Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - The Danger of a Pretty Face 7-30-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday, and in the wee hours of Monday where I live.

Sunday was a Day of Rest for the BB14 house guests, after the raucous events of Saturday night.  There were no scheduled competitions or game events, however since the POV ceremony is scheduled to occur on Monday, there is sure to be some scrambling from Team Janelle.

You can read about Saturday night's booze guzzling, sloppy smooching, and nudity here.


1.  As the show opens Janelle is in the HOH with Britney, obviously trying to influence Britney regarding Shane using the POV on Monday.  She is pushing the fact that when the Coaches come into the game, it is going to be very hard for the two of them, so they need to think about that now and try to remove the stronger players from the game.

Britney is suspicious of Janelle's motives, and tells her that directly for a change.

Janelle:  I would bet money on it!  Of course the Coaches are going into the game....we have key slots by our pictures!  It couldn't be any more obvious!  I know you are a smart girl and you know this!

Britney thinks for a second and then tells Janelle they need to think about their best plan.

Britney:  OK, we need to figure this out.  Who is going to roll with us all the way?

Janelle:  Well, Ashley for sure.  And Shane seems trustworthy...

The decide Danielle will stay with Dan, and Britney says Danielle talks a big game and Janelle is surprised.  Janelle thinks they should work with Dan for a few weeks to get out the harder targets.

Janelle:  Do you know how hard it's going to be to get Boogie out?  It might take 3 or 4 weeks to get rid of him!

Now they discuss Joe--Britney thinks he is a devious liar with "like 15 deals in the house" but Janelle objects to this.  Britney thinks Wil and Frank have a Final Two deal.  (What?)

2.  Outside at the hot tub, Wil and Jenn sit and discuss what to do this week.  Joe chimes in that his advice is for the newbies to "band together" against the Coaches.

Joe:  Start playin' for you!

Wil and Jenn keep talking and Joe struggles to be heard above them, saying he is "more than likely gone this week" and that "he will be working in the Jury for them".  (Not yet you wont, Joe.)

Joe is smoking a cigarette---was that one of JoJo's?

They talk about the endurance competition this week (everybody expects it, including me).

Jenn:  If it's endurance, I'm holding on for life...

Joe says that when he went up to the HOH to talk to Shane, Shane said Wil was his number one target (true).

3.  Back upstairs Janelle is pointing out that Frank and Boogie work out for "like, three hours".  She says Mike always beats her when she plays against him for HOH  (BB7).

Britney:  But even if we get rid of Frank, we still have to get rid of Mike Boogie.

Janelle: That's why we need to weaken him by taking Frank out.  If it's a weight thing this week, then you can win HOH and get out whoever.  Then if it's Q & A I can win it---I'm really good at those.

Britney:  I'm just not sure we're going in the game.

Janelle:  I've known it since they asked me to come here!

Britney:  I just keeping thinking about what Ryan said in his letter---he said try not to get too stressed out when things don't go your way..

The cameras swiftly change to the hot tub scene outside.

4.  Then they come back to the HOH as Britney discusses Frank's obsession with Janelle.  She says Frank is in love with Janelle.  They asked him earlier to describe his perfect woman and the description fit Janelle to a T.

Janelle: It's kind of sad.  I feel sorry for him.

Britney:  Did you hear about his past relationships?  He said he cheated on his girlfriends, and that his dad cheated on his mom "all of the time".  Frank had to lie to his mom when she asked him questions about it.

And we go to commercial on that....this is the kind of thing they should  not broadcast for legal reasons.  When we come back they are still in the HOH, and I think Britney just called Frank a psycho.  Then she became frustrated with the faulty Spy Cam remote control.

5.  Outside they are discussing Shane's cocky attitude this week.  Jenn says that Shane should remember what it feels like to "be on the poopy side of the game".  When Jenn went to the HOH to talk to him, he was snotty when he said "Oh, you want to know what's on MY mind?"

Joe is smoking another cigarette. If he still has a pack from JoJo, he should make sure they last until Thursday, at the rate he's going.

6.  Now upstairs Britney is putting powder on, while they discuss Danielle's obsession with Dan being her coach.

Britney:  Today Danielle was comparing Dan to her dad---his name is Dan too.

Britney says Dan knows Danielle will never turn on him and he knows he can beat her in the competition and then "win another half million so he can buy more houses".  (Dan is in the rental real estate business part time now.)

Janelle:  Remember when we were at CBS offices to sign our contracts?

BB:  You ARE NOT allowed to talk about production!

Janelle:  Well, she came up and said in my ear, Expect the Unexpected!  (Alison Grodner???)

Britney:  I know that the last part of the contract said they can change the whole contract at any time.

The cameras quickly move away, and then come right back.

Janelle:  If you're at home watching this show, would you rather watch Dan sitting around coaching a girl who's never watched the show to play the game? Or would you rather watch Dan play the game

Brit, applying powder:  Right...

Janelle:  Or would you rather watch me, who is known as one of the most competitive, physical girl players of all time sit back and coach my newbies on what to say and not say to people?  Or would you rather watch me compete in an HOH and a Veto?

Brit, walking through the HOH suite:  Uh huh...

Janelle, following her:  And Boogie, who is one of the most manipulative players of all time---would you rather watch him talk to his newbies about shit, or would you want to see him actually make some moves in the game?

Brit, pulling on a pink cardigan:  Right...

Janelle, arms folded:  These are just things...everything makes sense.

Brit: Yes, everything does make sense.  But I don't like it.  Even if it's obvious.

Janelle:  Yeah, I mean you and Dan both have one fucking player.  It didn't make sense for you to even play in the Coach's Comp---what could you do?

Janelle doesn't think there will be a Coach's Comp next week---just a have not competition.  She picked up the jar of Shane's Nutella and examined it.

Britney:  Oh my god!  With us involved?  You realize we're going to be Have Nots, right?

Janelle talks again about her CBS meeting, when she was discussing the verbage in the contract that said "you are not allowed to play for the $500,000".  That is when the unnamed female said to Janelle to "expect the unexpected".

7. Outside they discuss their suspicions about Frank.  They think there is more to him than meets the eye, since he indicated to Mike to give the prize money to Ian and Jenn.  And Joe has noticed something about Ashley that leads him to believe she is "going to be the shocker of the season".  (i.e. something about her job or life).

Joe:  I think Bama's straight....and Wil's straight...well, he's not straight!

Jenn laughs.  She knows what he means.

8.  Upstairs the girls try to guess what the competition is this week---maybe standing on a rolling log?  Janelle says she is tired of talking to Dan---he keeps giving her little coaching tidbits, but never shares any real information.  Britney agrees.

Janelle:  It's going to be something you and I can win...or another girl....

Britney starts to bitch and complain about going to Jury---she doesn't want to go to Jury because "it is hell".

Janelle:  You want to know another reason why I know this is going to happen?  When I was talking to Michelle...

She approaches Britney and quickly addresses us by saying "sorry Internet, but I have to whisper". She leans over and cups her hands around Britney's ear, and the cameras move.

(Janelle is a BB Goddess because she is one of us, a Super Fan.)

9.  Now we go to the living room, where Dan and Ashley are reclined on the couches. Dan is wearing a bandana on his forehead to help cover his balding patch.  The camera pans back and we see the living room is full of house guests---Mike and Frank are sitting in the nomination chairs, Shane, Ian and Danielle are on the other couches too.  Ted has been tossed carelessly to the floor at Mike's feet.

Dan mentions his website ( and Ashley says she googled it.  She was just talking about someone whose twitter she read that kept mentioning casting events--I think it was Dan?

We hear BB warning the girls upstairs to STOP talking about Production.

The house guests talk about Dan's website and products.  Frank told his mom if he ever got on the TV show to buy a domain name with his name but he doubts shle did it.  Ian calls out for his Mom to buy his domain.  Danielle plays dumb and has to have them explain very slowly what that means.

The girls upstairs keep getting warned by Production, so Mike and Frank wake up and go upstairs to see what is going on. (Maybe their ears are burning?)

Janelle said they were just "talking about baby stuff" and they need a few more minutes.  After they leave Janelle giggles and says Britney is "going to get bombarded".  Britney is going to make a pot of coffee and they plan to stay up late.  She has to "run everything by Shane, too".

Janelle leaves and speaks in a chirpy tone to Mike who is sitting right outside.  She says she was "just in there snackin'".

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10.  Mike comes in and Britney wants to talk about the votes again.  She says Janelle is putting the votes together to evict Ashley.  Frank comes in at that point and you can see the worry all over his face.

Britney says that Janelle is going to all of Mike's players to plea for Joe to stay.  Mike and Frank said their team is locked in, and has to carry out Shane's wishes since he didn't nominate them this week.

Britney brings up that if they take Ashley off the block and nominate Jenn or Ian in her place, that would guarantee that Joe would go home by taking away that vote.  Frank says that "he's not playing ball with Janelle anymore...she's burned that bridge completely" with him.  He knows she has been talking shit about him.

Mike:  Do you want to talk to Ian and Jenn again to be sure?

We go to commercial and when we return Britney is blaming Joe for many of the problems causing animosity between their teams.  Mike just wants to stick to the plan this week and eliminate all of the "pot stirring" that is going on.

Frank: I just want to much has Wil brought up my name this week?

Britney says not much, and Frank says when they "were downstairs changing the sheets" Wil brought up that everybody was talking this week, but then claimed "he wasn't bringing up Frank's name at all", so that made him suspicious.

Mike explained that they are trying to humor Joe in his final days, and have some pleasant moments, but they don't want to keep him.  Frank said Ashley came to him and offered to throw the POV, and Frank told her they just didn't want Joe to win.  They discuss how flakey Ashley is and have a few laughs at her expense.

Britney heads downstairs clutching the bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee she has been hoarding upstairs and on the way down she jokes that she really wanted to "hit some people with Have Nots this week, but then Ian raised his hand and that was a waste..."

11.  In the living room Janelle is entertaining the group and says on Jokers Updates she is "JanieBB6".

Janelle:  My mom posts on Jokers...there is no house guest bashing at all!  It's a family-friendly place to go for information.  (I don't agree with the no bashing part...)

Dan:  When this shows over, we can to to AllAboutBigBrother and start bashing each other!

Janelle:  You can't bash Dan and I on Jokers!  Because I'm a user!  I go online and post my little comments (pretending like she is typing).  It will say, "Janelle is a big fat loser and I hate her guts" and a moderator will say "You cannot say that because Janelle is a user of this forum", and they delete the comment (she "punches" the delete button in the air).

They all say that is awesome!

Janelle:  Thanks Jokers!

Ian thinks he is a Jokers user but isn't sure.  (Then he isn't, right?)

Dan:  Look up Oh No They Didn't Big Brother Live Journal ---it's brutal, but it's funny.

Dan says they take images and photoshop them and it's funny.  Ashley is scared to go and look.  I hear Britney in the kitchen saying the websites talk about her lazy eye, and Janelle says they say she is fat and stupid.

Ashley:  What??  Oh my God!  I can't imagine what they are going to say about me!

They discuss Britney's lazy eye--no one knows what she is talking about.  She says when she smiles one eye is different than the other and the internet people make fun of that. She mentions when Hayden swung a pool stick during BB12, and someone made a graphic of him hitting her with that poolstick and decapitating her, her head flying off the screen.

Frank guffaws at that.

12.  Now Janelle is in the back yard with Joe, telling him there is a 90% chance that he will stay if she can keep talking to Britney all night long.  Janelle is smoking.  The Triscuit box is on the table.

Joe tells her that Mike and Frank were worried while they were up there talking---they chatted for about 40 minutes.

Janelle:  Britney's just worried that Boogie will start yelling at her, but I'm not scared of anybody in here.

Joe:  Do you think I should go up and talk to Shane?

Janelle:  As of this morning, he was thinking about it, but now I don't know.  I'm going to be up there all night if I have to.  And if it doesn't turn out like I want, then at least we tried our hardest. Boogie is going to be SO PISSED if this happens, but I can take a little tongue thrashing at this point.

13.  On Skid Row Mike and Frank are changing their sheets and grumbling about Joe.

Frank:  He's a nice enough guy, nice to have a beer with...wll, probably not..those stories would get to me.

On the patio Wil has joined Joe and Janelle and they are filling him in on Shane's wobbling.  Britney hasn't talked to Shane all day, though.

We go back to the living room, where we hear Ashley say "no one is perfect, not even those stupid offense guys".

(None taken, Ashley.)

Frank is excited to be sleeping on "some nice clean sheets tonight".  Shane suddenly worries about the HOH bed.

Frank:  Oh, I asked 'em about that when I went in there after Willie.  I said, did you clean the sheets?  And they said they were puttin' the dirtiest, nastiest sheets they have on there!

They all laugh.  Joe was cooking salmon and the oven started smoking.  They think the glaze on the fish is the problem,not the fish itself.  Britney says how funny would it be if we had to evacuate the building with a fire alarm?

(Somewhere, Alison Grodner just experienced chest pains.)

Britney came in the living room with a huge cup of coffee, heavily watered down with cream and sugar.  She jokes that caffeine has no effict on her.

Ashley:  Day #2 Britney told me that whoever stays up the latest in this game wins!

Brit:  That's right. And this year the live feeders always have somebody to watch, because after Janelle goes to bed Mike Boogie wakes up.

Mike laughs.  Danielle wants to know why Britney thinks the person staying up the latest wins.  She says it is an educated guess, then says she could have been in The Brigade if she had stayed up later.

(No, Britney, I don't think so.  And it was RIGHT under your nose all season.)

14.  Outside Wil and Janelle review the situation.  Wil says Jenn knows the Alpha males are taking over the game.

Janelle:  Well, then what is she doing about it?

Wil:  She's just flying under the radar...trying to stay another weeks.

Janelle:  I don't like those type of players..

Wil loves working with Janelle and is thankful she has won two of her last compeitions, but is confused about the game and the rumors that the Coaches may play against them.  If Wil wins HOH next week, he wants to put up Frank against Ian, and then end up putting Shane up in Ian's place so Frank and Shane are pitted against each other.

Janelle cautions him that Frank could still go home his week, it could go their way.  And Shane might be someone they could work with. Janelle thinks he is honest and compares this to Frank who would do anything in the game.

15.  In the living room Danielle gets some camera time by discussing her worst two injuries.  First was an injury where her cheekbone got broken and she got a concussion at the same time and the second was when she "broke her back".

They were surprised at that one, so she explains that when she was 10 she fell out of a tree by trying to "grab a Tarzan branch and trying to swing".  She clarifies things by saying she had "just seen her dog get killed by another dog while they were fighting over food" and basically yadda yadda yadda her military father "yelled at her" to climb the tree because it would make her feel better.  He didn't realize that her hands were drenched with tears so she grabbed the branch and he pulled her back so she could swing.

She slipped and fell 15 feet, landing in a seating position.

Britney, in an attempt at levity:  There's not a lot to do in Alabama...

Then Danielle went right into the story of the concussion caused by a cheerleading accident, but Mike Boogie wasn't finished talking about the broken back.

Mike:  Did your dad call and ambulance?  Or did someone else..

Dani:  Well, I was at cheerleading

Mike:  No, when you fell off the vine.

Dani:  He carried me for half a mile!

Shane:  Carried someone with a broken back?

Dani:  We were IN THE WOODS!  I just screamed the entire way, and every time he was jolted it was horrible!

Mike:  Now when I hear about children getting injured.....(he's a daddy now)

Shane moves on to Accident #2:  Did you fall off the pyramid?  (a cheerleader formation)

Dani:  Huh?  Yeah, I fell face down on someone looking up---cheek to jaw.  This side of my face immediately swelled up (left side) and her other eye was swollen and blood shot too.

She doesn't remember anything.  She just woke up and was at home with her dad and her brother was pacing.  The concussion blacked out a lot of her memory.  Her brother Colton was on the football field and ran over to help when he saw what happened.

(No mention of what happened to the girl who's jaw Daneille's head fell on.  That couldn't have been pleasant.)

Then she launches into the incident where her ex-boyfriend hit her---I think I've heard her say before that this guy broke her jaw.  She described accusing him of cheating on her and the cameras change quickly.

It took Danielle about 2 minutes to cover all of this.

(Sometimes I wonder if she makes this stuff up, or embellishes it, in an attempt for male attention.  The Poor Little Old Me syndrome.)

16.  As a child Frank was playing in an old building with one of those old elevators with the accordian doors.  I think he was visiting an elderly relative who lived there.  Well, yadda yadda yadda he got his head stuck in the door between floors (WTF?) and ended up with over 90 stitches around his face and neck.

Outside Joe is eating the second filet of broiled salmon (that I've seen) and is saying encouraging words to Wil.  (Anyone could be a Have Not with all of that luscious salmon)  He wants to go to the Kentucky Derby with Wil--he's lived in Kentucky all his life but has never been.

(I think Wil's family has a box at Churchill Downs--or maybe their business does.)

Wil shot a bird at Frank through the kitchen window, where Frank was looking out.  Joe goes to light up again and Frank comes out to get a cig, too.  It is Day #24.

Frank: I try to go by the Fridays, because it's easily divisible by seven.

Wil:  Smart!

Frank inhales deeply like he is smoking a joint.  They discuss how Danielle is so pessimistic and they think that is an act.  Wil jokes she will announce she is "also a chemist".

(I fully expect Wil's extensions to fall out if he doesn't stop picking at them.)

Frank thinks the next Coach's Comp will have the Coach's pick which of the four evicted players they would like to bring back.  Janie comes back out and grabs a cigarette too.  Frank compliments her striped top and says it looks good on her.

Janelle:  Thanks Frankie!

Now Frank calls her Jessica Rabbit. (He'd better start watching that...)  Joe has eaten more salmon in the last few days than he has his whole life.  He's lost 4 pounds so far--it's like a no carb diet.  He's only had a few handfuls of cereal.

Janelle:  Slop is the worst.  Have you tasted it?

Joe:  Tastes like oatmeal.

Janelle:  Well, I like oatmeal.

Frank is still disappointed that he didn't get his flavored oatmeal in his HOH basket.  Janelle says on BB7 she made a long list of items she wanted in her HOH basket, but on the live feeds she would mention products she was out of, or was running low on, and they would appear in her HOH room.

(She must have made some cigarettes appear, then.)

17.  Janelle's dog Winnie is due in 10 days.  She is going to have a litter of "Golden Doodles" and Joe plans to get one.  They will be ready to leave their mom by the end September.

Ashley sits in the Arcade Room and asks Shane questions about the game, but very tentatively.  She says she doesn't want a deal or anything, just to discuss the situation.  She brings up what everyone keeps talking about regarding the Coaches entering the game.  She doesn't want to get screwed over like Britney did in BB12 because of the strong male alliance.

She tells Shane that Janelle wants Frank out and that's all she talks about.  And now suddenly Wil is talking about how close he is to Frank, and wants Ian out.  Ashley wants Ian out because she thinks he is more devious and Frank hasn't done very well in some of the competitions.

She brings up the "spiritual impact" of having to go through a terrible situation that is uncomfortable and now that Shane has done that he is viewed differently.  She compares this to the pain of working out and getting good results.  She thinks the game is so different this year, and she wanted to talk about it. Shane points out that Mike Boogie has a strong team of three, and that could be a dangerous situation that he needs to think about.

Ashley is talking softly, and is still kind of keeping the baby whisper.  Shane is saying that it might be easy for the group to vote Ashley out, if Janelle is able to swing just one vote to evict her.

Ashley: Has she been trying to do that?

Shane:  No, no.  I'm just saying that could happen and that's not what I want.

Ashley:  You have such a big decision to make.  I've heard Janelle say a lot of things, but she does always say she wants to work with you.  And no matter what happens, you have my vote next week.  I'm not a vindictive person.

She throws Wil under the bus by saying she thinks he may have a deal with Frank, and she thinks he may fight dirty. Shane says his deal with Frank was just a verbal commitment and wasn't formal.

(What, are they supposed to draw up a contract and sign it?  Of course it's a verbal agreement.)

Ashley points out that their team is horrible at competitions, and she doesn't trust Joe either, but they won't be winning anything.  She makes a push to get rid of Ian again, saying he could easily win an endurance contest.  Also you can't tell Ian anything in confidence, since he takes it straight to Mike, and he doesn't share information with her at all.

Shane tells Ashley a secret after asking for confidence.  He tells her Joe came to him to cut a deal for his safety, saying "his family wanted him to stay in for a couple of days".  Ashley says Joe told them this, and they encouraged him not to throw in the towel and try to stay.  Shane said Joe was just too shady in the house and he had to nominate him.

Ashley mentions being careful with Danielle and not telling her too much.  She says Frank and Shane had a deal to work together and Shane adamantly denies it.  Shane is worried about Frank working with Wil and plans to discuss that with Mike later tonight.

Shane:  Frank tried out for this game three years in a row---he knows how to play this game.  Wil talked to someone at a party and got cast---he doesn't have the experience Frank has.  This would be a good time to get Frank out if you don't trust him.

Ashley points out that her team is really weak, and Mike's team is so strong that it just doesn't seem right this week.  Shane whispers that he can take her off the block and put Frank up, but if Wil is working with Frank that could mess everything up.  Shane points out that Dani is the tie breaker, after Ashley asks if he can break the tie.

Shane says his deal with Frank was not to nominate him, and he didn't.  (He says this in a sort of tone---like when school kids jeer at each other Na na na na NA na, if that makes any sense.)  He's implying he can put him up using the POV and not break the deal.

(I'd have to watch the tape on his actual conversation with Mike and Frank, but it seems like a scumbag move to me.)

18.  Now we move to the backyard, where Britney plays pool with Ian and they discuss coyotes and skunks.  He tells her the mixture to use to remove the skunk smell and Britney is surprised it doesn't include tomato juice.  He says this is an old wives tale, that the cells emitted in the skunk's spray would not be eliminated by tomato juice.

Ian has a terrible headache and doesn't know why.  Britney thinks it may be his diet, but he says eating salmon and cereal is actually fairly well-balanced.  Britney tries to imagine Ian's Christmas card after he is married by saying they don't have kids yet, but the picture is he and his wife and their Portuguese Water Dog. She wants to know what his wife looks like.

Ian, pondering:  About 5'8"...

Brit:  5'8"! Ian you are only 5'6"!  Are you going to grow?

Ian:  Shut up!  Let me finish...dirty blonde hair...good body...

Brit:  What kind of hair style?

Ian:  I dunno...kind of curly...sometimes straight...definitely a model at some point...

Britney calls bullshit on that.

Ian:  You got me.  OK 5'4", dark hair, pale...I don't know.

Ian doesn't like short hair and Britney tells him not to be picky.  (What a bitch she is being.) Ian says short hair is a turn off for him.

19.  Now Jenn makes an appearance with Mike in the living room area.  They discuss a park she used to go to in Virginia to play tennis with her mom.  She loved playing and it was great exercise.  There are two parks in Brooklyn where she can play tennis.  She has two cats--Lolita and Valentina.  She'd love a dog and hopes to have one someday. Her friend Des is taking care of her cats in Queens.

In the Arcade Room Shane is whispering to Ashley how they can destroy Team Boogie.  Shane thinks they may be able to trust Janelle more than Mike as we go to commercial.

After the break Danielle is eating something in a bowl (Froot Loops) and talking to Dan who is sprawled in the HOH bed.  Danielle thinks Frank isn't after her, and if he makes HOH wouldn't nominate her, but he's a beast who can compete and he's smart.

Danielle:  Shane...bless his heart...he's physical and he's educated, but I wouldn't say he's incredibly intelligent.  Frank is huge physically, but I do feel he is more trustworthy than anybody in this game.  He's never "not once" told me a lie.

The only people Danielle actually trusts are Dan and Shane.  She doesn't think he would ever put her up.

Dan:  Have you kissed him again?

Danielle:  No. We kissed once and only once...I feel like you're my dad over there getting mad at me about this.

Dan:  I am like your dad and I want you to win a half million dollars.  I don't want you to kiss him act weird when you do.

Now he brings up the conversation when Jenn was telling the group about getting punched in the face by a guy.  (You can read about that here.

Dan:  You kept interrupting her to talk about when you got punched in the have to let people talk in here...You understand what I'm saying?

(She did mention it a few times when Jenn started talking, but then she shut up and listened....maybe Dan was kicking her under the table.)

She says she does, and she caught herself twice and then stopped. He wants her to go and break up the Shane and Ashley conversation, and ask Shane where Dan is so he will come upstairs looking for him.

Danielle says Shane really likes her, and won't nominate her.  She says Janelle is such a snake and a liar that she will tell so many stories and she will get Shane out.  She doesn't think Frank will put her up.

Dan:  Yes, he will.  He'll put you up as a pawn...if you're against Ashley, I don't like those odds.

Dan is pushing for Frank to go, saying that he and Shane are so tight that if they keep it up for a few more weeks, the game is over.  (Dan should know...right?)  He says the worst case scenario is that Frank wins HOH, puts up Dani and Wil.  Janelle wins the right to save Wil, then Danielle is up on the block and out of the house.

Danielle:  You could win a competition... (ha ha)

Dan:  I could.  I've been trying....(Really?)

The show ends with Dan pushing her hard to change her way of thinking.  She is a stubborn girl.  I wonder what she will do if she is suddenly competing against Dan for the Big Prize?


  1. found your blog a few days ago and just wanted to let you know that your posts are awesome! def appresh all of the little insights (in parentheses). my main problem is that now I can see through CBS's flimsy storylines in the actual shows. but I have a newfound appreciation for Jani, which makes her DR comments 10x more hilarious. thanks! =)

  2. Thanks for your comments. CBS tries to do what they can, but the audience for the TV show is much different than the online BB fans.

    Most of the people who watch the TV show only do that--they have no idea what happens outside of that.


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