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Big Brother After Dark - After the POV 7-22-12 #BB14

This episode was filmed on Saturday night at 9:00 pm BBT.  The POV competition was held earlier in the day, with Shane winning the competition for the second straight week.

OK.  Here we go with the major highlights and other assorted minutia from the live Showtime camera shot.

1.  Ashley, Joe and Janelle walked methodically across the backyard, back and forth.  Janelle touches the wall on the far side before turning, like a swimmer pushing off from the pool.  Ashley broke off to stretch and Joe and Janelle started whispering about how hard it is going to be to evict Frank.  Janelle thinks they need to strike first.  Joe is walking barefoot.

2.  Wil told a few people that he did a "half triathalon", but then seemed confused when trying to define exactly what that was.

3.  Ashley feels like she has gained a ton of weight in the house, around her belly.  She is scared to wear a bikini tomorrow.  Danielle is bigger, too, and points out her arms are bigger.  Ashley says that the competitions are not easy, and although the POV may have looked easy, she was winded.  And was not going fast.  She got three wrong.  Danielle encourages her and says it is okay because she was smiling the whole time.  Ashley murmurs to Danielle that she feels so left out from Joe and Janelle's conversation.

(Ashley is playing the game in a sly way.)

4.  The HG who didn't play in the POV got to drink margaritas.  Danielle says "Boogie was downing them". 

5.  Janelle came over to stretch with the girls.  She hurt her knees in the Coach's Challenge--there was some sort of bar between their knees the whole time and Ashley says they were bent over.  Janelle needs to work out hard tomorrow because she "just ate a whole stick of butter with that spinach".  You can really hear Minnesota in her voice when she says that. Mike says his knees don't hurt.

6.  They watch Wil run across the back yard.  Ashley watches Wil eat and says he never has any sugar at all, and puts together "perfect little meals" everyday.  She even notices that he doesn't drink much coffee.

(She's playing all right.)

7.  Shane, who never talks, mentions watching Jessie Godderz and something about him being in the house "for like, 13 hours".

8.  Jenn jokes about Showtime After Dark after JoJo starts talking about faking orgasms in front of an easy audience of Frank, Ian, Shane and Joe.  (JoJo:  Look at me, look at me!)  The camera changes on that.

9.  Janelle and Danielle decide to play with eye makeup so they go inside the house to get started.  They discuss the votes that Danielle needs to stay.  Janelle says they should talk after the POV ceremony, but she thinks it will be okay.  Danielle grabs her back fat in disgust.  Janelle has it to, from having a baby but knows she needs to lay off the creamed spinach.

Janelle:  I'm just so friggin pumped that Willie is gone! Aren't you?

10.  Janelle looks for her Chanel make up and says all of the Mary Kay make up is her's.  Danielle doesn't know that Janelle sells Mary Kay so Janelle explains it is her "little home based business".  They start trashing Frank, saying he gets weirder every day.  (Janelle is working the game, too.)  They say Frank is pissed that Shane is coming off the block.  Janelle advises to stay calm, and not talk about it yet.

11.  They decide to do funky eye makeup and neutral lips.  Janelle says they are going to be "totally 80's" and are going to have funky hair too.  Danielle says she has had a different hairstyle every time she goes in the DR.  Janelle and Ashley are getting all made up and want to do a "Trixie and Pixie" Dr session together.  Frank watches from the couch in the bathroom and says he is going to go to bed early.

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12.  Frank brings up My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and they chat about it.  Janelle's Trixie character is going with a high pony tail for her hairstyle, with lots and lots of purple eyeshadow.  Her hair is tangley and sounds rough against her hairbrush.  I'm guessing she still has extensions, but I am not an expert in that area.  Britney sees the eye makeup and likes it. It's different.

13.  Frank can't stand a messy kitchen so he does the dishes.  Britney encourages him to take the night off from housework but he does it anyway. Now Britney comes in to put on heavy eye makeup too.  They girls are going to the "pool hall tonight to pick up some dudes".  Ha ha.  Britney is so small next to the other girls in the mirror.  Britney wants to wear costumes, too, the "whole nine yards".  This is just what she needed to "bolster her spirits".  They are going to wear big earrings, too.  Janelle puts pink blush on Danielle.

Janelle:  This is fun!

Ashley: This is sexual Saturday!

Britney: I don't want to get gross, but yeah, that would be nice.

14.  Janelle used to model lingerie, but that was back in 2005.  She has some really fun stuff at home.  They make up names:  Trixie (Janelle), Pixie (Ashley), Dixie (Danielle) and Bixie (Britney).  The short forms are Trix, Pix, Bix and Dix.  Wil comes in and is excited--he's going to get made up too.

15.  I don't want to be mean (?), but Danielle looks exactly the same as she always does.  Joe and Frank are laughing in the kitchen when they see them.  Boogie says they should go to a Teen Arcade instead of the pool hall.

16.  Wil shows up as "Craig" with a mustache and backwards baseball cap.  It is funny he is trying to act butch.  Janelle says "yay there are striaght guys in the room and they have major swag!"  Wil uses a deep voice when meeting the girls, complete with cheesy lines and they all crack up.

Janelle:  My name's Pixie, and you rock my world!

Wil, as Craig:  Glad to be of service to you, sweetie.

Wil breaks into his normal voice and says he looks like he is about to rob a gas station. They're going into the DR to put on a show.   Now they do the entire Soulja Boy dance in the living room, complete with chant. They were in sync and it was funny.

17. Now "Craig" and Frank confront each other "about the girls" and have a sort of play fight.  So funny and looked just like the way strangers in a bar start a fight.  "Craig" walks across the backyard with an exaggerated "pimp roll".  Hilarious. Now they go in the backyard and put on a show, with percussion.  Mike doesn't want to do the introduction and pushes it off on Joe.  (ha ha ha)  Now "Craig" does tumbling moves in the backyard and high fives the ladies.  They do the whole dance routine standing in a V formation with Wil in front and everyone cracks up.  You can see that Wil is a great dancer with experience.

(He was in a boy band and used to open for Aaron Carter.  I think he was a solo act.)

18. Boogie asks about that dance routine, and if Wil "brought it in the house with him".  Wil says it is a "victory dance" for him and one of his friends and you can do it to any tempo.  He demonstrates doing it really fast.

(Does Boogie suspect Wil has professional experience?)

19.  Janelle and Ashley whispered for a good half hour and it was very difficult to hear.  I think they were plotting to get rid of Frank at some point.  They also want to start hanging out with JoJo more, so that people in the house suspect they are working together and vote her out this week.  Janelle gives Ashley pointers on painting JoJo as a threat to win HOH due to her strong performance in the POV competition.

20. Janelle spilled her entire bottle of "high end shampoo".  The newbies scramble to offer the use of their shampoo, but Janelle vows to go to the DR and ask for a replacement.  (Bet she gets it, too.)

21.  Shane met in the HOH with Mike Boogie and Frank to discuss the long range outlook.  Bear in mind that Shane didn't call the meeting---Mike Boogie is doing the talking and tells Shane not to repeat any of this to Britney.

Mike:  At the end of the day, you might see her once or twice a year at some event, but you'll be going back to your life....

Shane:  Yeah, I don't want to lose the game because of something my coach told me to do...I realize there might be a trade at some point..

Mike tells Shane he is in the same situation as Janelle in BB7, and he and Will used her as a competition winner, a physical threat, in their alliance.

Mike:  If you can make it to the Final Two, you can stand up with several wins under your belt and announce that.  Dan is going to try to create some paranoia so you need to know that.

Mike and Frank want to keep Danielle this week but as we saw earlier, Janelle and Ashley want JoJo to go.  Sounds like they want to use Shane to "fire the first shot" at Janelle's team.  Mike points out that whoever sits next to Wil at the end will not win--he is too popular in the house.  Mike thinks they should target Wil first, then Ashley and Joe.

Frank lays it on thick by saying he could "toss a competition to you, Shane" and let him win if he's on board with the plan.  They think only 5 people are voting next week, so Mike has this all figured out.

(Don't you think BB will inject more people in the game?  One to replace Willie, at the very least?)

Mike says they must be careful what they share with Ian and Jenn--they are both "rock solid", but the more people who know something, the more potential there is for it to get out around the house.  Mike warns against "working in concert with Joe" due to his big mouth.

Mike:  He wants to play a little too much, when he doesn't need is great that he helped save Frank last week, but working with him and telling him everything is a risk.

(So if Danielle goes this week, it may be an upset for Team Boogie.  And I guess Dan will be ejected at that time as well?)

Mike said Britney had a buzz on earlier in the day (the POV margaritas) and had some good points about playing one -on-one against another coach's team.  Mike thinks Britney can drink a few beers on Girls Night "with her 95 pounds" and spill too much information to everyone else.

22.  Frank tells Mike he is worried about Ian not wanting to throw competitions to Shane.  Mike hasn't approached him about it yet.  He may wait until Wednesday night to tell Ian how they are voting.  Frank worries about his relationship with Ashley preventing his cooperation.

23.  Downstairs Britney tells Shane that she thinks the Final Six are "sitting right upstairs".  (Team Boogie and Team Janelle).

24.  Mike and Frank don't want to be seen talking to Shane.  Frank can feel Janelle watching him while he talks to people, so they need to steer clear of Shane.   Frank  watched Janelle last night and said she and Ashley stopped to talk late last night and Frank saw Danielle rolling her eyes.  Mike says Janelle is paranoid about having Team Janelle nominated in Shane's place.

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