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Big Brother After Dark - 7-16-12 ##BB14

This episode was broadcast late in the evening on Sunday, or in the wee hours of Monday morning, depending on which coast you live on.

This is going to be an action-packed episode, so let's go.

1.  The episode opened with Janelle and Britney discussing this week's vote with Willie.  Sounds like they now want Kara to stay?  And now Kara to leave?  Who knows.  Willie thought Kara was the one having the showmance with Shane, but Janelle corrects him and says it is Danielle.

Janelle:  Danielle opened up to me and said she was crushing hard on Shane.

2.  Ashley and Ian are having a Slop Date tonight.  This is an event for the entire house and there is typically something like this every year.  The entire house is involved with it, and everybody has a role to play.  It's something to do, a way to spend the time.

3.  Ashley spent a lot of time getting ready.  She wore a beautiful bright red top, black short skirt and black high heels.  She chatted with the girls while she got ready and spritzed herself all over with cologne.  She even giggled that she was getting nervous.  Dan and Boogie came in to see how she looked and they both were impressed.

Dan:  I'm not sure Ian's ready for this..that's more than he can handle!

Boogie:  What a good sport you are! (asshole!)

4.  Ian was in the kitchen with Britney, getting a pep talk.  She made him take his glasses off. He is wearing a green button down shirt with a bow tie.  With another 20 pounds or so, you can almost imagine him as a handsome guy.  Britney give him some opening lines:  "you look so beautiful tonight", "I'm so excited to spend time with you", and so on.

5.  At the urging of the HG, Ian goes down the hall to "pick up" Ashley for their dinner date.  Boogie is coaching him as they walk down the hall.  (Ian is one person in that house who NEEDS a coach.)  Boogie says to hold her hand, walk alongside of her, not in front.  Ian grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall behind him.  He did compliment her appearance, but it was rushed.   (Ian just wanted to get this shit over with, I think.)

6.  Dan is going to be the maitre d, and Wil was to be the waiter.  Wil got screwed out of this because he was in the DR, so Britney filled in for Wil.  Dan checked his name outside the Arcade Room door to make sure Ian was "on the list" and confirmed his "plus one" reservation.  (I did not hear Boogie coach Ian to tip Dan for his service.)   Boogie coaches Ian to let Ashley walk in first, but he disregards this coaching advice.  Dan assures Ian that this is the private room and Ian asks him to close the door.

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7.  For some reason Ian addresses his Mom via the camera and tells her this is "just for fun".  (Like his mom is going to think otherwise.)  Ian says he has just been "hanging around the house all day".  They discuss being BB fans and drop names they know, like MIke Boogie and Dan Gheesling.  They both had a light slop lunch, part of a reality show they are doing.  There is basic First Date conversation, and Ian remembers to ask Ashley questions about her job and life.  Ian thinks Ashley is the only girl in the BB house who would be cool enough to do this, except maybe JoJo.  He says Ashley is the most down to earth girl in the house. He also mentions that Showtime is "all over this".  Ashley feigned ignorance of all of this.

8.  Ian discusses the differences between organic and inorganic chemistry to answer Ashley's question, and his persona changes as he discusses carbon life forms and how he can use this knowledge for his future career.  For a moment he seems older, not a geeky kid.  I can imagine taking him seriously if he came into the ER to stitch up my wound, for instance.  

9.  Chef Joe presents a white chocolate latte drink, or something like that.  It was delivered by Kara and Wil, who are wearing matching black outfits and waving little scarves.  Wil loves to perform, as you might imagine.  It does look tasty and is presented in a champagne glass.  Not unlike a chocolate seltzer water.

10.  Ian mentions his early conduct in the game, he was nervous, etc.

11.  Kara and Wil enter with dessert, and recite in unison:  "Chef Joe presents, a warm banana nutbread slop pudding!  Bon Appetite!"  They also danced around with the scarves in hilarious fashion as a sort of entertainment.  Both Ian and Ashley laughed with delight. The dish looks beautiful and comes with a small container of some sort of white sauce.  Maybe a shot of milk?

12.  Ian doesn't want to talk game so much, but Ashley says it's okay. No one really talks game to her, and Ian says they don't talk to him, either.  According to Chef Joe, however, everyone is always talking about the game so they are both bewildered.  Ian still feels like an outsider and is worried about next week.  Ashley thinks his role in the game has changed. Ian is worried about 'consensus reality' and explains what this is.  He is good at breaking things down in a clear fashion when explaining things.

13.  Ian tells Ashley this is not a team game.  At some point they have to go against their coaches.  Ashley listens and asks a few questions, but does not give her own feelings about that away. Ian thinks Mike Boogie is rude and did some terrible things to people that Ian himself would never do.

(This would be a good time for the other HG to pick their nose, or floss their back molars, since all cameras are likely on this action.)

14. Ian mentions the Come to Jesus meeting he had with Mike Boogie a few days ago.  Mike was harsh and brutally honest.  (You can read about that here.)  Ashley probes this a little.  I can tell Ian is taking Mike's advice, though, because after Ashley says anything positive about Ian, he follows it up with a self-deprecating comment. For example, she brings up his photographic memory and he says he has a bad social game.

15.  The date ended with little fanfare.  The cameras had been in the HOH so we just saw them both go in the kitchen. Ian wanted to fill his champagne glass with water.  They both said they had fun.  I think I timed the date as around 45 minutes from start to finish.

16.  Ashley went right to Janelle and told her everything about their conversation, laughing at times at what Ian said.  But not too mean.  Girls talk like this about guys they really like, too.

17.  Ian came in the Have Not Room to chat with Janelle and Ashley and was talking mostly with Janelle.  She quizzed him about his favorite BB players, not believing his previous statement about Jack from BB5.  Ian ended up admitting that he admired Chilltown, but also named Roddy (BB3) as his favorite.

18.  At exactly the 1:30 mark of the broadcast--halfway through, Ashley changed clothes in the corner of the room. She was wearing a flesh-toned bra, but she was right in front of the Showtime camera and seemed more concerned from hiding from Ian then the live feed viewers.  She was nearly pressing up against the glass.  This would have been at 10:30 pm PST for the readers that want to look at the Flashbacks.

19. Ian actually clutched a teddy bear close to him while Ashley changed.  It was a weird camera shot, particularly after the "date" they just shared.

(Ashley should change in the bathroom! Damn!)

20.  Janelle had an interesting conversation with Ian, discussing why she played the way she did in BB7 and asking if he approved.  Basically she said that after being a BB6 fan favorite, she knew she couldn't win BB7 so she decided she didn't want to be evicted by the likes of Chicken George, so she bonded with Chilltown, knowing they would be the center of the action.

21. OK. I guess I'll believe that.  Ian knew the order of every eviction, and brought up Howie's fateful choice to nominate James during his HOH week.  Janelle agrees this led to her alliance's downfall, but gave her reasons why she supported Howie's decisions.

22.  Oh snap.  Janelle said that BB12 was so boring she could barely watch it.  She had a SuperPass show that season but had to lie most of the time and say she watched it when she didn't.  She turned to the cameras and apologized to Chelsia.   (Chelsia Hart, from BB9 and RealNetworks).

***  I just found my recaps of onr SuperPass shows that Janelle appeared on during BB12.  Links below for Parts 1 and 2.  These are preseason interviews, however, so they aren't from the time period where Janelle says she "phoned it in". Literally, not just on Skype. ***

23.  Ian wore Mike Boogie's bowtie during his date with Ashely.

24.  A group of  HG played charades in the backyard during all of this.  Movies, blah blah blah blah.

25.  Others cooked, with JoJo keeping up a steady stream of chatter about herself and her various modeling jobs and auditions.

26. Later, a meeting in the HOH was held and as usual they went back and forth over who should be evicted on Thursday. Honestly it is exhuausting to watch and I can't even tell who really wants what anymore.  Willie says they should meet the night before and talk about it.

27.  Willie says JoJo should go on a date with Ian and dress really sexy.  Apparently they want to have a mole to get information from him.  Willie can't connect with Ian and can't get a read on him.  JoJo said that Ian told her "coffee and cigarettes is the breakfast of champions" and she told him that was turning her on.  JoJo wants to go on a date with Ian next week.

(Just a guess, but JoJo wants that camera time.  She is still just as annoying as she was on day #1, but I think she no longer stands out in the house, because other people and drama has eclipsed JoJo.

28.  While the HOH conversation is taking place, Ian is in the Have Not room alone, talking to the cameras (us).  He is toying with a large "nickel" from the POV competition, largely the size of a frisbee.  Ian thinks Frank is going, and is upset about it.

Ian:  It should have been my ass this week, not Frank's.

Ian knows it was his time to go, and has to think carefully.  He calls out Survivor Sucks, and Digital Spy.  He wonders if "Lauren" is still on the British version of BB--she's hot.  The cameras shift on that back to the HOH.

29.  The HOH crew hate on Mike Boogie now, and his evil motivations.  Willie reminds them to think logically, not emotionally, and they will meet on Wednesday night to decide.  They should all keep their votes quiet until then, saying 'the House' doesn't know what to do.  Kara comes in after knocking---she doesn't want to play Movie Charades any more.  It just keeps going and going..

30.  Now they trash Ian some more, describing how he dances around the house in his pink boxers late at night.  Janelle drained another Miller Lite can.  She's wearing the HOH robe.  Comfy.

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