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Big Brother After Dark 7-14-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Friday night, or early Saturday morning, depending on your location in the US.  For all of you visiting from outside the US (and I know there are quite a few!) I don't know what to tell you about the date.  Who knows?

OK.  Here we go.

1.  The show opened with Britney and Janelle power walking around the backyard.  I don't remember Britney working out AT ALL during BB12, but now she seems committed to working out daily. She doesn't go crazy with it, but she power walks and works out with Wil.  Dan was trying to suck up to both of them and they saw right through it.

2.  This was "Boy's Night" so the guys got all of the booze when it was delivered, which has been part of the arrangement with the girls this week. So instead of just having one or two beers, each of them can have a chance at catching a real buzz.

3.  When the booze was delivered, the guys immediately split a jumbo bottle of red wine, chugging it in the kitchen together in glasses.  Then they say outside and drank more.  And smoked.  Frank must be bumming Willie's cigarettes.  He smoked it like he appreciated the freebees, pulling deeply and smoking right down to the filter.

4. Everyone was trying to figure Frank out.  Someone said that he reminded them from a character from Dazed and Confused and Frank has heard that before.  He even quoted a few lines from the movie.  They asked him about "Mary Jane" and Frank mentioned the live feeds and pled the fifth.  So Frank gets high---big surprise!  (I do think it would be fun to party with him because he is so funny.)

5.  Janelle and Boogie talked about their babies and childbirth, then Britney and Will talked to Janelle about Violet for a long time in the hammock.  Britney is dying to have a baby and has done a lot of research about baby strollers, diaper covers, etc.  Boogie had "Mr. Safety" come to the restaurant to install baby seats in his car and felt stupid afterwards because it was so easy.

6. Boogie had a car seat installed in the baby's "mom's car".  Is he in a relationship with her?  What kind of arrangement is that?  Maybe she didn't sign the release, because Boogie doesn't ever talk about her or even mention her first name.  I noticed this immediately during Boogies CBS intro last Thursday.  No mention of any co-parent or mother.  Hmmm.

7. Janelle wants to go home and get pregnant again immediately.  She misses Violet and plans to just lay in bed with her for a week when she gets home,napping together.

8.  Boogie approached Janelle and Britney about the possibility of decimating Dan's team.  He gave them some good reasons to evict Kara instead of Frank. 

9.  Janelle and Britney and Wil trashtalked Ian.  They think he might be America's Player because his behavior is so weird.  Wil has seen him making faces in the mirror at himself and is convinced that Ian is a camera whore.  They don't understand why he quacks at everyone.  (?) 

(Boogie has his hands full with Ian and wishes he had picked Willie instead.)

10.Frank and Willie had a long talk about the Mentors.  They know that they can win regardless of the Mentors and don't feel like they need to follow orders.  They both grumbled that they got stuck with bad mentors, but I think they would feel this way regardless of who picked them.  Frank wants to peel off from Boogie after a few weeks and do his own thing.

11.  Showtime runs commercials for their shows every 20 minutes.  Sometimes this cuts into some good conversations but they don't plan it that way.  They do seem to change the camera views when some topics come up.  One time Janelle started TRASHING Danielle and saying how much they hate her and the cameras changed.  Boo.

12.  Showtime is running commercials heavily for their show The Real L Word and I'm sure they would be thrilled if Jenn would start being a Big Star on the BBAD show since she looks like she could be part of the cast.  (Maybe she could get cast for the show if she builds a fanbase.)

13.  Jenn and JoJo have a good rapport and had fun reading the Triscuit box and laughing about it.  But she needs to be like that in front of other people, too.  She's fading into the background too much, I think.  She did tell a story about being pranked in the bathroom by Shane and it was funny to watch her act it out.

14.  They want to have a little show at night about Ted their Bear and Jenn is the narrator. Danielle is "Lollypop" and is a co-host.  JoJo is vamping, too, and goes total Jersey Shore with her voice and attitude. 

15.  Dan has been telling the house that he and his wife use the rhythm method of birth control because they don't believe in using contraceptives.  He's a true Catholic, apparently.  Wil recounted a conversation where Dan started quizzing him about his religion, and how he was raised.   Wil took offense to being grilled like that--his dad is agnostic, but Dan referred to him as an aethiest. (sp?)  Wil told Janelle that his dad is a surgeon so he is scientific and his beliefs are based on facts. 

(Sounds like Dan needs to keep his Family Values to himself this summer.)

16.  And I don't care who Mike Boogie is involved with romantically---they need to take his credit card and head down to Barney's and buy him some flattering clothes to reflect his success.  Doesn't have to be a suit, but some quality casual pieces to build a wardrobe around.  Mike's taste in clothing hasn't changed since the days of those dreadful two piece "rapper" outfits he wore in BB2.  Emenim isn't cool anymore, Mike.

 17.  Willie and Frank appeared to have a tight bond and deal for the game, but later Frank had a whispered conversation with Mike and told him the whole thing.  Mike is encouraging Frank to keep playing that card to stay in the game.  Frank hasn't talked to Shane yet, but he feels there is a possibility that he will use the POV.  Shane is a wild card, but Frank feels there is a possibility he will go against Britney's wishes and use it.

18.  Mike compliments Frank's "non threatening aura" when he talks to the other HG.  If Frank needs to throw Boogie under the bus, it's okay if it sounds like that, because Willie "embraces running away from the coaches".  (Frank did that yesterday.)  Mike feels a wall between himself and Willie and can't get around it, so if Frank can that is great.  They like how Shane is so tight with the girls and they feel they can use that.  Mike feels they have lots of time to play this.  Frank thinks Shane might like the idea of shaking up the game so early to use the POV and Mike advises him to play that up.  They have 36 hours to make it happen.

19.  If it comes to a vote on Thurs night, Mike reminds Frank they only need 4 votes and Willie can break the tie.  Frank has two solid votes (Ian and Jenn, his teammates), they just need two more.  Mike thinks Dan is very confident that Kara is staying and Mike wants him to feel that way so he doesn't push Kara to fight.  Mike thinks Kara will sit "like a bump on a log and not put her two cents in".

20.  Even poorly dressed in his striped jumper, Mike Boogie is a straight up Big Brother gangster.  His wheels are always turning.  When he walked in the door saying "Daddy's Home" he meant that shit.

21.  Mike is pretty sure that Danielle works in the medical field. He has been picking up on clues and noted that at the dinner table she asked Ashley how many milligrams of meds she was taking.

Mike:  She's a fucking nurse or something...but what is the motivation to hide that?

(Exactly!  Exactly!  I said the same thing here.)

22.  Ashley's back feels better, and she is taking only one muscle relaxer now instead of two.  She didn't want to be the "girl who cries" but the pain was so bad.

23.  Britney makes fun of Joe for cutting up all of their tortillas to make chips, when they had two huge bags of tortilla chips in the storage room.  And there are jars of pickle juice in the fridge so Joe can chop up cucumbers and put them in there.  Britney points out they have jars of pickles already in the storage room.  Britney is really hating on Joe and making fun of his reaction to Janelle skipping his pot roast dinner.

(Britney has very white bread tastes as far as food is concerned.  She loves Hamburger Helper. Nuff said.)

24.  Willie and JoJo seem to be the biggest smokers at this point.  After being locked down inside this week for so long Willie smoked like a chimney during the POV. He said he smoked two before the POV started, and 3 afterwards before having to go back in the house so BB could clean up the backyard.

(I heard Russell say on a podcast that Willie lost A LOT of weight to get ready for BB...)

25.  Kara threw Frank under the bus by telling Willie that Frank said he was coming after Willie.  She pointed out that Mike Boogie is ruthless and will say and do anything to win.  She swears that Dan and Mike aren't working together (they aren't).  Willie just listens and denies that Janelle and Britney are working together. 

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