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Big Brother After Dark 7-15-12 #BB14

OK, this episode aired either late in the evening on Saturday, or in the wee hours of Sunday morning, depending on your perspective.  I am a day behind on these and am struggling to get caught up. 

The episode starts at 9:00 pm in the Big Brother house, as always. 

1.  Janelle had a serious whisper chat with Joe while they pretended to play chess.  I couldn't hear what they were talking about, but I will say that Joe is stirring up shit in that house like nobody's business.  Today he started a "rumor" that Frank told him he is targeting Willie and Shane.  To my knowledge, that is not true, but now Willie knows this and it looks like Frank is in Big Trouble this week.  Sure things can change, but it doesn't look good.  They talked for a very long time and agreed that Team Janelle is very strong, although the entire group doesn't get together very often.

2.  This would be a good time for AGP to intervene, I think.  Frank has the makings of a Fan Favorite and he can't go out like this, Alison.

3.  Britney had a chat at the hot tub with the newbies.  She was sporting a french braid that crisscrossed her head and was cute.  She is at the happiest point in her life right now with her new husband.  I think they were high school sweethearts.

4.  She is only in touch regularly with the Final six from her season.  She spent the most time with them so she is the closest to them.  When she lived in NYC she saw Enzo a lot since he lives in Bayonne.  When she got the call to be on BB12, she was kind of sad because she was newly in love and didn't want to leave her boyfriend.  (They got engaged but did not make it long after the end of BB12.)

5.  On another camera Boogie and others were quizzing Ian about his knowledge of BB.  He was naming every evictee from every season, in order, from memory. When they got to Josh from BB3, Boogie interrupted to say that Dr. Will lives in a condo in a beach community with a lot of bars and restaurants. Josh actually waits on tables in a restaurant right next door to Will's house.  He waits on their table all the time!  I think his name was Josh Feinberg and I remember he did Playgirl after the season ended.  I would not recommend looking at those pictures, but I know some of you will do that anyway. Don't say I didn't warn you.

6.  Then..a bombshell from Mike Boogie.  He tells Ian that he is getting close to naming Boogie's ex in his evicted houseguest countdown.  They all assume it is Krista from BB2 and are confused, but then Boogie says it is Chiara Berti!  She went to Boogies bar after her season finale and they hooked up.  Boogie says they fell in love and she moved in with him for 3 months.  He indicated it was a wild crazy affair.  I think the bar Boogie had at that time was Belly--I went there one time and it reminded me of being inside Jeannie's bottle. (From I Dream of Jeannie, if you don't know.)

**Chiara is the one who got so obsessive over Roddy Mancuso during the season.  Before BB3 she was also linked with someone who came from a famous family but I think she ruined it by talking about him on the live feeds.  So that Chiara really lived life to the fullest and fell in love with abandon. She grew up in a rich NYC family so it must be nice to just follow your impulses and not worry about the consequences.  I think she is married with kids now, but what stories she can tell, huh?..***

7.  As Ian worked his way through each cast's eviction each year, Mike Boogie gives shoutouts to his friends from the shows.  Big Jeff was one of them and Mike says he spoke with Jeff before he left.

8.  The fire pit in the backyard roared into action while the HG were sitting around it, shocking them.  I think it was the first time this season, so they read the directions for it and looked forward to using it this summer.

(Boogie said Dr. Will burned a lot of stuff during BB7 just for fun, like the Jenga game.  Big Brother did not replace it after Will destroyed it.)

9.  Joe and Janelle think Kara has some form of social anxiety and they can get her out anytime.  But keeping Kara in the house has zero advantage for Joe, in his opinion.  Joe is going to try and talk to her to see what she can offer him.

10.  Joe told Janelle that Willie has been to jail.  He told the guys in the hot tub that he broke into his ex-girfriend's house, shoved her out of the way and then beat the crap out of her new boyfriend.  He was booked for assault and some other charges.  Janelle was shocked.

(Isn't that similar to the trouble that Lane Elenberg/s (BB12) brother got into?  And now that I think about it, aren't Lane's tattoos similar to Willie Hantz's?)

11.  Willie is going to be a grandfather soon, and may even be one now.  He asked the camera "am I a paw paw yet"?


12.  The HG played a game where they suggested BB activities that don't exist now.  Ian would like a challenge where the winner can have a slumber party where their friends come in for one night.  He tells the Producers to "get on that right away".  He mentioned "Ryan", so I guess that is his slumber party buddy.  Britney would like the house guest's babies to come in and play with them on the weekends. 

(Britney has baby fever big time.)

13.  They played Chuck, Stuck or Fuck, which is a version of Eff, Marry, Kill.  Boogie was the host and ringleader.

Danielle: Chuck G. Clooney, Fuck J. Depp, Stuck B. Pitt.

Ian:  Chuck S. Gomez, Fuck J. Biel, Stuck M. Kunis

They all giggled when Ian said Fuck.

Ashley:  Chuck B. Cooper, Fuck M. McConnahay, Stuck C. Tatum

Dan:  Chuck Oprah, Fuck H. Clinton, Stuck R. O'Donnell

Willie:  Chuck N. Portman, Fuck J. Alba, Stuck K. Heigle

Boogie:  Chuck E. Landin BB7, Fuck Krista BB2, Marry Chiara BB3

(All BB girls he hooked up with. He said Erika HATES him and would be HORRIFIED to be chosen as the other two options.  Once again he has a high opinion of Chiara and says she is a lot of fun.)

Wil:  Chuck M. Wahlberg, Fuck D. Beckham, Stuck M. Damon

(Wil carefully considered the choices before announcing.  He even pantomimed pushing Mark Wahlberg off the edge of a penthouse cocktail party.)

Britney:  Chuck Bart Simpson, Fuck Fred Flintstone, Stuck Peter Griffin

(All cartoon edition.  Britney says Bart is jaundiced.... ha ha)

Boogie:  Chuck Posh Spice, Fuck J Lo, Stuck K. Beckinsale

Kara: Chuck R. Thicke, Fuck A. Levine, Stuck J. Depp

(Boogie says Kara likes the bad boy rocker type.  He discloses that Johnny Depp is available now.)

Jenn:  Chuck A. Jolie, Fuck Megan Fox, Marry K. Pickler

(Jenn thinks Megan Fox is a freak.  She had to ask who K. Pickler is and said, oh the little country girl?)

Dan, after much prodding:  Chuck C. Theron, Fuck A. Hathaway, Stuck H. Berry

(Except Dan calls Fucking "a date".)

14.  Frank is bumming his cigarettes from Willie.  Marlboro Red hard packs.  I think Janelle is bumming smokes from Willie, too.

15.  Britney and Janelle met to discuss when they will be entering the house to play the game.  (Yes, they are under the impression this will happen.)  They get out gummy bears and bobby pins to illustrate the timing of this.  It will happen before the Jury starts, but the two of them differ on when it will take place.  Britney thinks it will start next week, but Janelle disagrees.  She thinks it will be two more weeks, so they have time "to get rid of Dan". 

16.  They stop talking about it when Willie comes in and he asks them what they are talking about.

17.  These two bitches are hardcore scheming about how they can win.  They want to get rid of Mike and Dan "before halftime" because that is when they will enter the game.  Boogie would be "a beast" in the endurance challenge that is sure to happen.  Janelle knows "it is dirty" but they plan to use the fact that "America hates him" to hurt him.  She wants to tell Danielle that if she evicts Boogie America will love her and vote her America's Choice.  They giggle at this.

18.  They plan to continue a "smear campaign" against Mike Boogie.  Janelle believes Ian is a huge Chilltown fan and wants to be a villain. (true)  They think Ian as America's Choice is a possibility due to all of the dumb things he does to get camera time. 

19.  They think Boogie's team knows about "Halftime" because of comments Frank and Jenn made about the newbies last year.

20.  Britney thinks Boogie is regretting his decision to come back to BB.  Janelle agrees that things aren't going his way, but he knows he only needs to make it another week or so and he will be back in the game to play for himself.

21. ****Janelle said Ian said he read all of the spoilers online and they mentioned the Mentor Twist, and that the message boards all said, "duh, the Mentors are going back in the game".  ****

22.  Janelle complains that she's gained too much weight already in the house.  She ate a "whole fucking bag of gummy bears".  Britney wants to make cookies but Janelle doesn't want to eat them.

(Janelle's butt does look like a Wide Load tonight, if I do say so myself.)

23.  Britney reports that Ashley may have gotten herself in trouble with the viewers by making offensive comments.  Something about disabled children being that way due to karma from their parents.  (?)  Janelle says she's not a bitch, she is just clueless.  Janelle reports that she also made a racial slur the other day but will not repeat it on the live feeds.

24.  Britney started baking the now infamous Fake and Bake cookies that Mike Boogie went ballistic over the next morning.  She made a big fat mess and didn't clean it up.  You can read one of the recaps here.  Ironically, they see an ant while Britney is "baking" and Janelle cautions them that they should clean up after even making coffee, because once you have the ants they are hard to get rid of.  (ha ha ha ha ha)

25. Ha ha. Ian talks about all of the Showtime commercials during BBAD,and says they will all be for Weeds or Californication, both Showtime shows.  (Actually Weeds and The Real L Word, Ian, but thanks for guessing.)

26.  Wil's brother is named Chip and is "super hot".  Wil talks about him often and gives him shout outs.  His real name is long and it is something like "Louis _____ Heuser III" but he is named for being a "chip off the old block".  I think that means Old Money, people.  And good for them to support such an offbeat child like Wil.

27.  Ian will play chess with Janelle if there is a lockdown.  Janelle doesn't like the Ranch salad dressing they have in the house--it's not creamy enough.  Britney doesn't know if the stove is ELECTRIC OR GAS, and they have been there over a week!  Janelle has a gas stove at home.  Britney was scared of her gas stove in her NYC apartment so she never turned it on.  (SHOCKER.)

28.  The outside crew mentions the fake condom that was in the shower.  Someone put it in there as a prank with lotion inside of it.  (BB always has a large supply of condoms in the house every summer.)

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