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Big Brother After Dark - Eve of the Live Show - 7-19-12

This episode aired in the wee hours of Thursday where I live, the morning of the first live eviction.  The show taped live starting at 9:00 pm BBT.

You might think that the HG spent the entire evening trying to get votes for either Frank or Kara to stay.  This was not the case though.

Instead, the fact that Frank has the votes to stay seemed a done deal, at least Team Boogie felt that way.

A few notable events, as well as minutia:

1.  The house guests got the Big Brother Cornhole game in the backyard.  You know you're bored when you long to play cornhole, a bean bag game.  There are two sets and Danielle seemed to like playing.  It is hard to tell if Danielle enjoys herself though.  She is not a joy to behold after you get past noticing her bland physical beauty.

2.  Surprise me this season Danielle. Liven up there girlie.

3.  Ashley committed to Frank that she would vote for him, and seems to realize that hanging around Willie in the HOH clouded her vision.  She realized that they were just using her for a vote and told JoJo today that she had to vote with her team.

4.  Frank had what looked like a moment with Ashley as they laid on a bed in the Skid Row (i.e. the Sneaker Room).  She made some sort of self-deprecating remark and he immediately told her she has it going on, she started her own business, she made a cross-country move....he admires all of those things.  He was smiling at her with his red bandana on and you could just see what Frank is like when he's making time with the ladies.

5.  Wil says his digestive system is all messed up from eating Joe's cooking.  Kara agreed and Frank said he has been trying to take fiber pills before every meal to stay regular.  I guess Joe's food is really rich----I think most of the house guests are used to lighter, healthier fare.

6.  Frank, Ashley, Kara and Will discussed Willie.  Frank said that Willie made eye contact with him in a group setting this afternoon and it felt okay.  He told them that Janelle said Willie never went to high school.  Although Wil doesn't appreciate Willie's behavior, he said he wouldn't speak ill of Willie's education, as that sort of thing is beyond a child's control.  Kara added that he probably had a rough family background.

7.  Just a short time ago, Wil announced however, that Willie and JoJo were White Trash.

8.  Frank shared that his brother dropped out of high school.  He is dyslexic, and school was so hard for him he just couldn't take it.  Frank's dad didn't finish high school either, but Frank said he "did all right".

9.  Frank indicated that in the DR, he said his Froot Loop line a bunch of times and "they love it in there".  You can read about the genesis of that line here. It is in the second half of the text---I made those lines bold-faced because I knew they would be key words this week.  Frank also said that BB probably owns the word "Preesh" now and rolls his eyes.  I guess the DR is having Frank say that over and over too. 

10.  Janelle and Mike talked cars.  Janelle drives an Escalade and her husband drives "an E class".  Mike Boogie says he went family style when he "had the baby" and he drives an ML Mercedes.  (Whatever that is.)

12.  Ian told Britney's team that people on the internet will pride themselves on making fun of each and every house guest.  While he said this he was putting on underwear under a lime green bath towel.    The fact that he did that facing a group tells me he is getting used to his surroundings.  Surely he knows we were watching, and there was actually something to see.

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13.  Willie spent more time downstairs in this episode than he has the last two weeks, it seems.  He is walking around with no shirt and he has quite a belly.  He talked to Danielle for some time to soothe her after she heard he said no one in the house likes her.  Then he met with Britney and JoJo to repeat the entire conversation.

14.  Those beds in the Have Not room are really evil.  They are curved, and slant down from the large end.  So you feel like you are sliding, and the HG say you can't really turn over without falling off.  And to complicate matters, the surface is a textured metal, like the bumper of a truck.  Don't you think Satan himself designed those beds?  Frank figured out last week that what the Have Nots should do is take a damp bathtowel and put it on the bed, then layer a few more towels on top to cushion the metal.  The wet towel helps keep things steady so they don't slide.

15.  But that is why there are never any clean towels around, any spares.

16.  Britney talked to Danielle and Shane and hated on Janelle a little.  She goes over how Janelle was her BFF in the house and now hangs out with Ashley 24-7.  Britney even says she is BFF with Mike Boogie now!

(Janelle is playing the game and Britney needs to get over it.  She really needed to stay downstairs with her  team and plug into what was going on in the house.  As soon as the POV wasn't used, she didn't need to suck up to Britney's team this week.  It's on to next week and that is Big Brother, Britney.)

17.  Mike talked about how Willie was moving from the Penthouse to the Outhouse after Thursday's show.  Mike says he will have to fight to sleep on a twin bed that is a foam pad on top of plywood.    Ashley told the story of how when she was in the HOH on pain pills that she told Willie he could sleep in the bed with her and he said "I hope's my bed!"  She disputes his account and says she was doped up but vividly remembers.

18.  OMG Janelle mentioned JanelleGate!  They were talking about how Jodi had a little something to say to each of them when they all met.  She commented about Wil's age, and asked Janelle if she had just had a baby.

Dan, joking:  You didn't go to Greece!

Janelle:  And that isn't your Louis Vuitton bag!

Ha ha ha.  You can read about JanelleGate here.

19.  Frank and Mike Boogie had a whispered meeting in the Arcade Room and Frank shared the happy news about the votes that he thought he would get.  Mike was happy and they were successful keeping it quiet, and then Frank started ripping really loud farts.  Afterwards he would kind of laugh but didn't say excuse me and they would continue talking.  The first few times it happened I concluded that the sound was something else, because they didn't mention it or indicate that Frank farted.  But I heard him talking about it today, so my suspicions were confirmed.

20. Supposedly overnight he farted on Jenn and she was unhappy about it.  (Of course!)  He and Jenn share a bed and he says that she is great to sleep with because she stays on her side and never moves.

(Can you imagine sharing a double bed with a stranger?  Frank is 6'4" and I don't even think a double bed is big enough for a man that size by himself, but whatever.)

We know that there were persistent "Big Brother TV" messages on the TV screen that kept them up all night, but these messages didn't start until after Showtime ended, after 12:00 am BBT.

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