last night on the Spy Screen and they saw Dan take one of Ian's chess pieces off the board when he wasn't looking. Ian is surprised.

Now Dan has a bottle of Perrier and has shaken it and is holding it, ready to spray Janelle with it.  Janelle is on the patio sofa screaming and trying to protect herself with a sofa cushion.  Jenn and Ashley next to her trying to hide and are yelling, too.

Dan:  Who's the best in chess?  Who is?

Janelle:  I am!  I am!

Everyone is squealing as Janelle jumps up to take the bottle away from Dan.  Now the bottle starts to spew and he is trying to control it.  Janelle chases him around the backyard and everyone is clapping and watching.  Dan threw the bottle up in the air and Frank yells "it's glass!".  We don't see the bottle fall and people start filing back into the house after the excitement is over.

Janelle yells that Dan is a cheater because she had moves left to play and chases Dan to the back door.  He went in and blocked the glass door so she couldn't open it.

Janelle:  You SUCK at Coach's Comps!

12.  Now Wil is asking Dani to look at the memory wall as if she was the bachelorette and pick a guy.  She picks Frank and he consoles Wil for his loss.  Janelle walks through, looking for Dan and says something stinks.  They tell her it is Frank and everyone laughs.

I think Dan might be ruining some of Janelle's belongs in the storage room.  Now Janele finds him making a white flag in there and he wants to hold her cup of juice.  They are starting to calm down and Janelle said she wont' dump it on his head.

Janelle:  Dan, I'm tired of giving you information over and over and you never tell me anything..

Dan says that Dani has something she needs (a vote for Frank to leave) and what will Janelle do for it?  She says Dani will get safety next week, and that her team never wins anything anyway.

Dan doesn't want her going up, even as a pawn, because she survived that once, but may not again.  They discuss "half time" and Dan thinks that two coaches will go in. Janelle tells Dan that she was asked if she would play for the money if asked and Dan nods that he was asked that as well.

Janelle thinks the newbies will all turn on them.  Dan says that without a leader they might not, and that is why Frank needs to go.

Dan:  Frank asks me all of the time if I'm counting my Jury votes yet...

Janelle:  He's the best game player of the newbies...he needs to go this week.

She says both Dan and Danielle will be safe next week, and that she does not have a reputation for lying in the game like Dan does.

Janelle:  Are you going to keep throwing competitions though?

Dan claims he hasn't, and that he has really bad balance so he did poorly on the Fat Stax challenge.  Dan thinks Frank is the only guy who would go after Janelle, and he'll be gone.  Janelle thinks Mike may be too angry at that point to work with (after Frank getting evicted).

Janelle:  Do you think I should say Yes?  With three players left?   (i.e. stay a Coach and not a player)

She thinks that after last year it will be hard for the Coaches to win--if there is a newbie in the Final Two then the newbie will win the prize.

Dan:  We just have to make sure none of them are in the Final Two.

Janelle wouldn't mind working with Mike, but she doesn't want to get stabbed in the back again.  She wants him to come to her about it, instead of being the one to approach him.

Dan:  I think it would be more fun with you playing in the game.

Janelle:  I don't want it to be like Allstars though, where I have to win every week.....I'll probably say yes, but maybe they will leave that option open for later..

Dan thinks you will forfeit the $100K if you choose to go for the $500K.

Janelle:  Let's definitely start working together, but it's like a one week deal.  Let's see what happens on Thursday though.

She assures him that both he and Danielle are still safe next week.

12.  As the program comes to a close the house guests are demonstrating how they said "All Day...All Night" in front of the green screen before the show started.


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