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Big Brother After Dark - Hantz Free - 7-21-12 Part #2 #BB14

I started recapping this Showtime broadcast earlier today.  It was so action-packed, I decided to split it up into two pieces.  You can read the Part 1 post here, if you haven't already.

OK.  Let's get on with Part #2.

1.  Ian grabbed the pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle and is planning to sell them on Ebay.  (ha ha ha)  Janelle remembers being broke when she was 21, too, so she understands. Frank mentions that Ian got a scholarship to Tulane.  Danielle says she looked into going there, but it cost $40,000 per year. 

2. Danielle talked at length about HIV transmission and how men carry the HPV virus. Janelle was visibly uncomfortable discussing this.  I guess Danielle forgot she is supposed to be a kindergarten teacher.  Frank started talking about the HBO show girls and the camera changed. (This is Showtime, after all.)

3.  Janelle discussed a traffic ticket she got on I-75 in Georgia when she was doing a road trip from Miami to Minnesota.  There was a cop on the side of the road and Janelle didn't change lanes away from where the officer was pulled over, so they pulled her over too and gave her a ticket.  While she was getting written up a semi-truck drove by in the closest lane and when Janelle pointed that out they told her not to worry about it.  She had to pay $570 later for missing her Georgia court appearance.

4.  Frank said it looks funny if a guy has no hair on his balls.  Wil say he feels naked if he shaves all the way down and the razor burn hurts.  Frank says the conversation is getting X-rated and Janelle agrees.

5.  We saw a quick DR leak of Dan laughing.

6.  Britney visited the HOH to chat with Frank, Mike and Ian.  She was in the DR fir 45 minutes and is exhausted.  She said she talked about the game from the moment she first moved into the Coach's room with Willie and probably talked more about the game in one week then the entire BB 12 season.  She almost picked Frank first in the draft but chose Shane instead.  When Willie was still available and it was her turn to pick, she was glad to have another strong guy on the team.

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7.  Frank wondered if Willie might have thought that if he was evicted, JoJo and Shane would be safe this week, with no other evictions.  Britney said this was possible, but when she started to talk further about what Willie said to her before he had his "episode" the cameras moved to the backyard.

8.  Dan had a boo boo on his foot just after the 2:00 mark (for you foot fans) and Danielle put medicine on it in the storage room.  Something is wrong with the left side of Dan's face, too.  There are red marks that look like burn marks.  He said he hurt his foot on the "baggo" game.  I guess that is cornhole?  While she worked, she told Dan some medical fun facts, like you cannot sneeze with your eyes open. She says it is impossible because your "eyeballs would come right out of your head" and you would have "retinal detachment".  Dan is going to try it. She aso said your heart stops when you sneeze, too.

9.  Shane is wearing god awful jeans that have some sort of dirty looking front on them.  Like acid washed jeans, but with dirt.  Very cheesy and distracting.  He is good looking enough to buy plain Levi's and make them look hot.  No need for all of that.

10.  Britney discusses how stupid it is for HG to lie about their jobs.  For example, Andrew from her season---it wouldn't have mattered if they knew he was a doctor. Or so she says now.  They tell Frank there were lots of rumors about his occupation.  Danielle thought he was a neurosurgeon.  (What?)  Britney heard that Frank owned his own business.

11.  Frank said he was embarrassed to admit he was unemployed, but it's the truth.  He almost said he was a property manager, since he has "tenants" but he is unemployed.  (I guess he owns rental properties.)

12. Now they talk about Danielle but Ian says he believes she is a kindergarten teacher.  She has told stories about being out drinking and seeing her student's parents and stuff like that.  Frank says Mike is the one who thinks Danielle is lying, based on a conversation they had where she discussed kilocalories in detail.

13.  Britney feels totally different now then she did on her season.  She says the difference between 22 and 24 is "huge" and she got married, etc.

14.  They discussed how hard the first competition was, and how hard it was to grab the bears and get over the beds.  Jenn says she had just gotten her period and was feeling so bad.  She apologized to the guys for saying that.  Britney didn't think she could have gotten over that third bed.

15.  Britney says that she felt special when she drove by Julie Chen outside when she was riding in on her golf cart and Julie said "good to have you back"!  Julie was going to Wardrobe or something like that. Mike Boogie wanted her to repeat that and seemed to have his own story about seeing Julie, but the cameras didn't let us hear it.  (Boo.)

16.  Frank said his "MC Hammer costume is stanking!"

17.  Mike Boogie said another fun fact about Ian that he learned today was that Ian has never driven a car!  Britney is shocked and Ian explains some long story about his dad's car not working when he turned 16, and then he was really busy at school, yadda yada yadda now he uses the trolley in New Orleans to get around.  He got a permit to learn but it is no longer valid.  Ian now has just an I.D. card.  Mike got his license the day he turned 16, and Britney got hers early "due to hardship".

18.  Oh snap.  Britney tells Mike that they should be the first season to have someone lose their virginity---Ian.  Ian says he promised his mom he would behave.  Ian is a virgin by choice and says he would not even do it to win the $25,000 fan favorite prize, after prodding by Mike.  Britney jokes they should get Ashley some more muscle relaxers and all the beer.

19.  Britney makes a list of all of the things he has already done to upset his mom --he has drank, smoked, said the Eff word.  Mike says Ian could earn the Fan Favorite prize and that money would man a lot to them.  Ian says there is no way he would win the prize, but Mike says don't be so sure.  Britney thinks Wil could be a contender, and that Frank could end up "being the next Jeff if he plays his cards right".  Mike says Frank dooesn't have enough "residual ruboff" for that.  He asks Ian about his DR sessions--are they fun and does he say great things?  Ian acts out a few conversations and Mike says he thinks Ian could be the frontrunner.

(We should all plan to vote Ian as Fan Favorite. It would be so great for him.)

20.  In All Stars Janie said the stipend per week was $2,500 if they made it to Jury.

Frank: $2,500?  Why?

Janelle:  Because we were All Stars...

Now she discusses the competition where Mike won the car.  And that Marcellas asked Janelle for $10,000 for a vote or something.  Using the POV maybe.

21.  Wow.  Frank says he hopes they will have a fun luxury competition, maybe to see a movie.

Frank:  Batman's coming out...I'd like to see that!

(sad note, Batman actually premiered that night at midnight.  and we all know what happened in Colorado...)

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