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Big Brother After Dark - BB Bakery - 7-23-12 #BB14

This episode taped at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday night.

No competitions were held on Sunday.  The next expected game event is Monday's POV Ceremony, where Shane is expected to use the POV to save himself, and Frank will nominate another player to fill Shane's seat on the block.  Probably Danielle.although he seems tempted to nominate someone from Team Janelle.

OK.  Let's get started.

1.  Janelle and Ashley have been making sweet desserts today.  Earlier in the afternoon they made an Apple Crisp at Janelle's direction.  She had to make due without a recipe, and with certain substitutions, but she said just now that it was one of the best apple crisps ever.

2.  Janelle is wearing a black T-shirt with huge white letters that say 'Gay O.K.' on it.  She has on jeans that are VERY tight and they probably contain lycra.  She is very beautiful, but she is not getting any smaller in there.  They just told Boogie they want to gain the "Big Brother 10" this summer.  (Or twenty?)

3.  They made sugar cookie dough earlier in the day, and it is in the fridge waiting to be turned into cookies.  Janelle also made this dough from scratch.  Earlier she said that she thinks she can also bake a cake in there, and will make peach cobbler if BB gets them some peaches to work with.  She cooks at home all of the time and would make dinner for them, except that is "Joe's thing".  She gets her recipes from and mentions a stuffed pepper meal that is one of her family's favorites.

4.  They don't have a rolling pin, nor cookie cutters, so she is trying to work with the stiff dough by patting it around.  I think they plan to form letters with the dough to spell out Frank's name, but I'm not sure about that.  Wil and Britney joined the baking festivities and Wil said he is "all for talking nasty with people he has known for years and years, but not in the Big Brother house". They must be talking about JoJo.  Wil wanted to make cookies in the shape of penises and vaginas.

5.  Mike took Dan up the HOH to talk.  Dan is sprawled on the HOH bed, while Mike is sitting on the couch.  Mike took Ted off the bed and place him beside him on the couch for the discussion.  Ted nods his head now and then, but let's Mike do all of the talking.

6.  Basically, Mike is letting Dan know that when Danielle goes up on the block and they save her, they expect Danielle to nominate Janelle's team if she wins HOH next week.   Mike says that no one will expect her to nominate Shane since everyone knows she has a crush on him.  Mike wants Dan to reassure Janelle that Danielle will nominate Frank and Ian if she wins, in order to have her evict JoJo this week instead of Danielle.

(I think Janelle already expects for JoJo to go, and has been plotting this for a few days.)

7.  Mike brings up the "Jordans of the world" who hang around long enough and end up winning a few things and then winding up in the Finals. Mike wants Daniele to play the "little old me" line and say she doesn't want to play with the big boys at the end.  I think Dan realizes he doesn't have too many other options at this point.  Mike wants at least a "two person spread" before he takes on Janelle head to head.  Mike would prefer that Danielle win HOH next week over Ian, so he can make a move on Janelle's team and keep Ian's hands clean.

8.  The POV competition involved tortilla chips, and Mike mentions JoJo's firey performance.  Dan thinks the next HOH competition will be endurance and JoJo could be really good at that, which should be a selling point to vote her out this week.

(It is likely that the HOH comp this week will indeed involve endurance.)

9. Mike says that Willie drove a wedge between Janelle and Britney.  They are still cordial but aren't as tight as they used to be.  They cook up a plan where Dan will sit at the chessboard outside the HOH room to ask Shane some questions to test his loyalty to Janelle.  Dan is going to let Shane sit on "the white side" so Boogie can clearly see his face, and will sit back in a certain way when asking so that Mike will know when they talk about it.

10.  Someone in the house saw Frank's luggage last week and was suspicious about how expensive it was---that is was "top of the line" stuff.  It is Samsonite luggage so they are all laughing.  Wil makes funny jokes about Frank having "the most successful dental practice in all of Naples!"

Frank:  It's kind of flattering that someone would think I have a high profile job!

11. Britney saw a band aid floating in the hot tub and everyone is grossed out by that.

12.  JoJo told Joe she started sneaking out of the house at 12 years old.   Jenn is pissed when she learns that BB let JoJo bring her belts in the house.

Jenn:  I had a ton of belts, and none of them made it in here...

JoJo:  What, did they think you would choke a bitch with them?

13.  Mike mentions that Dr. Will, Janelle and Erica got in the bathtub together.

Janelle:  All liquored up!  I think there was whipped cream was naughty!

She says they would tease the live feeders by mentioning things they didn't see.

14.  One of the sugar cookies is shaped like the POV.  They spread out when they cooked so some of the shapes got messed up. Janelle recommended eating the apple crisp heated up with vanilla ice cream.  (yum)

15.  They discussed the CBS show that aired tonight with the Willie footage.  Frank can't wait to see it because he missed most of it.  He heard them yelling at Willie to go to the DR and all of the different voices but I think he was in the HOH bathroom at the time.

16.  Janelle and Ashley plan to take a hot tub in the HOH bathtub.  They put some bubble bath in there and talk in soft tones about possibly working with Frank.  Ashley talked about Willie a little, saying he was "nice, but a huge threat".  If Shane is HOH they think Frank and Wil will be nominated for sure. 

17.  Ashley's pre-season babytalk voice is gone.  It's a miracle!

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