Friday, July 27, 2012

BB: Janelle, Stop That! #BB14

Dan goes into the Arcade Room with Janelle and they immediately start with the mad game talk.

Janelle:  Did you hear about the Coach's Comp?  It sucks....

A discussion ensued about trading players.  I guess they were notified that one of the prizes will be a trade.  They were told in the DR.

Janelle said she wanted to come over to Dan's side and whisper in his ear.

She was talking about what "she" told her.  Since the door was closed, I can only assume that Janelle was talking about Production.

Dan asked a probing question and Janelle said "No, she said that about me...about me!"

BB:  Janelle, STOP THAT!

Janelle giggles and says she's sorry.  Then they started whispering about what might happen next week with the Coaches coming in the game.

Janelle:  Do you think Frank would stay with Boogie?

Dan mumbles something.  And then "That's why he's so dangerous..."

Dan says that BB wants a trade so bad.

(Maybe the losing coach should have to trade?  Even Britney!  Now that would be a scandal!)

Dan is super worried about someone trading for Danielle.  Janelle doesn't think that anyone would trade their players---if she wins she will save Wil or Joe.

Dan went to chat with Mike.  Mike wanted to know immediately what BB told Janelle to stop doing.  Dan explained that Janelle was whispering about the Coaches coming into the game.

Lots of tension in there right now....

Now Joe and Wil are gossiping about what Janelle and Dan might have been talking about.  Joe smells a rat!

I guess having Big Brother reprimand Janelle is unheard of, even to the house guests.

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