Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Brother After Dark 7-17-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime in the wee hours of Tuesday morning where I live, but may have aired in the early evening hours on Monday, if you live on the west coast.  As far as the BB house guests are concerned, it started at 9:00 pm.

***This will be the episode where Britney Haynes has a meltdown and loses her shit***

1.  The episode opens almost exactly like it ended the evening before, with Janelle talking to Ian and Ashley about her previous BB shows.  Ashley is even wearing the same T-shirt with the crosses on it.  In her defense, she is a Have Not and probably doesn't want to take another cold shower.

2.   Janelle is telling some interesting stories.  I'm interested, so I know Ian must be as well.  On BB6, the Jury House went on a group trip to visit a local vineyard ---the Jury House was in the Napa area.  Some people saw them and recognized them, and started shouting "Vote for Janelle!  Vote for Janelle!"  This made the members of the Nerd Herd who had been evicted mad.  I don't think Janelle had been evicted yet.

3.  Both Janelle and Ian agreed that Ivette should have won the game.  Why, I don't know.

4.  Ashley is really playing the Dumb Card around Ian.  She is constantly asking for definitions to words that are very easy, particularly for a Penn State graduate.  Like "lackluster".  I think she is just playing dumb and maybe that is smart.  Ian has said numerous times that he will not nominate her if he wins HOH.


I was watching this episode and discovered the news about Britney having a "meltdown".  So I stopped watching and searched the SuperPass Flashbacks to find this exciting footage.

I found what I needed to find, and covered the situation as well as I could in the following posts:

I did watch the rest of the episode last night while I was moving around the house, but to be honest it is the same stuff over and over and over.

Frank or Kara, Willie, Britney, Kara or Frank..blah blah blah

There is much more to tell regarding the 7-18-12 broadcast, where we had our first "Fight" of the season.  So I will move on and write that up for you.


Big Brother After Dark carries the usual cautions for viewers---they let us know there will be Brief Nudity, Adult Language, yadda yadda yadda.  But I want to point out that nothing on BBAD is as nasty as the current set of Showtime commercials.  The commercial for The Real L Word features lesbians at a chalkboard, listing all of the methods for lesbian sex. With drawings and diagrams, and discussion of their favorite techniques.  Very, very graphic.

And there is another commercial for a new show called Polyamory (or something like that), that features groups of adults living together and getting it on.  The commercial features three people nude in a bed, humping each other.  The tagline is "Married, but Dating".

So after each commercial break, when we return to Big Brother After Dark it feels like The Wonderful World of Disney.  Even the lone commercial they are showing for Weeds feels like family entertainment.

I'm just sayin'.

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