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Big Brother After Dark - "The Fight" - 7-18-12 #BB14

This episode of BBAD aired in the wee hours of Wednesday on the East Coast, and some other time everywhere else.  I can barely keep track of my own time zone, much less everyone else's.  I'm sure you understand.

As usual, the Showtime cameras start rolling at 9:00 pm BBT. (Actually, the cameras are the same as the live feed cameras, but whatever.)

Last night I had three Mimosas at my neighbors house, so I ended up passing out falling asleep with the TV on.  Typical.  I woke up and started watching BBAD in real time, which is rare for me.  What I saw kept me riveted for nearly two hours.

So now I will share with you the juicy parts, and summarize the filler.  Because the filler on this episode is virtually identical to the filler last night.

OK.  You get the picture.  Let's go.

1.  The first hour and 23 minutes of the broadcast basically covered the fall out from Willie Hantz's impromptu "Coach's Revolt" meeting that occurred yesterday morning.  I know all of the Super Fans know exactly what I am referring to, but in case you actually had to work for a living yesterday you can easily get up to speed on the matter by typing in Coach's Revolt into the search bar on the left side of this webpage.  A little light infotainment for you.

2.  Willie Hantz' stock dropped faster than Facebook yesterday after holding this meeting.  He was puzzled because Joe was the only HG who made a negative comment during the meeting, but it soon became clear that most of the newbies rejected Willie's teachings afterwards.  And most, if not all of them went to their Coach (or someone else's Coach) to report details of the meeting.

3.  After the meeting, Wil reported he was "taking 24 hours off" from talking game, and he just wanted to enjoy himself.  If you don't know, he is very close with Kara and is probably sad that she may be leaving on Thursday. Also he is quite jolly and pleasant in the house, so I can understand him wanting to take some time to focus on lighter topics.

4.  Willie likes to park his ass on the HOH bed and watch the Spy Cam.  He noticed Wil talking to Janelle and commented that Wil already broke his vow not to talk game.  I heard him say this once yesterday, but didn't pay much attention to it.  It is entirely possible that he said it more than once.  See, Willie likes to repeat himself.  To repeat himself.  To repeat himself.  Ha ha.  Sorry.

5.  So Frank tells this little tale to Joe, but he reports that Willie was mocking Wil by flailing his hands around and using a queeny tone of voice.  Did this happen?  I don't know.  (I'm not evens sure that this would upset Wil in the outside world---have you seen Wil's You Tube videos?  He is one person not afraid to poke fun at himself.)  But in the Big Brother world, when Joe repeated what Frank said to Wil, it was cause for alarm.  Wil is loaded for bear and wants Willie's ass out of there, pronto.  Jenn even got in on the action and said Willie called her "the bottom of the barrel".  (I'm guessing Willie has not seen a Kittie video.  Those bitches will cut you, Willie.)

6.  So Britney tells Russell Willie about this, and Willie starts getting steamed.  He denies making any "homesex'al slurs" and ordered Britney to "bring Frank up here now".  To her credit, Britney refused to do this, recommending that Willie calm down and refrain from speaking to Frank.

7.  Willie got angrier and angrier, stewing and spitting venom on the crisp white HOH sheets.  Ian came in and told Willie things don't look good for him after the day's events.  Willie just can't believe the way things took a turn for the worse for himself.

Willie:  It just don't make sense!   It just don't make sense! It just don't make sense!

8.  Willie also reported that he "will cut a nigga".  Yes.  He did.

9.  So, now at the 1:23 mark of the Showtime broadcast, Willie heads outside for his inevitable smoke.  Because not only will Willie "cut a nigga", he will probably have a nicotine fit shortly afterwards.

 ***continue reading after the jump***

10.  OK.  Willie goes outside and almost  immediately jumps down Frank's throat.  Frank is sitting across from Willie on one of cushioned patio chairs.  Frank's feet are up on the ottoman.  Shane sits on the couch, too, and is sporting a different hairstyle today.  (Shane is supposedly firmly in Willie's camp.)

11.  Willie angrily points out that he's been "trying to save Frank all fucking week", and now this. Frank answers back "is that true Willie"?  Willie goes on and on and on, standing up and walking over to Frank, waving a cigarette in his face and screaming the Eff Word.  Frank has not moved, and his feet are still up on the ottoman.

Willie:  Don't fuck with me man!

Frank:  I'm not!  I'm just sitting here talking!  (true)

Now Willie is yelling about "the goddamned house" and so forth.  He is very LOUD and his grammar has taken a turn for the worse, if that is possible.

Frank: I'm a straight-talkin' motherfucker, Willie.  I haven't lied to you yet.  But have you not lied to me?


He tries to pull Britney in on it, but she is somewhere in the distance.

Willie:  And now you're trying TO SAY I'M DOIN' HOMOSEX'L SLURS AND I DON'T DO THAT SHIT!

Frank clarifies that he didn't say that, but that Willie waved his hands around and spoke in a girly voice.  Frank is calm and speaks in his normal tone.  He is leaning back in the chair, reclined.


Frank:  I'm a straight talker Willie.  I haven't lied to you about anything.  But you're the one who said you wouldn't nominate me, but you did,didn't you?

This goes on an on.  Now Willie stands up again, waving his cigarette around and yelling at the entire backyard.


(How is Alison going to be able to use this footage, with all of the fucking profanity?  Ha ha.)

Frank is not only reclined, but now his left leg is tossed over the armrest of his chair.  Needless to say, Frank can stand up and at 6'4" or so, would dwarf the swarthy Hantz Brother.  Also his dad was also a wrestler known as Psycho Sid and Lord Humungous!  Frank stays cool, though.  Nary a curl out of place.

(Frank's posture kind of reminds me of a guy getting a lap dance at a fancy strip club...trying to keep his hands to his sides and not touch anything.)

Frank brings up the promises Willie made about not nominating him, and Willie protests. (We ALL saw that on the CBS show, Willie.)

Willie:  I'm not gonna be awkward around here.  I'm a FUCKING GROWN ASS MAN!  When I come down here and get somethin' to eat, I'm a gonna EAT SOME FUCKING FOOD!  FROOT LOOPS OR WHATEVER!  Cause that's what I'm gonna do!

Frank, calmly:  Eat your fucking Froot Loops!  I'm not worried about it!

(Technically, Willie won't be "coming down" to eat Froot Loops. His HOH reign is nearly over.  But whatever..)

Frank tries to make a joke but Willie starts again, smoking like a fiend.  Willie tries to pull Janelle in on it, but I don't hear her say anything.  Joe gets in a little from his spot at the hot tub, but Willie stays fixated on Frank.  Note that Shane doesn't say ONE WORD and he is supposedly Team Hantz at this point.

Wille:  You don't know what I got, son!

Frank, laughing:  Fine, that's okay!

(Ha ha ha.  Don't you think Frank could pull a Dusty Rhodes on Willie?  Or something like that?  I would LOVE it.)

Frank:  Can we all just take a chill pill now?  And relax?

Willie tells the backyard to vote for Kara.  Frank adds people can vote for anybody they want.

Oh snap.  Now Mike Boogie comes over and gets in the mix, lending a hand to his boy Frank.

Mike:  Willie, why do you get to tell everybody what to do?  Who died and left you boss?

Willie: Blah blah blah blah blah

Mike:  Did you make fun of Wil or not?  I don't know...

Willie:....don't be coming over here now to get your TV time!

Mike, raising his voice but kind of smiling:  TV time?  I'm not the one in there for my first time trying to show off to everybody!  I got my TV time, dog!

Mike does some dismissive hand waving at Willie as he walks off.  It's not his first time at the Rodeo.

Willie:  Go on ahead and get out of here.  I've got no time for you Mike Boogie!

Mike:  I'll just eat my salmon over here while you eat your Froot Loops!

The camera flashes to Wil stretching after his run, watching this show with great interest.

(It has been 12 minutes since Willie stepped outside to smoke.)

Now Mike Boogie comes back over, laughing, and asks Willie about the "inside information" he has about the Coaches coming into the game...what is that all about?

Willie says he didn't say that, but that he said it was possible that the Coaches come back in the game.

(Note:  It was BRITNEY who told him that!)

Mike:  Well, okay.  Just let everybody vote how they want to vote.

Frank, still sprawled across the chair:  So much drama in the LBC.  (?)

Ian tries to break the tension by asking if someone wants to split a DiGourno pizza.  Frank laughs and says he is good.

Mike comes outside with his dinner and they have cheerful small talk about the condiments on Mike's plate.  Willie smokes in silence and chews his nails, still sitting across from Frank and Mike.

Frank:  Showtime's rating's are goin' through the roof right now! (laughing)  I can't believe I said I was a straight talkin' motherfucker...that's a little bit much!

Over at the hot tub Britney is massaging her temples in misery while Janelle, Joe, and JoJo soak their feet in the hot water.  Mike Boogie spears his salmon with gusto and eats it.  No carbs on his plate at all. 

Janelle went in the house and started laughing in the kitchen with Wil and Kara.  Ian busies himself with his pizza preparation.  Janelle notes that the drama gets worse...and worse...and worse every day with Willie.  She is eating nuts absently from a can, chewing and thinking.

Outside Joe walks over to sit with Mike, wearing an orange towel.  Mike notes that twice when Willie was trying to defend himself he lost the words.  JoJo offered Frank one of her cigarettes, as they laugh that he can no longer bum smokes off Willie.

Frank, laughing:  Yeah, what the hell.

If you're wondering if someone has been eating Triscuits, the answer is yes.  The box is right there in front of Frank at the outdoor table.

In the storage room, Willie is telling Shane to "get rid of Frank".  Shane says he will do whatever Willie wants and Janelle walks in.  She calmly tells Willie that his direction at the Coach's Revolt to disobey the Coaches and go after them offended her and made her his target.  She hugs him before leaving and I think she calmed him down a little.  Shane gets a hug, too.  (It's Janelle Fucking Pierzina, bitches!  Bow down newbies!)

Outside the group rehashes the action and giggles about the Froot Loops.  They laugh about the Showtime people getting their money's worth tonight.

Willie goes back up to his HOH room and gets in bed, pontificating to JoJo about the events outside.  Same old, same old.  But I think I see the truth in his eyes.  He knows he lost that battle.  (Remember Ronnie in BB11 holing up in the HOH for days on end?  Ha ha it pays to be a non-smoker, Willie.)

Britney pulled Frank aside and apologized to him.  She can't control Willie and didn't want him to hold that meeting, etc.  Willie has said so many things that she wasn't a party to, she doesn't know who said what.

**At this point I am going to cut this off.  There is about an hour left of the broadcast but since I already watched most of it in bed last night I don't think there is much to report. If so, I will add an update later and post separately so you will be informed.  I know that the Showtime updates are daily stops for many readers and I appreciate your visits.  Thanks.***


I remember that later the HG asked Janelle how the fight was, in her capacity as a Big Brother expert.  Janelle says it was okay, but as a veteran of so many fights in the BB house she prefers the ones with chest-bumping, particularly Jordan's fight with Russell during BB11.

Jenn also told Mike that for "one hot second" she thought Willie was going to get physical with Frank.  (I did, too.)

(I remember watching that on the live feeds and I was so scared Russell was going to really hurt Jordan.)

Also, Mike Boogie approached Dan and Janelle at the hot tub to ask for votes for Frank to stay on Thursday.  It sounds like Mike expects a tie, and Willie will certainly not vote to break the tie in Frank's favor now.

(But I think he thinks Ashley will vote to keep Kara, and I'm not sure this is the case.)

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