Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bathing Beauties #BB14

Janelle talks about the morning's events with Ashley for a few minutes, and then lapses into girlfriend chatter.  She would love a margarita, or maybe a Miami Vice...

Ashley loves those.  She agrees it would be great to have Daytime Drinks today.  She went to get hats for both of them, since the sun is so strong.  The hats came from one of the competitions they had.


Wil runs by in a rush.  It was hard to get him in the picture he is dashing so madly across the backyard.  Good to know that Wil's legs don't come for free.  If you haven't seen them, Wil's legs could rival any Rockette's...

And, because there is something for everyone, I bring you Ian, who basks in the shade talking to Britney, who babbles about food and needing to take a long nap today.  Ian is off slop today and would love to "split a pizza four ways".  I think he should go ahead and scarf the whole thing down himself, but I don't have 37 cameras pointed at me today.

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