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Big Brother After Dark - 8-13-12

I have been watching the Showtime Big Brother After Dark episodes on DVR at night, as I go to bed.  When I watch BBAD I usually don't recap it--instead I will try to hit the highlights and general themes.

At the time of this episode, Kara and Frank had been nominated, but the POV competition had not been held.

Every night, Big Brother tends to give the house guests cans of beer and a few jumbo bottles of wine.  BB locks the door to the storage room so that no one will walk in and see them stocking it. The HG always go the storage room door and wait for BB to open it.  I think there is a clicking sound or something that lets them know the coast is clear.

When the booze is delivered, there are loud cheers and people run to the storage room in a big pack to gather everything up and take it to the kitchen.  There isn't a lot--sometimes it works out to only 1 1/2 beers per person, and maybe a small glass of wine.  By mid-season,h people will know who likes what, and they start making deals as soon as they take inventory of their nightly booze.  Like, "I'll give you my beer if you let me have your wine tomorrow night".  Etc.

[Last year, Dani Donato, Porsche and Kalia would sneak into the storage room and hide one of the bottles of wine from the other HG.  Dani would also pour a HUGE milk glass of red wine and hide it in the HOH fridge, then pour a normal portion and act like it never happened.  This explains why Dani got so wasted some nights, but I don't think the other HG ever caught on.  Big Jeff would have been PISSED, huh?]

Under the guidance of seasoned BB drinkers like Janelle, the BB14 HG have developed an early plan where they switch off drinking nights between the guys and the girls.  On this night, all of the booze belongs to the girls, and tomorrow night the guys get the booze.  This will allow them to catch a good buzz.  I'm not so sure that is good strategy for the girls---it is one thing to get drunk and act out, potentially hurting your game in front of everyone.  But if half the house is stone cold sober, observing your behavior and noting every word you say, you can trip yourself up pretty quick.


1. Within the first hour of this episode, Janelle and Britney were trashing Mike Boogie. Janelle was pissed that he won the first Mentor Challenge, so she is making sure everyone knows that he is being sued for embezzlement.  She even mentions the Uncle Jerry allegations.  (I have summarized a few of Mike Boogies "alleged" problems here.)

2.  Janelle also tells the girls that during BB7, Mike Boogie told the gang that although it is very rare to "have crabs" once, he had actually "had crabs" twice, and was rather proud of it.  Janelle cautions the newbie girls to "stay away from his crotch"!  The camera men must be hyponotized by Janelle because they probably should have switched camera views earlier---talking about legal issues is usually not allowed for obvious reasons.

3.  When the booze came, all of the girls ran shouting to the kitchen and within a few minutes were in a circle with the frosty beer cans, toasting and then chugging quickly.  Janelle chugged her whole beer.  Very fast....

4.  The girls went up to the HOH for a "girls night".  Wil came up to bring them snacks and said he planned to drink with the guys tomorrow night and left.  This set off a whole drama---what was wrong with Wil?  Why didn't Wil want to drink with them?  Is Wil upset? 

5.  And so on.

6.  Janelle and Britney cornered Wil in the storage room to make him spill the beans.  Apparently he was upset with JoJo's conduct the night before and didn't want to hang with her.  Turns out JoJo had picked up Wil's beer on the sly and drank half of it, laughing about it. 

Wil:  Don't fuck with my alcohol!  Don't get between me and my booze!

7.  The backyard was still locked down at this point, so they were all cooped up in the house.

8.  Jenn finally made an appearance.  I think she is a major night owl or a vampire type.  She seems to be doing well with relationships---she sits and has conversations at length.  She and Frank compared Team Boogie notes and they think they are safe this week and are in good shape for next week.  Jenn is "going deep" with some of the people and trying to keep a low profile.

9.  They discuss Ian's conduct in the house.  Jenn isn't happy with it but Frank calmly points out that Ian is only 21.  Jenn thinks that if he "just wants to be on his favorite TV show" then it hurts their team. Jenn and Frank want to win the money. 

10.  For someone on the block, Frank is incredibly calm.  Cool as a cucumber, in his own words.  If you can do this in the BB house, it helps. 

11.  Kara is really nervous about it and had a nervous meeting with Wil in the storage room.  He assured her it would be okay and tried to get her to "ballroom dance" in there with him.

12.  Shane spent some time in the lounge massaging JoJo, pulling up her tank top and hitting bare skin.  JoJo talks about herself constantly and is getting on everyone's nerves.  Frank tells Janelle about a conversation the previous evening about tomato sauce---JoJo got so angry she was nearly yelling at Joe about the proper way to make it.

13.  Frank and Willie have something going and Willie assures Frank that he is safe this week.  Willie wants a guarantee of safety for next week and I think he and Frank have true trust with each other.  Willie feels backed into a corner regarding the nomination and Frank understands.  They agree that if they don't together they are both in trouble since they are both the biggest targets on the radar. 

Willie: You stay over there on your side and I'll work my side but we'll work together.

14.  Wil tells the JoJo stolen beer story over and over, now with Joe and Janelle in the storage room.  Janelle says they may need to let JoJo dig her own grave with that behavior.  (They are all on the same team.) 

15.  Janelle tells them that Willie thinks he is Will Kirby and that he wants Wil nominated.  She also tells them that Wilie wants to save Frank but they agree that evicting Kara would be a huge mistake.  Keeping Frank would come back to bite all of them and they agree.

Janelle:  Dan is spilling everything because his back is against the wall.  He is very bendable right now and will do anything we want.  He's willing to go against Boogie.

Joe:  We think....

Janelle:  Yeah, we think...

Wil:  I think Willie is thinking about the end game and not the now game, know what I mean?

Joe: But is he playing up the Aw Shucks routine?  Or is it genuine?

Joe had to explain what the Aw Shucks routine was to Wil.  (Didn't Wil invent that routine?)

16.  Janelle says that if Frank wins HOH next week Wil and Shane will go on the block next week. 

[Joe was a lowly Alternate just a week or so ago, and now he is having a PowWow with THE Janelle Pierzina in the storage room.  What a great world..]

17. Janelle:  I am so sick of Booger!  So sick of Booger!

18.  Britney and Wil have a thing where they hug and do an interpretive dance in the storage room.  It is hilarious and includes him picking her up and dipping and twisting her.

19.  Wil is a star. If they show his antics on the CBS show I think he will end up on a sit com or maybe on one of the late night shows as a correspondent.  He's too good to just waste on YouTube, in my opinion.

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