Monday, July 23, 2012

BB All Stars Chatter #BB14

Janelle and Mike Boogie discussed the BB7 All Stars season, after someone started asking them questions about it.

Britney wanted to know what Janelle's relationship with Dr. Will was.  Janelle immediately reacted by smiling and saying they had a Flirtmance.

Mike:  Those two...two Top Tier flirters flirting about as much as you can flirt...all day every day....

Britney:  Did he have a girlfriend then?

Janelle:  Yes, and I had a boyfriend.  (shrugs)  He liked to look all over the house for me...he would run around looking for me...

Mike: Yeah. He's not much of a napper.

Janelle:  He would wake me up from my nap and bother me...but I would go back to sleep.

Mike:  Will likes to play house...

Janelle, grinning:  Yes...

She says the Final Three should have been the three of them, instead of Erica.

Janelle:  Scrubika didn't deserve to be there!

Mike:  We would have had a fun last few days, instead of........(indicates it was hell with Erica).

Janelle:  And better for TV, too.

They talk about the final endurance challenge where Mike jumped off immediately.  Erica and Janelle then negotiated jumping off and almost jumped off before the live show even ended.  Production was saying "NO, NO!  DON'T JUMP!"

They jumped off shortly after the show ended, but the exciting elements of the competition never happened.  The volcano was supposed to spew lava, there was supposed to be an earthquake, etc.

Mike:  After the season ended I met the guy who builds the competition sets and he was like, Dude!

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